The mountains pass in the cloud, the ships fly from the sky

Since SmartGen launched the marine diesel control business, we have been wading into the waters. For a person from the central plains, it is both afraid and excited about water for him(her). Fearing of water is because they are not good at water, and excitement is because they think there is a lot to be done in the vast world.

This case is two ships in a reservoir of the South-to-North Water Diversion Project, using the engine control box of SmartGen HMC9000A , and the engine of ships are certain Swedish brand. The acceleration and deceleration switch signal is converted to 4-20ma signal by HEP300 electronic potentiometer through the accelerator pedal, and the current signal is converted to CAN signal by HMC9000A to ECU, and the engine executes the corresponding actions. One ship is an engineering salvage ship, the other one is a water quality monitoring ship, both of them are electric push ships, using the accelerator pedal to control the speed of the ship.

Glorious Flowers in Spring and Solid Fruits in Autumn, We Attain Fruitful Achivements

In the golded autumn with cool air and clear sky, we will have our traditional Chinese festival — the Mid-Autumn Festival, the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China. Zhengzhou, as the capital city of Henan province, which is an important birthplace of Chinese civilization and the hometown of emperor Xuanyuan(the first ancestor of Chinese culture), will host The 11th National Traditional Games of Ethnic Minorities of the People’s Republic of China on Sept. 8 to Sept.16, 2019. Zhengzhou will welcome friends from all over the country with a new and open attitude!

After more than 20 years’ development, SmartGen, located in zhengzhou, has acquired more than 300 invention patents, appearance patents, utility model patents and software Copyrights. Our products have been sold at home and abroad. The main development processes of SmartGen in recent years are as follows:

Signed the strategic cooperation contract with WOODWARD in 2018

The national standard“Reciprocating internal combustion engine driven alternating current generating sets—Controller”was issued and implemented in 2019

Internal combustion power generation intelligent control system industrial park of SmartGen was laid the foundation in 2019

easYgen-600/1600、easygen-800/1800 products passed UL certification, and SmartGen began to prepare WOODWARD production line and put it into trial operation in 2019


Autumn is the harvest season, autumn harvest is the fruit of long hard work in spring and summer;
I wish you all the best!
Wish you a happy holiday!
Wish our motherland prosperity!

Your Super Brain——the application of marine HMC9000A and HMC6

You were the focus of the public attention, rising star, peakedness of power. With good appearance and strength, you are always obligatory when power is needed to solve the power problems for mankind all the year around.

However, you became invisible and dusty as time goes by, you were on the road to being traded. After many years, finally someone discerning, found once brilliant you. But you’re in a state of devastation and your old brains can’t keep up with modern technology, so they’re fixing you up to make you innovative and glowing.

The existing conditions of this renovation
The offshore drilling platform of a shipyard is mainly used to provide power support for the vertical composite powerful drilling rig, which is used for bridge piers and wind power base drilling. Two famous brands engine and generator from overseas with the power, speed, frequency and voltage are respectively 1700KW, 1800rpm, 60HZ and 440V. The governor is manual04121 from WOODWARD, the partner of SmartGen, and the digital regulator is DVR2000E from Marathon.

The renovation mode
The single machine control system of the two units is transformed into a control system that can output simultaneously, adopting engine control system of SmartGen HMC9000A and HMC6 power management control system, using the marine control mode to realize muti-units parallel management.

The advantages of this renovation
HMC9000A and HMC6 perform their respective functions. Because the cabin space of a ship is relatively small, the surrounding environment is poor, the engine noise is harsh, the air quality is poor, and the environment is sultry. The HMC9000A control box acts as a guard, guarding the engine as best as it can. When the engine is abnormal, the control system will send an alarm (to judge whether it is alarm or stop), and send it to the distribution room at the same time, and execute the corresponding action. HMP300 power comprehensive protection module is equipped in the control box, which can observe the power generation parameters in real time. HMC6 is used as power management control. The distribution control room has a relatively good environment, and air conditioning can adjust the indoor temperature. HMC6 mainly controls electric parameters to achieve power distribution. HMC6 has manual and semi-automatic operation mode. In the manual mode, it can start the car manually, close the switch manually, operate parallel connection manually, open the switch manually and stop the machine manually. In semi-automatic mode, HMC6 controls the starting, paralell operation, closing, stopping, overpower, inverse phase, overcurrent, overvoltage, undervoltage and other protection of the geneset.

