Stronger SmartGen, Better Me

The Spring Festival is coming, the place where everyone misses most is home. No matter how cold it is outside, home can always bring you warmth. The Spring Festival is approaching, all marketing elites finally get home.
——May you return with a young heart after years of fighting.A Loving Family

In 2017, sales received payments reach to 118 million yuan. The salesmen realize the dream to break 100 million for SmartGen. Although they have great success, they never feel conceited and complacent. During this reunion, they do not forget to improve themselves and follow the company’s managers to visit and study.Visit the Exhibition Hall

Because the workshop of SmartGen is all-closed, anti-static and dust-free, non-production staffs rarely have the opportunity to enter. So this is a very rare opportunity to visit. In 2017, the production line of our company added a lot of advanced equipment, automatic SMT lines added automatic loader, automatic cleaning, automatic printing, and circuit board THT AOI equipment; three proofings line increased automatic cleaning machine, UV automatic spraying, detection, drying equipment; the greatest pride is ATE16 controller function automatic test equipment which is independently researched and developed by SmartGen, it realizes the whole unmanned automatic detection.Visit the Electronic WorkshopVisit the Electrical Control Workshop

Through visited the company, the marketing team reacquainted our own “home”. Advanced production technology and strict quality control make us feel more confident about the quality of our products and have more confident in achieving the sales goal in 2018. In the future, the learning activities will continue every year. The marketing staff can know the changes in the company timely.As long as the company is stronger, we believe we will do better. At the end of the year, let us refuel our energy and be ready for the new year.

Gotta Have You: HGM7100N

Since 2016, SmartGen has continually launched a series of N products, from HGM6100N ,HGM400N to HAT500N and HAT600N. How could there be no HGM7000 series, as good-looking controllers, in N series! The upcoming release of new HGM7100N is born with halo. I believe that it will bring you unexpected surprises.New Functions
Black Box Function: One minute before genset fault shutdown, controller can record data up to 5 pieces including mains voltage, mains frequency, generator voltage, generator frequency, current, temperature, oil pressure, fuel level, speed and etc.
Main Standby Cycle Start: Cycle start two gensets via RS485 (running time of both main unit and standby unit can be user defined);Cloud Monitoring Function: No need for cloud modem, connect to the network via ETHERNET port and directly control the cloud monitoring platform; Remote Lock Genset: Realize remote locking genset and unlocking function through upper computer software or cloud platform;Custom Sensors: Pressure sensors and programmable sensors 1 can be set as resistance, current or voltage type sensors. The controller 47 terminal can provide the 5V positive pole output to supply the power for voltage type sensors.For more functions, please look forward to the release of HGM7100N new product!

Forge Ahead,Focus on Controllers!

The aim of “SmartGenCloud” is to build the most thoughtful genset cloud monitoring platform in domestic; it can combine with the characteristics of genset industry, the experience and feedback from users to achieve continuous update and improvement! Users can easily and quickly control the cloud monitoring platform..
1、Fast and ConvenientRegistration2、More SimpleCloud ModemSetting3、Chinese (Simplified, Traditional) and English Display
4、Baidu and Google Maps5、Data Record ,Download and Save6、Support Remote Restart the Cloud Modem
7、Add Light Tower Control Module8、Two Sets of Servers at Home and Abroad to Meet the Requirements of QuickAccess in Different Regions
9、Maintenance Reminding10、Can Check the Operation Log“SmartGenCloud” focuses on the customer demand all the time, continues to build the most thoughtful, the least worried, the most reassuring and the most comfortable cloud monitoring platform in domestic.
If you have other functional requirements for the cloud platform, welcome to give the valuable advice!

New Products of Pump Control Module

To meet the different needs of customers, SmartGen has launched new products: APC615 Pump Unit Controller and FPC615 Fire Pump Controller.


 RS485 communication port enabling remote control, remote measuring, remote communication via MODBUS protocol;
 Equipped with CANBUS port and can communicate with J1939 genset. Not only can monitoring frequently-used data of ECU machine, but also control start, stop, raising speed and speed droop via CANBUS port;
 GOV Function: outlet pressure and inlet pressure can be adjusted via GOV function. GOV port: Relay output; CANBUS port (for engine control unit). Not apply for electronic speed pump unit;
 There are two kinds of speed adjustment ways: manually and automatically. Users can adjust the speed on the panel;
 Idle mode function: the genset will return to idle running via or input when the pump unit is off load, to save fuel consumption;
 6 analog sensors, 2 channels can switch to resistor type or current type using jumper. 4 channels can switch to resistor type, current type or voltage type using jumper;
 Water pressure curve and flow curve display are user-defined;
 Engine high water temperature, low oil pressure, over speed, high/low water pressure, over flow and other kinds of fault indication and protection function;
 Engine water absorption (vacuum) pump and electronic control (controlled clutch) water absorption (vacuum) pump control function.


