SmartGen Spirit丨The Guardian of Quality

On May 14, 2022, the electronic workshop of SmartGen was busy as usual.

At 9 o’clock, the quality center received feedback: a product was sporadically burned out during the debugging process. The reason was not yet clear, and we needed to check and analyze it as soon as possible!

After the quality personnel and process personnel arrived at the production site for the first time, they immediately checked the 4M1E on the site, but the abnormal reasons could not be locked. The on-site engineer immediately contacted the technical personnel and R&D personnel to check the problem at the site. A five-person research team was quickly formed to devote themselves to the research and analysis of failed products.

Finally, the reason for the abnormality was locked around 7 o’clock in the evening. It was because of improper assembly process that caused a certain device to be stressed during assembly, and eventually the device was damaged due to the uncertainty of force!

After a day of check, everyone was a little tired, but you could still see the sense of achievement that came from the heart after finding the true cause from everyone’s smiling faces!

However, what they completely ignored was that today was a day off, a day when they could relax……

After the problem was locked, the next step was to optimize the product process. After careful consideration by technical, R&D, process, and quality personnel, the product optimization plan had been initially determined, but the implementation of the plan still required test results and data to verify its reliability. While everyone was conducting experiments in an orderly manner, news came from the supply chain that the customer wanted the company to send out the products on the morning of May 19!

This time requirement had undoubtedly tightened the nerve strings of the five-person research team. According to the schedule of the test, the fastest completion would be on the afternoon of May 19, which couldn’t meet the delivery date. The delivery time must be guaranteed, but the reliability of quality should not be sloppy. Everyone was in a dilemma again……

The technical center made a decisive decision: the delivery time must be met, and the quality must be guaranteed! They immediately arranged the test personnel to carry out the verification of all test items overnight!

That night, when we were all asleep, only the lights in the laboratory were still on, the equipment was still roaring, and the testers were still carefully recording the test data.

The shimmer flashed into the darkness, that was the determination of SmartGeners to stick to the quality, and that was the confidence of SmartGeners’ commitment to the customers.

Finally, the testers completed all the test items at 5:00 am on May 19, and the quality engineer also arrived at the company at 7:00 am to inspect the products after testing. It has been verified that the optimized process met the product standard requirements. On the morning of May 19, the product was sent out successfully!

Continuous improvement, teamwork creates value. That is the determination of SmartGeners to stick to the quality. From product design to delivery to customers, the quality assurance team is like a ship that has gone through storms but still firmly pursues perfection. On this ship, there are you, me, and the quality bottom line that we guard together, which will surely help us reach the other side of perfect quality!

SmartGen | Spanish and Portuguese Website Launches

In order to meet the growing demand of our customers and continue to improve the service experience of global customers, SmartGen’s two long-prepared foreign language websites -Spanish and Portuguese – have been successfully launched recently!

SmartGen Spanish website:www.
SmartGen Portuguese website:

Parts of Spanish/Portuguese Website

Two foreign language websites both include the following contents:

It facilitates customer to view company information and product data and contributes to SmartGen’s global service strategy and cultivation in global market!

Besides, the following websites also include the above contents

SmartGen Chinese website:
SmartGen English website:
Traditional Chinese website:

Welcome users to visit our websites. If you have any suggestions or needs, welcome to leave the message on the message screen of the website. We will continue to provide you with better service!

Continuous improvement, teamwork creates value. We will continue to innovate and surpass ourselves in order to meet our partners’ needs for diversification, high quality and comprehensive service support!

SmartGen | Congratulate to “Bohai Zili” Power Station Renovation

Recently, the customer reported that after intense and orderly construction at sea, the on-site engineers successfully completed upgrading and renovation of diesel genset control system and distribution board power management system of external transmission power station during short maintenance period of offshore platform “Bohai Zili”. They completed commissioning and acceptance of the power station on time. The test results were highly praised by the ship owner’s representative and users. During the renovation, SmartGen technical support staff worked in real time with the on-site commissioning staff to optimize the parameter settings to ensure that the power station can reach the best working condition.