The highlight of this renovation
Three containers are placed separately. Two containers are placed respectively for two units, and the other container is placed for the switchboard, cables and signal wires are used in the middle for fast connection with strong mobility.

2019 Annual Conference of the Special Committee in Zhengzhou

From Aug. 14 to Aug.16, 2019, the 2019 annual conference of China Electrotechnical Society Mobile Power Station Technical Committee and the Working Meeting of Standard Drafting Group were held in zhengzhou. Amost 50 leaders, committee members and experts attended the working meeting.

As co-organizer of the conference, the general manager Mr. Cui Wenfeng of SmartGen expressed his warm welcome to the leaders and friends from far away, and our heartfelt thanks to contribution that the special committee has made, accelerating technical talents training, promoting the conversion of scientific and technological achievements, improving internal combustion power generation equipment industry’s technical level.

First of all, Secretary-general Ren Xiaojun made a working report to the Mobile Power Station Technical Committee, proposing the goal of strengthening academic exchanges, improving industrial technology development, accelerating the technology research and development of energy conservation and emission reduction.

Then, Mr. Liu fugang, Director of China Electrotechnical Society, delivered a speech and pointed out that this meeting was an academic event, emphasizing that scientific and technological progress is the driving force to drive the development of the industry, so we need to rely on the special committee as an academic platform. He also put forward the vision that the committee will become a fertile soil for talent cultivation, the team of experts should be continuously expanded , and the committee had better to provide more industry standards for everyone to use and test.

New committee members were elected:

Mr. Li Kemin, a senior expert in the field of communication power supply, made a detailed interpretation and analysis of China’s 5G commercial first year era and the demand for power supply, which strengthened the participants’ confidence in the industry development and thought about business opportunities in the future.

Industry expert Mr. Wang Shouxi made a comprehensive and in-depth analysis of “reliability design of geneset control”.

The “dynamic visualization diagnosis technology of diesel generator set” Shared by Mr. xiao Jianjun of Foguang Electrical Power Equipment Co., Ltd provided strong data support for the verification of geneset.

Running into the “cloud monitoring” era, General Manager Mr. Xiongzhi from Chengdu Teslayun Co., Ltd shared the latest functions and prospects of cloud monitoring.

All members initiated “implementing national standards, protecting property rights, and purifying the market” and signed name jointly; At the same time, called on more enterprises and units to join the action of using legal version and resisting piracy.

Finally, all the leaders and friends went to” internal combustion power generation intelligent control system industrial park of SmartGen” to lay the foundation for the new factory, affirmed recognition the achievements of SmartGen has made and expressed good wishes for the future development.

Congratulations on the success of the special committee meeting! Congratulations to SmartGen being the co-organizer of this special committee meeting. Thanks to all the leaders and members of your concern and support for Smartgen all the time!

Two-line One Bus Tie Solution – HAT821

HAT821 dual power bus tie controller is mostly used in the switching system of two-line and one bus tie. It can detect the voltage and frequency of two lines, judge the normal and abnormal conditions of them, and automatically execute the operation of three circuit breaker switches according to the main setting.

HAT821 advantage 1

Compared with the traditional automatic bus transfer device.
Do not need to separate the manual-automatic button, directly switch between manual and automatic mode on the pannel;
Do not need to lead out multiple closing and opening buttons separately. There are 6 buttons on the controller directly control the closing and opening of the circuit breaker;
Reducing the complex wiring and making operation simpler.

HAT821 advantage 2

Intelligent power supply switch inside the controller.
The circuit breaker switch power supply is normal as long as there is a normal voltage;
Provide AC 220V operating power supply for circuit breaker directly;
L0, N0 power output capacity is 16A, which can ensure the normal power supply for circuit breaker switch.

HAT821 advantage 3

Automatic control function, three kinds of automatic logic are available for users.
(S1,S2 mainly used): both channels are mainly used. When both power supply are normal, the two-line circuit breakers close the power supply respectively, and the bus tie is in the breaking state. When there is one abnormal switch, another switch and bus tie switch close to supply power for two loads;
(S1 mainly used): one channel is maily used, (S1) one channel is normal, one breaker and the bus tie switching the power supply, when one is abnormal and two voltage is nomal, (S2) 2 switches and bus tie switching power supply;
(S2 mainly used): two channels are mainny used, (S2) two channels are nrmal, two breakers and bus tie switching the power supply, when the two channels are normal and one votage is normal; (S1) one breaker and bus tie switching power supply.

