Gotta Have You: HGM7100N

Since 2016, SmartGen has continually launched a series of N products, from HGM6100N ,HGM400N to HAT500N and HAT600N. How could there be no HGM7000 series, as good-looking controllers, in N series! The upcoming release of new HGM7100N is born with halo. I believe that it will bring you unexpected surprises.New Functions
Black Box Function: One minute before genset fault shutdown, controller can record data up to 5 pieces including mains voltage, mains frequency, generator voltage, generator frequency, current, temperature, oil pressure, fuel level, speed and etc.
Main Standby Cycle Start: Cycle start two gensets via RS485 (running time of both main unit and standby unit can be user defined);Cloud Monitoring Function: No need for cloud modem, connect to the network via ETHERNET port and directly control the cloud monitoring platform; Remote Lock Genset: Realize remote locking genset and unlocking function through upper computer software or cloud platform;Custom Sensors: Pressure sensors and programmable sensors 1 can be set as resistance, current or voltage type sensors. The controller 47 terminal can provide the 5V positive pole output to supply the power for voltage type sensors.For more functions, please look forward to the release of HGM7100N new product!


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