Marine engine intelligent control and power station power management solution

After detailed communication with the client, we understood that the platform’s external transmission station control system needed a comprehensive automation and digital upgrade to ensure the platform’s subsequent life and work support services at sea.

In response to the ageing of the original control system, the customer chose SmartGen’s automatic power station solution for the three auxiliary gensets’ local control box and main distribution board power management system.

Each external diesel genset is equipped with one MGCP100B-2 diesel control box and three HRM3300-2 remote screens installed in the duty room to display real-time parameters and alarms.

The main distribution board is equipped with a power management system built with 3 HMC6 multi-master power management controllers, which enables 3 DGs to realize automatic schedule increase and decrease, frequency and voltage regulation, active power and reactive power load sharing and real-time electrical parameter protection functions according to load size. There are manual, semi-auto and auto three control modes that can meet users’ control demand under different working conditions.

“Bohai Zili” support platform

Automatic power station after renovation

3 MGCP100B-2 diesel control boxes for auxiliary genset

3 HRM3300-2 remote screens installed in the duty room for diesel control box

Automatic power station power management system with HMC6

Active and reactive load sharing function after renovation

SmartGen | Salute to examples and workers!

On April 26th, our employee Cui Yuchao was awarded the “May Day Labor Medal” at the “Welcome the 20th CPC National Congress, Make Contribution to the New Era”- 2022 Zhengzhou May Day commendation and employees’ achievement theme event.
On April 28th, 2022 Work Conference and May Day Commendation Conference of Zhengzhou High-tech Development Zone Trade Union was held, at which our employee LI Zhaohui was awarded the honorary title of “Great Craftsman” and Liu Hongtao was awarded the title of “Gold Medal Worker”. Dao Ruijuan, Chairman of our trade union, won the “Advanced Individual of Trade Union Work”.
They have written extraordinary stories in their ordinary positions, singing the new era music that labor is the most glorious, the most noble, the greatest and the most beautiful.

Advanced Individual of Trade Union Work: Dao Ruijuan

As the chairman of the trade union, under the leadership of the higher trade union and company party committee, she leads the trade union members to conscientiously perform the functions of trade union, do their duties and unite the people, constantly enriches employee cultural life, actively works for their welfare, strives to build a harmonious enterprise cultural atmosphere, and gives full play to the role of a bridge and a link.
Our life is better because of her!

May Day Labor Medal: Cui Yuchao

He is the chief technical engineer of our company, and also the backbone talent and technical expert in the field of EMC design and test. For more than ten years, he has been devoting himself to his work with enthusiasm and relying on his tireless research and practical spirit, he has grown from a front-line technician to a technical expert step by step in an ordinary position.
He led the construction of company’s EMC laboratory, researched and planned EMC certification and other reliability standards for access to the market, and introduced the standard requirement in product design and test. He has taught and solved problems for R&D engineers and test engineers many times, and continuously improved the technical ability of our R&D and test team. He has also provided product technical consulting for many electronic information technology enterprises, so that the products have successfully passed the relevant standards certification, greatly reducing the product development cycle and certification costs, and won the praise of many users!

Great Craftsman: Li Zhaohui

He is s senior R&D engineer with 8 invention patents, more than 40 utility model and appearance patents, and 9 software copyrights. He has participated in many industry technical forums as an expert, leading the industry technology vane and making contributions to genset industry.
He has achieved a lot, but never stops forging ahead. He insists on the spirit of innovation, truthfulness and pragmatism, constantly devotes himself to new fields, actively studies new technologies, and continually optimizes working methods, contributing his own strength to genset industry!

Gold Medal Worker: Liu Hongtao

He is a senior EMC test engineer, and is proficient in EMC test standard methods. For more than ten years, he has taken roots in technology, studied hard, and has been rated as an excellent employee of the company for many times. In his own words, he is serious in the work that should be done, active in the work that can be done, and willing to do the work that is difficult to do.
He was awarded the certificate of “Low voltage complete set” enterprise technical director and published a professional paper on “EMC technology and its application in switching power supply”. At the same time, he has led the team to solve many product problems and greatly improved the professional level of the testing team through continuous learning and exchange!

