New Products of Pump Control Module

To meet the different needs of customers, SmartGen has launched new products: APC615 Pump Unit Controller and FPC615 Fire Pump Controller.


 RS485 communication port enabling remote control, remote measuring, remote communication via MODBUS protocol;
 Equipped with CANBUS port and can communicate with J1939 genset. Not only can monitoring frequently-used data of ECU machine, but also control start, stop, raising speed and speed droop via CANBUS port;
 GOV Function: outlet pressure and inlet pressure can be adjusted via GOV function. GOV port: Relay output; CANBUS port (for engine control unit). Not apply for electronic speed pump unit;
 There are two kinds of speed adjustment ways: manually and automatically. Users can adjust the speed on the panel;
 Idle mode function: the genset will return to idle running via or input when the pump unit is off load, to save fuel consumption;
 6 analog sensors, 2 channels can switch to resistor type or current type using jumper. 4 channels can switch to resistor type, current type or voltage type using jumper;
 Water pressure curve and flow curve display are user-defined;
 Engine high water temperature, low oil pressure, over speed, high/low water pressure, over flow and other kinds of fault indication and protection function;
 Engine water absorption (vacuum) pump and electronic control (controlled clutch) water absorption (vacuum) pump control function.


 Monitoring the voltage status of two sets of batteries, users can use one of the batteries to start the unit;
 Crank can be judged by the external input. When the external input is showed, user needs to configure the input port. The input port is “7: crank successful input”;
 3 analog sensors (water temperature sensor, oil pressure sensor, oil temperature sensor);
 3 programmable digital inputs;
 8 digital outputs (crank1, crank2, stop, run, overspeed, high/low temperature, low oil pressure) are relay-out.


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