Build the Learning Style Organization and Team

In “The Fifth Discipline”, Dr. Peter M. Senge put forward the concept of learning style organization. He pointed out that group intelligence produced by group learning is much greater than personal intelligence. It can help the organization to make the right decisions.
Back in 2017, SmartGen builds the learning style team through a variety of ways, including internal competition, outside training, visit the suppliers and customers. These measures not only strengthen the enterprise competitiveness, but also provide a variety of opportunities for employee’s personal development.
SmartGen workshops held the skill competition, employees made progress together in the competition.

The research team of SmartGen visited the genset manufacturer, broadened the research horizon and innovative thinking.

The production and operation team of SmartGen exchanged the experience with the suppliers and promoted the bilateral cooperation.

Six executives went to Europe to learn the essence of management from a century enterprise.

A century enterprise did a on-site training for the management team of SmartGen.

Manage the enterprise with craftsman spirit, to do a century enterprise are the common pursuit of everyone in SmartGen. We will provide a higher quality service to our partners !


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