So many beautiful red envelopes that missed, am I really have been through a New Year?

There are a few days before the Spring Festival. Speaking of the Spring Festival, children must first think of the lucky money, receiving a red envelope. Red envelopes culture of China has a long history, and the paper red envelope we are now using developed after the Republic of China. With the development of the Internet and smartphone, WeChat red envelope is more and more popular. But many people still like to use paper red envelopes, because these beautiful red envelopes are full of design feeling and they bring good wishes in the New Year.

The Spring Festival is coming in 2017, excellent designers of 34 provinces, cities and autonomous regions in China took out red envelope ideas with local characteristics . Friends come to see, which one do you like best?

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               Shanghai                      Henan




China Yongxing Island Route, I Escort

By He Guoqing from Powertec Generator System Co., Ltd.

How time flies, I remember the last time to Sansha is two and a half years ago. It was the first time to come the south gate of the motherland, we arrived Yongxing island of Sansha main island after through 18 hours ship to visit customer Civil Aviation Air Traffic Management Bureau Sansha Station, because Sansha is going to build airport and needs genset main power.

We knew the using environment is very bad from customer, high temperature, high humidity, high salt-fog, customer had used a lot of imported units, the use of the time was not more than 2 years, cylinder, tank corrosion and electrical ball were corroded directly, unable to use.

Combined with customer requirements and the site environment, we had a meeting to talk with technical and engineering department after I returned to the Powertec company, finally we gave the optimal technical scheme and chose Stanford Marine generator Cummins engine + Stanford Marine generator+ SmartGen intelligent controller. It adopted circulating cooling method of sea water heat exchanger, all the parts and hardware used standard for marine engineering equipment.

The plan received recognition from customer, the following installation and debugging were passed customer acceptance.

Today once again we come to the beautiful Sansha, revisit the customer, have a sense of accomplishment. The genset we provide has been working for two years without any fault.

Sansha has navigated, Powertec genset to provide power supply for 2 years for Sansha flights, I believe the future will also continue to provide high-quality power supply solution for Sansha construction!

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Engine Heater

When using environment of the engine is less than 4ºC, the coolant lubricant of engine may condense into solid in the starting stage, losing the effect of lubrication and cooling, to damage the engine. So when using environment temperature is less than 4ºC, shall be equipped with heater for engine to ensure normal starting and operation of the engine.

Engine heater of SmartGen Technology currently have: HT series, HWP series and HTL series.

HT series heater is divided into HT10DC48 (DC 48V power supply ) and HT (AC power supply).


HWP series products for the intelligent forced circulation engine water heater, there are control parts, water pump and heating.


HTL series is oil heater, suitable for a variety of engines with a volume (19~110)L.


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Cultivation of “Little Giant of Science and Technology”

“Little giant of science and technology (cultivate)” has gradually became a new impetus of promoting rapid growth in economy in Henan and toward the high-end level. In 2016, science and technology department of Henan province will cultivate new 237 “little giant of science and technology (cultivate) enterprises “according to the requirements of the”little giant of science and technology(cultivate)” enterprise registration management measure (trial) in Henan”.

SMARTGEM(ZHENGZHOU) TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD in 2016 becomes a member of the “little giant of science and technology(cultivate) enterprise”. Young SmartGen with confidence will gradually grow up a real “little giant”, will step by step from the Chinese high-quality goods to the world, becomes an evergreen enterprise.

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There Is Light, There Must Be Far! – 2016 Ma Yun Rural Teacher Award Annual Award Ceremony

By general manager of Zhe Dong, Pan Yihe

We can’t forget that China has more than 300 rural teachers and about 90 million rural children, they also lack basic education resources when everyone is ready to celebrate the New Year.

Look, Ma Yun has been in action.

Jack Ma Foundation selects 100 excellent rural teachers from all over the country every year, to provide professional help that they are badly in need. For setting up village teacher sun dynamic model.

Ma Yun with a stellar higher-ups awarded 100 excellent rural teacher at the scene on the evening of January 5, 2017 in Sanya.

This was a moving scene in the field, there was “Zhe Dong generator” outside the scene, no mains, depended on two 300 KW gensets parallel unit operation to supply electricity.

Zhe Dong, power and electricity are great.

The most critical is equipped with high-end product of SmartGen Technology: HGM9510 parallel units controller, single operation,a main and a standby, parallel units run, can do what want to do.

Our aim: make sure the tears keep on the line, make the climax to the top.

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HGM9310CAN Service Case

By service engineer, Zhou Zhitian

A natural gas booster station adopts HGM9310CAN genset controller and two AIN24 analog input module with Perkins 800KW gas turbine in Yulin, Shanxi.

Fault: customer said genset cylinder water temperature, A and B side main mixture gas temperature did not display(sometimes they displayed when stop).

After inspection finding that the positive pole and negative pole of charger power supply connect to controller directly, it disturbs signal when the charger works.

The corresponding solution is clearly in mind after finding problem: the positive pole and negative pole of charger connect to the positive pole and negative pole of battery directly. Then genset temperature signal, genset crank, stop operation temperature display are normal in the field.

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Technical Improvement on Parallel Connection of 9 Onan Gensets, HGM9510 Can Do It

By general manager of Xin Wang Yuan, Zhang Guicai

Nine sets of genset of a Japanese enterprise in Shenzhen (6 sets of 1120kw, 2 sets of 1340kw, a 560kw) and requires that use the most simple rebuilding way in parallel units cabinet to shorten the construction period as far as possible, avoid shutdown during power outage on Christmas day, 2016.  .

The original units are Cummins PCC3100 control system, and parallel units cabinet are all GAC LS201 power module and SYC6714 synchronous control board. But because the units are more than 10 years, speed and voltage regulation performance is not good, and parallel units cabinet is also produced by different manufacturers, according to the introduction of customer, automatic synchronization and automatic power distribution have no effect, it needs manual regulation parallel units completely by 4 and 5 people and power sharing when power failure, often appears the phenomenon of system crash and all the whole trip. According to customer’s requirement, in order to reduce the cost and time limit for a project to keep the original unit local control box, so HGM9510 adopts control genset on/off by using power management mode and power sharing. Rebuilding process adopts two sets of two sets one by one to rebuilding, to change the route and debugging unit at the same time, then rebuilding the next two units, so that we can ensure that there are units to use when power failure in the process of rebuilding. Retain the original parallel units screen pointer table and synchronous table, so that observe unit operation data intuitively.

After four days, completed nine units and rebuilding and debugging of parallel cabinet on December 27th, 2016. One-time parallel units of nine sets is successful, stable operation for 20 minutes and power sharing balance, obtains high praise from customer.

System operation is simple, rapid parallel units and stable operation after rebuilding; it reduces the workload of operators and improves the success rate of the system parallel units and stable operation, and it provides a reliable guarantee for stable power supply and ensuring the production.

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