Travel far away across the ocean to see you

It’s happy to welcome and kind to accept the guests from all over the world.

From Nov.7th to Nov.14th, foreign friends traveled far away to visit our company and finished the seven-day products training.

This training was mainly aimed at genset control modules, ATSE control modules, chargers, heaters, cloud monitoring and other products. We provided a variety of solutions for customer’s practical requirements for parallel system and introduced the cloud platform of SmartGen in detail.

Multi-parallel -HGM9510

Single genset parallel with mains-HGM9520

Mutiple gensets parallel with grid–HGM9560

In addition to theoretical knowledge, there is practical training. The foreign customer came to the workshop, our staff demonstrated for him how to wiring, and he tried to operate the control panel wiring.

After seven days of training, the customer has a more comprehensive understanding of our products and gains a lot. Continuous praise and recognition make us feel happy.

Feeling at home whoever comes to SmartGen, we will continue to work hard and be with you!

SmartGen hit the EP exhibition for the first time

On Nov.6th to 8th, SmartGen participated in the 12th EP Shanghai with ATSE control modules for the first time, the largest and most influential brand power exhibition in domestic power industry. The exhibition was held in SNIEC (Shanghai New International Exhibition Center) yesterday.

However, it is the debut of SmartGen at EP, it became a hot search at the exhibition. Please see the pictures of our booth:

In this EP exhibition, SmartGen grandly introduced the ATSE control modules that you are familiar with:

1. (Dual Power) Bypass ATS Control Module HAT880
2.(Dual Power) Synchronization ATS Control Module HAT820S
3. (Dual Power) Bus Tie Control Module HAT821
4. Three Power ATS Control Module HAT832/833

Welcome to visit! We will wait for you at booth No.1K92, N1 Hall~

RGCP-3400 Redundant Genset Control Module Application

RGCP-3400 is a redundant control system developed by WOODWARD for the high requirements and reliability application scenarios of data center, shipping, oil and other industries. It is an effective solution for the integration of redundant control.

RGCP-3400 is delivered directly to customers in the form of control box module, which integrates two customized easYgen-3400 genset control modules with corresponding protection and redundant hardware configuration. Customers only need to connect and use as the common single unit control module, without considering how to control/switch between the two easYgen-3400 control modules.

Application of grid connection control for single genset:

Application for grid connection control for mutiple gensets:

Application of multi-segment, multi-grid and complex power system:

Customers could monitor the whole system through the Modbus/CAN communication interface of RGCP-3400, or WOODWARD’s RP3000 remote control panel. RP3000 is available for mode selections (automatic, manual, stop), data monitoring, alarm reset, parameter setting, etc.

RGCP-3400 can choose to use the EKS DL-CANR communication module, which forms the ring network structure through the optical fiber, so the failure of any load distribution line will not affect the load distribution of the system. The following is the single line diagram of RGCP3400 applied to a project in China.

WOODWARD single unit control modules:

Master Keung” fishing, with lights instead of bait!

Smartgen power management modules help “Runda 613”, “Ningtai 97” and “Hongpu 16” squid fishing ships go to the ocean to catch delicious food on the tip of the tongue.

The load distribution result (3% accuracy) of power share module HLS300 used by Runda 613 squid fishing boat

The power station control system with HLS300 power share modules of SmartGen only relys on its own parameters, no servo (torque motor drives the throttle lever) for any adjustment, under the condition of obtaining the precision of less than 3% of the load distribution, improves the efficiency and automation level of the power station, which has been well received by the owner, designer and unit manufacturer’s unanimous praise.

A few days ago, the marine power station designed by HLS300 power share modules of SmartGen successfully completed the debugging and acceptance of the power station on three oceangoing squid fishing ships with 69m “Ruanda 613”, “Ningtai 97” and “Hongpu 16” went to the anchorage. After the fishing equipment was equipped, it would go to the ocean for fishing operations. These three squid fishing ships are special that catch squid by fishing tackle. The ships are steel, transverse frame, double decks, VS-Bow, single diesel engine, single oar and single rudder.The navigation area is unlimited and the main operating areas are the open seas of the southeast Pacific, northwest Pacific and southwest Atlantic.

