New Functions of Cloud Monitoring Platform

Cloud monitoring platform has not only monitoring function anymore! SmartGen cloud monitoring has been fully upgraded to 4.0, adding functions such as cloud official website and cloud unit management, which will bring you different experiences.

Cloud official website is not only SmartGen cloud, it can also be your enterprise cloud official website and can be used as an effective tool for your enterprise propaganda. It is said that cloud official website has cooperated with the largest and most influential exhibition companies in the industry. Do you still worry about the effect?

Advantages of Cloud Official Website:
1. Easy to check on mobile APP, official website content can be updated on PC at any time;
2. 30 thousand industry users. Exhibitions, associations and others can attract clients;
3. Multi-channel precision push: enterprise sharing, industry propaganda, promote through the genset.

What is cloud unit? Popularly speaking, it is the VIP in the enterprise cloud. Becoming the VIP, you can achieve multi-level management, setting administrator and other functions in SmartGen cloud or your own enterprise cloud.

Advantages of Cloud Unit:
1. Monitoring function: device monitoring and remote diagnosis;
2. Independent management: add administrator privileges, data confidentiality functions to operate conveniently.

1. Cloud units can’t be opened independently. It needs to be linked to the enterprise cloud (such as SmartGen cloud) or your own enterprise cloud;
2. Cloud unit has no logo or brand display;
3. Don’t you think that cloud units have promotional function?

It has, you can buy cloud official website and get cloud unit free. It’s good!

Buy cloud monitoring and get cloud official website free, buy cloud official website and get cloud unit free. They are on sale. Get them while they are hot!

2018 Genset Control Tech Expert Forum

On October 31, the “2018 Genset Control Tech Expert Forum”, hosted by SmartGen, was held in the Yellow River Scenic Area of Zhengzhou. More than 20 outstanding experts in the industry jointly offered advice for China genset control at the meeting. Experts had a technical discussion on high-end sync, redundant control, mobile base stations, micro-grid, gas engine control and cloud monitoring systems. After the end of the meeting, Mr. Yang, the president of SmartGen, presented certificates to the experts.

In recent years, under the leadership of Mr. Yang, SmartGen has made many innovations about genset control modules and developed customized control modules which adapted to different environments. It not only brings convenience and practicality to customers, but also makes us become the leading enterprise in genset control modules in China. When talking about product innovation, Mr. Yang often mentioned ” create something out of nothing”, which comes from Lao Zi. He said abandoning prejudices can make more possibilities of innovation. Put aside professional, thinking and experience prejudices and we will get more innovations. This is the truth.

“Enjoying happiness alone is not as happy as sharing it.” Mr. Yang has devoted himself to the study of The Tao for a long time and has made great success in applying his theory to enterprise management, product R&D and market development. In order to share the essence of The Tao, Mr. Yang published The Tao, Way to Evergreen in 2017. With his interpretation and case study, Mr. Yang makes the profound truth easy to understand. Many customers and friends show their love of this book. At this meeting, Mr. Yang also gave this book to the experts as a gift personally. We hope experts can discuss The Tao of genset control together.

Travel Thousands of Miles, Just for You

Recently, some special friends came to SmartGen. The Fall 2018 Canton Fair just ended, WOODWARD technology and marketing team came to the headquarters of SmartGen. Accompanied by the company leaders, they visited the factory and made in-depth exchange on market and technology.

Analyze the Market Discuss the Technology
During this period, WOODWARD Marketing Director and SmartGen Sales Department made a detailed analysis of the current control module market. They extended full affirmation of the achievement of WOODWARD products in the market which makes a good start. Both sides also discussed the technical issues and how to improve the functions of the control modules continuously to provide users with better products.

Cross-border Cooperation Win-win Relationship
WOODWARD was founded in 1870 and has almost 150 years’ experience in engine control module design and manufacturing. Their products are widely used in aviation, industrial engines, turbines and power generation control. The cooperation between two sides not only improves the quality and performance of control modules of SmartGen, but also enriches the product series of WOODWARD. It realizes the win-win development. At present, there are three series of cooperative products and more cooperative products will be released later. Stay tuned!

Make a Concerted Effort Create a Better Future
In the future, the two sides will cooperate more closely, combine the market, brand, technology and production capacity together, constantly improve the performance and quality of the control modules to provide a solid guarantee for the role of SmartGen in gensets control industry. The win-win cooperation will certainly bring the Chinese gensets industry to the world faster.

Help to Build the Zhengzhou-Jinan High-speed Railway

With the opening of Zhengzhou-Xuzhou high-speed railway, Zhengzhou-Jinan high-speed railway is also under intensive construction. We are very proud of the rapid development of national traffic as Chinese. More significantly, our products can contribute to HSR trains. We fell more proud and so good. As an individual, I am gratified that I can use my professional knowledge for the contribution to national development.
We are very serious to our control modules which are the core control units of power generation. We should know that the bridge erector, weighing thousands of tons, is powered by a 300 KW genset.

At a certain section of the infrastructure of Zhengzhou-Jinan high-speed railway, the construction side gave us feedback about HGM6110N control module. Its oil pressure and water temperature fluctuate sharply when the genset is running and the data is not accurate.