HAT821 advantage 4

Multiple communication interfaces.
It has a d-type USB communication interface, which can be used to connect PC to test software configuration parameters and upgrade module programs;
It has two RS485 communication ports, which can not only realize the centralized monitoring “three-remote” function, but also realize the connection with the web of things and realize the cloud monitoring function.

User application cases

Application occasion: the project is applied to a large chemical enterprise.
Application mode: (S1,S2) two main modes in the site. When both power supply are normal, the two-line circuit breakers close the power supply respectively, and the bus tie is in the breaking state. When there is one abnormal switch, another switch and bus tie switch close to supply power for two loads.
Electrical interlock: Two sets of normally closed auxiliary contacts of the circuit breaker are used to realize electrical interlock. On the basis of controller logic interlock, another layer of electrical interlock is added to realize the dual protection of controller logic interlock and electrical interlock.
Tripping fault: when the circuit breaker overflows tripping, the fault output signal controller detected by the circuit breaker will display the alarm of “switch tripping fault”, and switch from the automatic bit to the manual bit, no longer output the closing command. This function avoids the circuit breaker overcurrent trip, re-closing the damage to the circuit breaker.

In the past two years, we have continuously developed bus controller, three-power ATS controller, dual-power bypass controller and so on. we will continue to make efforts to focus on solutions of complex systems, and develop products such as three-line and one-bus, three-line and two-bus, etc. we will continue to update the products according to your valuable advices and requirements for application use are welcomed to improve our product lines.

Parallel Projects of 48 Gas Units –HGM9580+HGM9510 Power Station System Solutions

Recently, a gas power station project with total 48 gas units in Xinjiang was successfully delivered and put into use. During which the HGM9580 bus parallel control module and HGM9510 multi-machine parallel control module of SmartGen were applied in this control system.

For the power station or the complex system of multi-stage bus, using HGM9580+HGM9510 can realize the parallel connection of up to 512 geneset units, and realize intelligent scheduling, load sharing, non-important load tripping and other functions.

48 Genset Units Parallel SLD (Single Line Drawing) of A Power Station in Xinjiang

HGM9580 bus and bus parallel control module is suitable for manual/automatic parallel system of multiple gensets bus and mutiple gensets bus. The controller synchronizes two busbars through MSC CAN bus. When the synchronization condition is satisfied, the bus connection switch closes and the two busbars run in parallel.

HGM9510 genset parallel control module is used for the parallel system of multiple gensets of the same capacity or different capacity, as well as for the constant power output of a single genset and grid connection with the mains supply. The control module has the control functions of GOV and AVR, and can automatically synchronize and load sharing. This power station project only uses the multi-machine parallel function of HGM9510.

WOODWARD easYgen-3100XT/3200XT Control Module

Practical Application of Products

easYgen-3100XT/3200XT controller could provide more genset parallel connection, grid connection and power management solutions. The WOODWARD TOOLKIT software can be used to configure the various functions of the controller so that each project can be customized.

easYgen-3100XT/3200XT controller can be used for various specifications and purposes of the gensets. It is specially designed for starting, stopping, controlling and protecting the genset and circuit breaker control. It can be used for single machine control, multi-machine parallel control, single machine grid-connection and multi-machine grid-connection control. Multi-purpose design can provide users with more excellent functions and high cost performance ratio. easYgen-3000XT series controller also has a number of models specially designed for outdoor applications which can be operated in environments as low as -40℃.

easYgen-3000XT/3200XT Functions:

Multi-purpose: 3 systems measurement (genset, mains and bus) enable the controller to be used for single machine control, multi-machine parallel connection, single machine grid-connection and multi-machine grid-connection;
High flexibility: it can realize the function of external PLC through internal logic management/analogue management;
High reliability: the external anti-interference ability of the system is enhanced through isolated measurement input, relay output, bias output and isolated communication channel;
Generality: it can be fully used with the old version controller, enhancing the maintainability of the customer system;
Complete protection function: it has the protection function of mains, generator and engine, which doesn’t need to use additional protection system;
Multi-language support: 14 languages are available for users to choose;
High precision sampling: voltage and current are measured by RMS with an accuracy of 0.5%;
Flexible screen configuration: home screen can be configured, 2 edit screens can be customized ;
Multiple interfaces: 2X CAN for CAN1929 and load distribution, Ethernet interface and RS485 interface, USB interface, among which Ethernet interface can also provide load distribution function;
Scalability: 19 analog inputs (3 on the device ontology, supporting 16 external extensions), 16 analog outputs (2 on the device ontology, supporting 4 external extensions).