Squid fishing boat in berthing

Ningtai 97 went to anchorage when completed the debugging and acceptance of power station

In order to meet the demand of long-term offshore operation, this type of ship is equipped with a quick-freezing room with a minimum freezing temperature of -35℃ and a large-capacity fish cabin with a minimum freezing temperature of -25℃, and more than 160 4kw high-power trapping lamps. The Marine power station selects three 500kw and one 300kw main genset in parallel to meet the power supply when the ship is running at full load, and one 150kw emergency genset of the same brand is in standby state. In view of the fact that the genset configured with this ship adopts the speed regulation mode of torque motor driving the throttle rod, the load distribution accuracy under manual mode is always above 10%, in order to meet the distribution accuracy of less than 3% of the shipowner, real-time manual intervention is required. In order to improve the load distribution accuracy and reduce the labor intensity of personnel, the designer chose four HLS300 power share modules to realize the automatic load distribution of the whole power station.

HLS300 power share moduleS in operation

500kw main genset

Torque motor drive throttle lever debugging mechanism

Semi-automatic power station built by HLS300 power share modules

With HLS300 power share modules of SmartGen built-in load allocation strategy and rich adjustable parameters, the power system to overcome the torque motor to drive the throttle lever servo precision low, load capacity and stable frequency characteristics easy mutation of unfavorable factors, perfect implementation in four different capacities of arbitrary and combination of the unit, with different percentage of load, load under harsh conditions, such as discharge smoothly and quickly realize active power load sharing, and load distribution can be controlled within 3% precision.

Debugging site of power station 1

Debugging site of power station 2

The power management system is composed of HSM300 Synchronous Module + HLS300 Power Share Module + HEP300 Electronic Potentiometer + HMP300 Power Integrated Protedtion Module +PLC+ HMI

This system realizes the synchronization between generators through HSM300 synchronous modules, using HLS300 power share modules to complete load distribution, reverse power protection, automatic start/stop and other output functions among gensets. The output signal of PI step controller’s relay is converted into the control voltage signal required by governor /AVR by electronic potentiometer (HEP300). The user’s PLC control module can obtain rich information of electrical parameters (voltage, current, power, harmonic wave and off-limit alarm) through the Modbus RTU interface equipped with the HMP300 power integrated protection modules, and the HMI users can quickly build a set of high-quality power management system that can support the network of up to 16 diesel generators.

Beautiful Zhoushan

Squid and squid fishing encyclopedia

Squid are Marine cephalopods. According to the world’s fisheries experts with authority, the total reserves of cephalopods in the world’s oceans are 50 million to 100 million tons, while the current annual catch volume globally is about 3.6 million tons, of which about 70% is squid. Squid is an annual fish, it is a waster if the catch volume is too low, too much may also lead to the breakdown of the marine life food chain, so we need to be moderate.

The so-called “squid fishing” is to use the squid photogenic, they will be attached to the plastic luminous body of the hook into the sea. Squid are entangled by hook and unable to escape.Deep sea fishing squid, with lights and not bait, quite like ” Master Keung fishing”(It’s an old saying in China means “Freedom is always for the volunteers”). From purse seine fishing to light trapping, which is a big revolution. At present, this technology is becoming mature applied in squid fishing. We believe that owe to our fishery and shipbuilding science, as well as the contribution of scientific and technical workers.

Full of guests gathered in Guangzhou (Canton Fair)

On October 15th, 2019, SmartGen’s team arrived in Guangzhou for the 126th Autumn Canton Fair (booth No. 3.1 H19-20). People walked shoulder to shoulder and followed in the footsteps of one another , our booth was also full of guests.

Ten years ago, customers from various countries saw our brand and might say doubtly: “SmartGen?” But now the most frequently they say is: “Yes, SmartGen! I am using your controller.”

We are pretty pround to hear that!

In the blink of an eye, the Canton fair has been held for three days, SmartGen’s pretty girls and boys are busy to explain products and solve problems to customers patiently. At the same time, our peer friends come and visit to us, the atmosphere on the exhibition is very warm and joyful.

More easYgen series products, MGC300, HMB9700, HGM9400. They are shown together sparkly.

In the next two days, we will still keep our enthusiasm and look forward your coming!

It gradually becomes cool in Autumn, please cherish the engine with your heart

It’s getting cooler, please put on a pair of long johns! No matter what color is, just to keep warm.

The engine is also cold due to the weather, its “long johns” should be purchased immediately, as soon as possible to put it on. This year we wil prepare for the engine a small, lightweight, warm effect, stylish appearance of “slim pants”–HWP40N.

