The 21st Anniversary Celebration of SmartGen and Sports Meet

Spring is in the air. The 21st anniversary celebration of SmartGen and sports meet has been held globally on March 18, 2019. The sports meet Zhengzhou branch officially started at 13:30 p.m. and sports projects are divided into badminton and running. The sports meet in Turkey started with the opening ceremony and the long-distance running began later.

The host and the hostess

Mr. Cui delivered the opening speech

Congratulate to the members of trade union committees



Sports meet in Turkey

Long-distance running in Turkey

At the sports meeting, everyone showed their skills and spirits. Everybody cheered for the athletes.

During the interval, we arranged the food, drinks and fruits supply area for athletes and cheering-section. A cake is particularly noticeable, engraved with the name of the employees who joined our company over 10 years. They not only dedicated their youth to SmartGen, but also witnessed the development and growth of our company. We are looking forward to continuing to work together with you.

No matter in the match or in the work, all SmartGeners have the spirit of being brave in struggling. Every attempt, every improvement is our growth. Let us continue to move forward to the dream of “Century-old SmartGen”!

More Protection,Less Risk

Recently one customer gave us feedback that HGM4010CAN control module starting relay does not output, resulting in genset failure.

We were there and used multimeter DC voltage gauge to measure the starting relay. It indeed didn’t output when starting. After inquiring the drawings and lines, we found that the starting relay does not have an extended DC12V relay and the relay capacity of the control module is only 5A. When starting, the contact current of the relay is 2-3 times.

Reason analysis
The cause of this failure is that the control module relay contacts were burned out by high current when starting.

Replace the HGM4010CAN control module and expand the DC12V/10A relay on the start output port. The two contacts are connected in parallel. After changing, machine starts normally.

In fact, the fuel, the start-up and other related output ports of the control module which may withstand large current during the operation should be expanded. This can ensure the normal operation of the generator set.

The Eleventh Date between SmartGen and MEE

The annual “Middle East Electricity Exhibition” (MEE) is held as scheduled in Dubai. This is the eleventh year to consecutively participate in MEE for SmartGen. As the saying goes, innovation is the driving force, quality decides the development. SmartGen has go through trials and hardships and improves ourselves step by step in 11 years. We rely on the excellent quality of products and continuous innovation.

This year, SmartGen brings the traditional land-based genset control modules, marine power control modules, ATS control modules, pump control modules, lighting tower control modules, gas genset control modules, battery chargers, heaters and so on. We also have some new products, such as cloud monitoring, ATS control modules (HAT780/HA821/HAT832/HAT833) and genset sync control module (HGM9530N).

Enjoy the Chinese tea, read Tao Te Ching and find out what you need. Our booth is in S3.B50, Welcome all guests to visit and have a tea break.

The New ATSE Control Module

The general ATSE control module can adapt to multiple ATSE, but there are complex wiring and low efficiency phenomena. Based on over 20 years of ATSE control module development experience and customer needs, SmartGen launched a new ATSE control module HATC60 in 2019.

Performance and Characteristics
1. Suitable for SOCOMEC series and same type ATSE;
2. Clear display and pushbutton, easy to use;
3. The system type can be set as mains-gens, mains-mains, gens-gens;
4. Suitable for various AC systems (3-phase 4-wire, 3-phase 3-wire, single-phase 2-wire, and 2-phase 3-wire);
5. With RS485 interface. With “remote controlling, remote measuring, remote communication, remote regulating” function by the Modbus-RTU communication protocol;
6. Large terminal space allows the controller can bear maximum 530V input voltage;
7. Widely power supply range allows the controller can bear 80V instantaneous current;
8. With scheduled run and scheduled not run function;
9. With close times, power supply time statistics and display function;
10. Real-time clock (RTC); event log function (Event log can record 200 items circularly);
11. With cut off non-fire power supply input and switch status input;
12. Auto transfer and restore, auto transfer and non-auto restore can be defined;
13. Can define scheduled inspection, cyclic power supply, balanced power supply, main and standby power supply;
14. With ATSE power supply output (LO, NO) and no need to switch between external dual power supply (DPS).

SmartGen has launched some ATSE control modules and will successively launch new ATSE control modules, such as dual power bypass ATS control modules (HAT780), dual power bus tie control module (HAT821), three power ATS control modules (HAT832, HAT833) and synchronous switching control modules (HAT700S). For more information, please pay attention to the Wechat official account and official website of SmartGen.

SmartGen 2019 Annual Party: Never Forget Why You Started

Time stops for no one, and the seasons keep changing. In 2018, we celebrated the 20th anniversary of the founding of SmartGen. SmartGen has braved thorny paths and confronted stormy weather over the past twenty years. It is a new stage to achieve the dream of being century-old SmartGen. On January 26, 2019, SmartGen held a grand New Year’s Party.

At the beginning, Yang Xinzheng, the president delivered a New Year congratulatory message. Cui Wenfeng, the general manager, fully affirmed the achievements of 2018. At the same time, he also put forward new requirements and expectations for future development.

Next, the principal of every center reported the work.

Then the outstanding staffs were commended and awarded awards for their outstanding contributions by the leaders. Among the outstanding employees, we also selected Service Star, Craftsmen of SmartGen, Sales Champion and Benchmarking Staff.

Wow, travel for free!

Zhou Zhitian made a speech as the representative of excellent employees.

The best part is coming. Mr. Yang performed “Taijiquan of SmartGen”. Li Zhaohui from R&D center, explained to us in a humorous way.

Taijiquan performance is the highlight of the whole party. Everyone applauded and cheered repeatedly. At the end of the evening, there was an exciting lottery draw. They are so lucky!

Never forget why we started, and your mission can be accomplished. In 2019, SmartGen still stays true to ourselves. We wish you all the best in the coming Spring Festival!

TIME: 20th Anniversary Album of SmartGen

20 years, SmartGen has gone through ups and downs,

20 years, we are fearless.

20 years, we have grown up,

20 years, thanks for your contribution and this book includes our stories.

Time is a special gift for the 20th anniversary of SmartGen.
It comes out with the help of all staff.

We remember everyone who worked at SmartGen.

Do you still remember us? Let’s open the book, follow the photos, search the memories about youth, time and growing up.

New Functions of Cloud Monitoring 4. 5.0!

The rapid development of modern science and technology has brought more and more convenience to our life. The concept of “cloud” has made a spurt of progress of internet technology. The perfect combination of internet technology and industry saves most of the industrial costs. With the emergence of cloud monitoring for generating sets, the traditional operation mode will be changed.

Since the advent of SmartGen cloud monitoring, it has been recognized by the generators industry. With the continuous development of “cloud” technology, SmartGen cloud monitoring has become more flexible and perfect. Pursuing perfection is the driving force for SmartGen to move forward. Continuous updates only for offer better service to you.

SmartGen cloud monitoring has been fully upgraded to 4.5.0. Next, we could learn about the latest functions of cloud monitoring while drinking our coffee.

Updated details are as follows:

Add genset sync management function

Add remote debugging control module on web

Add on-site operations and status message notification

Add app event log function

Optimize alarm analysis

Add sharing feature of cloud official website

Add scanning a QR code to follow the enterprise cloud function

Optimize switching enterprise cloud function, add searching function and invitation code display