Example is not only a distant vision, but also a spiritual power close at hand. The above employees have made extraordinary achievements in their ordinary positions, vividly interpreting ethos of model worker, labor spirit and craftsman spirit with practical actions, and setting an example for SmartGen employees!
May Day is approaching, we wish all workers a happy holiday and smooth work again!

SmartGen | who Is The Cutest Person

Having a great sales team is very important for any company.
What is excellent? In a word: making pioneering efforts, customer first!
It looks simple in eight words, but it takes years of hard work to do it!
The sales team of SmartGen not only shoulders the heavy responsibility of developing the market, but also shoulders the heavy responsibility of technical support and customer service; Over the years, they have been practicing, step by step to verify what is the pure sales spirit, what is the spirit of SmartGen, and how can it be called excellent.
In the hot summer, when we are enjoying the coolness of the air conditioning in the office, the sales team of SmartGen is meticulous and conscientious at the site where the customer debugs the machine. The roar of the machine is deafening, the sun is like fire and they are sweating bullets;

In the cold winter, when we are blowing warm air indoors, the sales team of SmartGen is continuing to work in an empty factory building or a cold and damp basement;

In the dark night, when we have entered the sweet dreamland, the sales team of SmartGen still diagnose problems and solve problems at the customer site; They think what customers think and worry what customers are worried about. It is more common for them to accompany customers to work until the early morning.

Sales work, regardless of season, day or night, or location;
Shipping, factory, construction site, mountain, offshore platform, data center, skyscraper, basement, base station, subway station, etc., wherever there is a need, you can see the busy and focused figure of the sales staff of SmartGen.

Just as the duty of a soldier is to obey orders, for sales, the needs of customers are “military orders”. What makes people proud is that the sales team of SmartGen is such a lovely group of people who take customer needs as the “military order”!

Over the years, the sales team has had a lot of hard work and joy, but more of a harvest!
Sturdy grass withstands high wind; True gold stands the test of fire.
This is an excellent and passionate team. They are skilled, fearless and enterprising. They have created sales wonders one after another with wisdom and professionalism. As the company’s “pacesetter”, the sales team is always on the front line, and will move forward without hesitation!

Looking back, achievements belonged to the past, and every step we took was firm and steady.
Looking up, the road ahead is still bumpy, and we need to work harder at every step.
We hope that everyone can encourage each other, sail in the same boat, and walk out a road that belongs to SmartGen!
Keep going, SmartGen!
Keep fighting, cute salesman!


SmartGen News | Jiang Lihua And Her Party Visited SmartGen For Research And Guidance

On April 15th, Jiang Lihua, the provincial working group of “Interconnection of Thousands of Enterprises” and her party visited SmartGen for research and guidance. Accompanied by Cui Wenfeng, General Manager of SmartGen, the leaders visited SmartGen testing center, production workshop, product exhibition hall and R&D center, and had in-depth communication on SmartGen’s technological innovation and high-end talent introduction. At the same time, the relevant departments made a detailed interpretation of the policies and methods on how to apply for a national enterprise technology center and the transformation of scientific and technological achievements.

At the informal discussion, Wang Demin of the Administration Committee of Zhengzhou High-tech Industrial Development Zone supplemented and affirmed SmartGen’s work in R&D investment and independent innovation, and encouraged SmartGen to continue to increase R&D investment, strengthen school-enterprise cooperation and Industry-University-Research collaboration.

Jiang Lihua said that the provincial government attached great importance to the “Interconnection of Thousands of Enterprises” activity, and will continue to increase its support for the introduction of high-end talent and the connection of various platforms.

Finally, Cui Wenfeng expressed our appreciation to the working group and all leaders for their guidance. It is believed that with the strongly support of all parties, SmartGen will make full use of own advantages, accelerate development, and make more contributions to the society!

SmartGen | Party Member Volunteers Support Epidemic Prevention

April is ablaze with colour and the people of Zhengzhou enjoy hard-earned results of epidemic prevention!
Party member volunteers of SmartGen show their responsibility in supporting the COVID-19!