Homepage Display of the Control Module

User-defined Display of the Control Module

Logical Management Display of the Control Module

easYgen- 3100/3200 XT application:

Single machine application: only used to start and stop the engine, control circuit breaker to achieve the purpose of protecting the genset.

Multi-machine parallel connection: it can be used in parallel connection of multiple genset to control the load distribution of genset on the bus.

Single grid-connected: it can be used for single generator and mains supply parallel applications.

Multi-machine grid-connection: it can be used for the grid-connection of multiple genset and mains.

Remote control panel
Remote control panel RP-3000XT is a 7-inch color touch screen, which is compatible with all controllers of easYgen-3000XT series. By changing the IP address of the panel, the remote control panel will automatically detect all easygnXT controllers connected to Ethernet.

Bypass ATSE Control Module–HAT880

According to GB 50174-2008 “Design specification for computer room of electronic information system”and 09 DX009 “Engineering design and installation for computer room of electronic information system”national standard atlas and other relevant regulations and requirements, having a high request for power system reliability, continuity of the special important places. In order to prevent when ATS failure, damage or automatic transfer switch is in maintenance, affecting the continuity of the power supply system, we should set bypass isolation type ATS. In addition, the switch between mains and diesel generator shall adopt the automatic switch with bypass function, which shall not affect the switch of power supply when the automatic switch is repaired.

According to the application of bypass ATSE, SmartGen has designed and developed a bypass ATSE control module–HAT880, the main functions are as follows:

1、System type can be set
2、4.3 inches LCD display with Chinese & English
3、Display position of main switch (working, testing, insulated)
4、Display position of bypass switch (working, testing, insulated)
5、Collect and display voltage, frequency and phase sequence of 2-way-3
6、Independent S1/S2 over current warning or trip alarm functions
7、NEL (Non-Essential Load) trip functions
8、Display S1/S2 total kW energy, total Kvar engergy
9、Display continuous power supply time at present and last time, and S1/S2 total power supply time
10、For energy-accumulated ATS, it shall close when switch PF (close is prepared well )signal is active
11、Over/under voltage, over/under frequency, over current, loss of phase, inverse phase sequence protection functions
12、Automatic/Manual mode swichover; In manual mode, close or open can be controlled manually
13、The genset can be tested maually on site to achieve start/stop operation
14、Re-close function of main switch and bypass switch in auto mode when power outage occurs
15、Applicable for single bypass, doubel bypass and alternate dual spare bypass switch
16、Applicable for bypass switch of manual control and remote control
17、Real-time clock (RTC);even log function, which can record a 200 items circularly
18、Black box record function, which can record 5 events circularly,60 data of 50s before each event record and 10s after each event record
19、Scheduled routing start& scheduled not start function for the genset, which can be set a start once a day/week/month; and running with load or not
20、Can control two generators to work in the mode of circular running, master running and balanced running
21、Wide DC power supply range, which allows the control module to bear instantaneous 80V DC current input
22、Large terminal space allows the control module to bear maximum 625V AC voltage input
23、Dual isolated RS485 communication interface, having the functions of “remote control, remote measuring, remote communication, remote regulating” by the ModBus-RTU communication protocal, which can remotely start/stop the genset and control the breaker to close or open
24、DC8.0V~35V, continuous power supply
25、AC (90~305)V power supply A1N1/A2N2

HAT780/HAT880 Functions Comparisons

Dimentional Drawing and Pannel Cutout

HAT880 bypass ATSE control module can be adapted to different brands, different models of bypass ATSE. For instance, ASCO, GE, TAKATA, HANKWANG, PHETENG, SIWO, etc. Smart Gen has been successively launched 2-lines bus control module HAT821, 3 power supply automatic transfer control module HAT833/HAT832, bypass ATSE control module HAT780/HAT880 and other series of products.