 Monitoring the voltage status of two sets of batteries, users can use one of the batteries to start the unit;
 Crank can be judged by the external input. When the external input is showed, user needs to configure the input port. The input port is “7: crank successful input”;
 3 analog sensors (water temperature sensor, oil pressure sensor, oil temperature sensor);
 3 programmable digital inputs;
 8 digital outputs (crank1, crank2, stop, run, overspeed, high/low temperature, low oil pressure) are relay-out.

Neglect Small Details Causing Big Troubles

In the severe winter, we received the call from our customers. They said that there were high water temperature alarm shutdown and low oil pressure alarm shutdown in the condition of generator set safe operation. The B phase load power was negative when the unit ran normally.
After checking out the scene, we found that the terminal 40 of HGM6110N was connected with the negative electrode of the charger inside the control cabinet. And the original ground screw was not tightened firmly. Considering the interference problem, we wired a single line from the terminal 40 to the ground stud of the unit. After starting unit, it was normal and the alarms didn’t appear again.
About the negative B phase load power, because the P1 and P2 of three-phase current transformer are reverse. At the same time , the A phase and C phase current sampling are reverse. These reasons result in the negative active power. The solution is adjusting the direction of current transformer and the A phase & C phase current sampling.
In fact, if we pay more attention to these small details in the application, there won’t be a similar problem.

Application Case︱HMC9000A on the Yacht

Since the launch of marine products, these products of SmartGen have been recognized by the customers gradually with the features of high reliability, rich function and good applicability.

The HMC9000A is equipped with electric screen LCD display, which is used for genset automation and monitor control system of single unit to achieve automatic start/stop, data measurement, alarm protection. CAN1939 interface of HMC9000A diesel engine controller with multiple protocols allows its communication with ECU engines. Multiple parameters such as engine speed, water temperature, oil temperature, oil pressure can be transmitted via this communication interface and displayed on LCD. It can be connected to a remote control module that will perform remote start, remote stop and other functions.

Recently, the HMC9000A controller appears on the engine of yacht again and it completes debugging successfully. Once again it has proved that our marine products are gradually mature and receive the recognition from the customers.

Let Me Change Your Future

In generator set rental industry, different sizes generator sets can be seen everywhere, from 15KW~2000KW. Basically, they can meet the user’s simple demands. But there is a common problem in the huge leasing industry: the degree of units automation control and protection is not high. High rent is also accompanied by high maintenance cost. For customers, it’s widespread that the engine and generator are damaged during use because of no protection. In general: accessories cost + labor cost + transportation cost+ penal sum>rent, and there is the risk of scrapping. Therefore, it is necessary to install a set of automation control system for the generator set.
In Hebei generator sets rental market, customers received the electronic injection 220KW Perkins units. It’s used, in good condition, but the original control system is very complex and has been destroyed. So the units cannot run. In summer, the rental market business is booming. But the generator sets stop a day means that the customer loses the rent of that day. Therefore the customer chose to use SmartGen HGM6110CAN standard control box. The product is cost-effective, suitable to control single electronic injection unit, easy installation, clean, lightweight and all black spray process appearance. The four corners have shock absorption function and reduce vertigo caused by units vibration. The HGM6110CAN controller has elegant appearance and simple wiring. It can connect to ECU engine through the J1939CAN interface, monitor the engine parameters in real-time and protect the normal operation of the generator sets.

After the Improvement

Build the Learning Style Organization and Team

In “The Fifth Discipline”, Dr. Peter M. Senge put forward the concept of learning style organization. He pointed out that group intelligence produced by group learning is much greater than personal intelligence. It can help the organization to make the right decisions.
Back in 2017, SmartGen builds the learning style team through a variety of ways, including internal competition, outside training, visit the suppliers and customers. These measures not only strengthen the enterprise competitiveness, but also provide a variety of opportunities for employee’s personal development.
SmartGen workshops held the skill competition, employees made progress together in the competition.

The research team of SmartGen visited the genset manufacturer, broadened the research horizon and innovative thinking.

The production and operation team of SmartGen exchanged the experience with the suppliers and promoted the bilateral cooperation.

Six executives went to Europe to learn the essence of management from a century enterprise.

A century enterprise did a on-site training for the management team of SmartGen.

Manage the enterprise with craftsman spirit, to do a century enterprise are the common pursuit of everyone in SmartGen. We will provide a higher quality service to our partners !