Supporting the COVID-19

On April 7, the Zhengzhou High-tech Zone required nucleic acid tests for key crowd. Knowing that the on-site medical team needed manpower, Party branch members and volunteers of SmartGen went to the scene to become anti-epidemic volunteers wearing red clothes while doing self-protection.

The red-clothed volunteers of SmartGen provided guidance and order maintenance for the on-site residents. They worked until the end of the day’s inspection.

At the nucleic acid tests site, everyone was not afraid of hardship or fatigue, stuck to their posts, ensured the orderly progress of nucleic acid tests, and contributed to the prevention and control of the epidemic with their own practical actions!

Supporting the COVID-19

Let the Party flag float high on the front line of the epidemic prevention and control. Party members of SmartGen always keep General Secretary Xi’s request in mind, always stand on the front line of epidemic prevention and help epidemic prevention and control with practical actions. Every morning, they always come to the company early to supervise the employees to scan the code; The “compulsory cleaning” activity was successfully held with the active participation of party members at the same time.

Continuous improvement, teamwork creates value! In this war without gunpowder smoke, each of us is a soldier. As long as we work together, the “spring” will eventually come!

Invitation | SmartGen Online Technology Exchange Month Opens

In order to strengthen technology exchange, SmatGen specially holds the “Online Technology Exchange Month”!

The main topics of this event are as follows:

1、The application of split type genset controller;
2、 Application and case sharing of parallel control system in factory/oilfield/data center;
3、Product application and case sharing of CCHP system;
4、Hybrid system supply and control system application;
5、Ship power management application and case sharing;
6、Application of high-end intelligent switching control technology;
7、Application of engineering machinery control system;
8、Marine diesel control system application and case sharing;
9、Cloud monitoring technology application of BD system.

During the event, you can also have an in-depth technical discussion with us alone!

April 7th topic:

Application and case sharing of parallel control system in factory/oilfield/data center
Time: 15:00-17:00 pm
The [meeting number] :5846035094

SmartGen “Online Technology Exchange Month” platform:
Tencent Meeting applet.
Steps: WeChat search “Tencent Meeting” applet – enter the meeting number to participate in online communication.

SmartGen | Latest Engineering Machinery Controller Application

One: Engine CAN monitoring controller application

Jaw crawler mobile crusher is suitable for mining, quarrying and resource recovery industry, which can run normally at low engine speed, saving fuel and reducing noise, ideal for urban operation. SmartGen engine CAN monitoring controller HEM8500 provides customers with engine control solutions. It can start and stop the engine manually by the control panel and adjust the engine speed by the throttle knob; it can also start and stop the engine remotely and adjust the engine speed by the remote control. It can run stably and continuously under severe working conditions.

Two: Lighting tower controller application

The lighting tower unit has a wide applications and can be used for night lighting in mines, emergency rescue lighting, etc. Recently, dozens of lighting tower units of a customer have used the genset controller HGM1790N and lighting tower controller ALC708 to manually and automatically control the number and interval time of lights on. At the same time, it can display the engine parameters, generator voltage and current power, etc. There are multiple languages can be adjusted.

Three: Water pump set controller application

The water pump unit used by a customer in the oil depot is equipped with SmartGen water pump unit controller APC715 to escort the safety of national petroleum.The controller is used to control the engine water pump unit and realize the automatic start/stop, data measurement, alarm protection and “three remote” functions of the engine water pump unit. The controller has a speed control function, which can stabilize outlet/inlet pressure of water pump by adjusting the engine speed; it can control various ECU or non-ECU engine water pump units.

Four: Engine controller application

1.SmartGen engine controller HEM4100 has excellent performance on site with a customer’s down-the-hole drill.

2.HEM4100 is used for municipal sewage with diesel-driven pumping unit.

HEM4100 engine controller can realize engine auto start/stop, data measurement, alarm protection and “three remote” function. It has speed control function and can control various ECU or non-ECU engines with CANBUS (SAE J1939) port.