Performance features

1、4KW forced circulation, suitable for engines with (15-30) L displacement
2、Rated power supply voltage: AC 240V
3、with heating status indicator light
4、with dry burning and overheating protection function
5、The heating temperature can be set from control panel
6、4-bit digital tube display: display the current coolant temperature, user-set temperature, accumulated running time, accumulated energy consumption and current voltage
7、Water flow sensor is fitted, which can show current coolant temperature, quickly detect water shortage, blockage and air intake of pipelines;
8、Manual test function is fitted, water valve, exhaust valve
9、optional pagoda header Ф 19.5 mm or or thread header G 3/4

Heater series of SmartGen covers water jacket heater,oil heater

1、Self-circulating water jacket heater (1KW-4KW):HT10M、HT22M、HT40M
2、Forced circulating water jacket heater (4KW-12KW):HWP40N/HWP40/HWP60/HWP90/HWP120
3、Oil heater:HTL04(400W)

It gradually becomes cool in Autumn, plecherish the engine with your heart!
Wear a intimate and warm “long johns”, let the engine feels at ease in winter.

Drinking and talking to celebrate “The Sixth Beer Festival Of SmartGen”

Golden autumn delivers cool, Osmanthus flutters fragrance. In the occasion of the 70th birthday of the motherland, SmartGen organized the sixth beer festival. In the happy day, all the colleague of SmartGen gathered together, took up the wine cup and chatted merrily. All of people recalled the past, looked at the present, looked forward to the future, and spent a beautiful and happy day together.

The autumn wind is warm, the colored flag flies. The Beer Festival opened with a speech from General Manager Cui Wenfeng. Afterwards, all the employees took a photo to leave the most beautiful moment on this wonderful day. All employees actively participated at the game. The wine culture appreciation brought by Purchasing Director Wang Hongjie pushed the festive atmosphere to another climax. The game was over, night came down, brilliantly lit lights, all employees toasted together with rich food and dynamic music, pushed the festive atmosphere to the climax.

People-oriented, happy work, the Beer Festival represents the vision of the people of SmartGen for work and life, all of us will work together to win the future with all partners.

New product & New Funciton & New Highlight

As one series of SmartGen products, HAT series of ATS control modules have been developed and produced since SmartGen was founded in 1998. The “family” of dual power control modules have experienced several generations of updating. After 20 years of diligent work, it has grown into the second largest business unit of SmartGen. In October 2019, we will introduce a new member of the dual power control module family, HAT820/S. Before we meet the new control module, let’s talk about its new features and highlights.

New Features N0.1
Line Voltage (L-L) Power Supply
At present, the power supply of conventional control modules in the industry are generally AC phase voltage (L-N) power supply, or phase voltage + DC power supply. In some three-phase and three-wire applications, if there is no DC power supply, it is very troublesome to solve the power supply problem of the control module. It is necessary to separately add DC switching power supply and switch two-way L-L through relay to supply the AC input end of the switching power supply. Not only increasing the cost and occupying the cabinet space, but also reducing the reliability of the system. So what shall we do?

Don’t worry, it’s no big deal with HAT820! HAT820 control module power supply adds AC line voltage (L-L) power supply function, providing the perfect solution for three-phase and three-line applications such as power plants and chemical plants. HAT820 can provide customers with three power supply modes: 1. DC (DC8-35v); .2. AC phase voltage L-N; 3. AC line voltage L-L (90-576v).

New Features N0.2
Load End Voltage Detection
HAT820 control module increases the voltage of the load (L-N) detection, the control module not only detects the closing state of the switch, but also detects the load end voltage. If after the success of the closing or loading into the voltage of the lines in the process of normal load voltage, the control module will display load no voltage alarm, remind users to check the switch failure. The user can choose to enable or disable this feature.

New Features N0.3
Key Switch Self-restoring & Non-self-restoring
At present, HAT600 and HAT700 need to enter the control module settings to switch between non-self-restoring while the front panel of HAT820 control module adds the keys and instructions of self-restoring and non-self-restoring , which can be directly switched between self-restoring and non-self-restoring, making it easy and fast for users to operate.

New Features N0.4
Programmable Input Port Active Input
The programmable input port of HAT820 has been added with one active input, and the programmable input port 9 is (DC 9-36v) active input, which can be used for fire control cutting (forced breaking) input and other functions.

New Highlight N0.1
Black Box Recording
Log events of the state information, voltage, frequency, current and other parameters before and after the event. Helping users to analyze data and determine faults.

The black box can record up to five events. Each event records status information for a total of 60 seconds before and after the event, recording once per second. When the number of records exceeds 5, the new record covers the original one. The first record is the latest one, users can check each record by the confirm key, and check the specific data status of 60 records in each record by the up and down keys.

New Highlight N0.2
Temperature Detection
The HAT820 can be externally connected with resistance type temperature sensor (PT100) to detect the temperature inside the cabinet. The draught fan can be started and stopped according to the setting temperature to prevent the temperature inside the cabinet from being too high.

So much for the the revealing here, but highlights more than these! If you’re interested, let’s look forward to seeing them in October!