Reason analysis
The control module sensor com earths poorly or other electrical signals cause interference to it. After checking the situation at the scene, we found that the No. 40 terminal of the control module com is connected with the negative electrode of the charger. Because of the poor isolation performance of the switching power supply of the charger, the signal sampling of the sensor is disturbed (the sensor is resistance type and the resistance value changes when the negative electrode has voltage).

Connect the control module No. 40 terminal to the grounding pile of the generator set separately, then the water temperature and oil pressure show normal and the problem is solved.

Safeguard Maritime Rights and Interests, SmartGen is in Duty Bound

China’s maritime territories is 2997,000 square kilometers, it is one third of the land territories, so the management is an arduous task and the road is long. As the saying goes, ” Good horse matches good saddle “, an advanced marine electric propulsion ship needs a reliable and stable power distribution system. The power distribution system includes: distribution board + generator set. There are systems that need two gensets to be synchronized before power distribution: manual synchronizing system and auto synchronizing system.

Manual synchronizing system
Stable performance.
1.Cannot control the genset to start and stop;
2.The circuit is complex and there are too many connected devices;
3.The occupying space is large;
4.Operation is too cumbersome.

Auto synchronizing system
1.Auto control the genset to start and stop;
2.High integration, small and simple connections;
3.Easy to check the gensets parameters;
4.Synchronizing operation is simple and intelligent.
1.Poorer anti-interference performance;
2.Higher requirements for governor and voltage regulator;
3.Keep dry.

HMC9510 control module is designed for manual/auto synchronizing system generators with similar or different capacity. Additionally, it is suitable for single unit constant power output and mains synchronization. It allows automatic start/stop, parallel running, data measurement, alarm protection as well as remote control, remote measurement and remote communication function. It fits with LCD display, optional Chinese, English and other languages interface, and it is reliable and easy to use. Utilizing the GOV (Engine Speed Governor) and AVR (Automatic Voltage Regulator) control function, the control module is able to synchronize and share load automatically; it can be used to synchronize with other HMC9510 control module. HGM9510 control module also monitors the genset, indicating the operational status and fault conditions accurately. When abnormal condition occurs, it splits bus and shuts down the genset, simultaneously the exact failure mode information is indicated by the LCD display on the front panel. SAE J1939 interface enables the control module to communicate with various ECU (ENGINE CONTROL UNIT) which fitted with J1939 interface,connect the cockpit touch screen HGM9510-WL monitor through RS485 interface.
This case is a 30m Chinese maritime vessel built by a shipyard. We got the feedback that power distribution cannot be achieved after the two gensets synchronize, the load of two sets fluctuates a lot. Then the customer used the HMC9510 synchronizing system, the synchronizing system was normal under light load. But when the ship was running at full speed, the generating voltage fluctuated between 350V and 420V.

Reason analysis
Later, when troubleshooting problems, we found that the front stage of electric propeller driving by the back stage had a frequency converter. Because of the electrical characteristics of the frequency converter, the fluctuation of AC generating voltage, active power and reactive power would occur when the vessel was running at full speed, resulting in the uneven distribution under heavy load.

Use the anti-high frequency interference voltage regulator and the problem is solved.

The Fifth Beer Festival of SmartGen

The big crops are rolling like waves, all peasants come back like heroes in the twilight.

Facing the clear autumn sky and looking at the magnificent scenery that the wild gooses fly in the wind, we can not help arousing the delight of drinking.

On Sept. 29th, 2018, the autumn air was fresh, the staff of SmartGen gathered in the afternoon with gentle winds and light clouds.
Interesting games, drink heartily, we were so high…

The Message from President Yang:
The Beer Festival of SmartGen in 2018,
Has begun later than usual;
We gathered in autumn,
Warmly waited for the beer.

The Beer Festival of SmartGen,
Is our complex in every year;
I would like to be a butterfly,
Contribute my life to SmartGen.

Cannot forget that we work day and night,
My love grows strongly in my deep heart;
Forget working very hard from morning till dusk,
Let’s enjoy the party and beer.

Dream guides me to risk everything,
Tranquility and persistence lays century-old foundation;
Self-improvement and unity make perfect,
SmartGen is changing the world.

Wonderful moments

The Core Function Upgrade of Cloud Platform

Recently, Google released Android 9.0 and Apple released IOS 12. As a tech fan, I can’t wait to update and experience the new functions, one word to describe, “so good” (oh, I am too excited, they are two words). Come to business, the most popular system in genset industry is the cloud monitoring system. What functions will SmartGen cloud platform upgrade recently?

Customized cloud platform official website

like a luxury suites which could meet all your needs;
Just provide the interface, color and content you would like to show and instantly you will have your own cloud platform official website;
Save time, save effort and especially save money;
Provide Chinese and English interfaces for domestic and overseas clients;
Timely and accurately delivery real-time information to clients;
Follow each other like WeChat;

If your clients need it and you have it, then get ready for receiving orders!

Core functions will upgrade significantly

For more information, please pay attention to the upgrade of SmartGen cloud platform 4.0!