Here are functions you need (Chapter 3)—HGM9420N/LT

In the previous two chapters, we respectively introduced the powerful display features of HGM9420N/LT (with 16 built-in languages) and various extended functions. This chapter we will introduce the single unit control module’s special synchronization switching features, as well as the communication protocol customization, NEL (non essential load), dummy load, cloud monitoring and other functions.

The single unit automatic system composed of one mains supply and one genset could realize the synchronous swithing beween power generation and mains supply, which decreases the power supply interruption to a great extend caused by power generation and mains switching.

Operation Description 

Automatic start/stop

button, the indicator lights on, indicating that the genset is in automatic startup mode.

Automatic start:
a) Mains power is normal and remote start (on-load) is effective, the unit high-speed warming-up delay ends, the indicator lights on if power generation is normal, the control module sends out switch-on signal when gensets and mians power meet the synchronization requirements, while sending out the switch-off signal immediately after detecting power switching feedback signal, then genset is on-load.

b) When the mains power starts abnormally and high-speed warming-up ends, the indicator lights on if the power generation is normal. If the voltage and frequency meet the requirements of on-load, the power generation closes and relay outputs, the genset is loaded, the power supply indicator lights on and the genset is in normal operation.

Automatic Stop:
During the normal operation of the genset, if the mains power returns to normal, then enters the “mains voltage normal delay”. Make sure the mains power is normal, the indicator of mains power status will be on, the “stop delay” will begin. For another case, when the remote start input fails, “stop delay” starts.

The control module waits for gensets and the mains power to meet the synchronization requirements, it will send out the mains power closing signal. After detecting the feedback signal of mains power switch-on, it will immediately send out the mains power switch-off signal, the power supply indicator lights off, the mains power is on-load, the mains power supply indicator lights on, and the “high-speed heat dissipation delay” begins to enter the shutdown process.

The conversion flow chart is as follows

Synchronous switching typical application diagram

Note: Breakers (such as frame circuit breakers) that can close simultaneously should be used.

Parameter settings

Note: the control module shall be set and conected the auxiliary contact signals to power generation switch closing and mains power switch closing, so as to judge the position state of switch-on and switch-off.

Switch-on/Switch-off time and on-off state detection time

Available for gas unit

The position of current transformer can be defined

Three non-essential loads (NEL) settings

Three dummy loads settings

Cloud monitoring settings

Communication protocol customization

It will be continued… Next chapter we will introduce the powerful built-in PLC functions of HGM9420N/LT.

Here are functions you need (Chapter 2)—HGM9420N/LT

In the previous chapter, we introduced the HGM9420N/LT’s powerful display (with 16 languages built-in), as well as the standardized 10 digital input ports, 12 digital output ports and 6 analogue input ports (4customized voltage, current, and resistor type).

If the input and export ports are not enough for special applications (such as signal acquisition and control of gas units and other external auxiliary devices), they can be perfectly solved by the powerful extended functions of HGM9420N/LT.

The following modules could be extended through the CAN(1) interface

1. DIN16A
An module with 16 digital input ports, each input function is programmable, each input name can be customized.

2. DOUT16B
A module with 16 digital output ports, each output is programmable.

3. AIN8
A module with 8 analogue input ports, each sensor input of the module can be configured as PT100 resistor type input, (4-20)mA current type input and (0-5)V voltage type input.

4. AIN16-M02
A module of analogue input/output, with 2 k-type thermocouple sensors, 8 resistor type sensors, 2 (4-20)mA current type sensor input ports, 3 (4-20)mA output modules.

5. AIN24
A module with 14 k-type thermocouple sensors, 5 resistor type sensors, 5 (4-20)mA current sensor input ports.

6. BAC150CAN
Intelligent, multi-function battery charger, suitable for 12V or 24V batteries, maximum output current is 5A; It has standardized RS485 SCI (serial communication interface), CAN communication interface and USB communication interface.

Extended Diagram

DIN16A and DOUT16B Status Display Interface

AIN8 Module Data Display Interface

AIN16-M02 Module Data Display Interface

AIN24 Module Data Display Interface

BAC150CAN Data Display Interface

Diagram of Embedded Cloud Monitoring Module SGE02-4G

These are the current extended and built-in modules of HGM9420N/LT, please let us know what you need.

Next time, we’ll introduce the synchronization switching features that are unique to the HGM9420N/LT single unit control module.

Here are functions you need—HGM9420N/LT

HGM9420N/LT (LT is the low temperature version) is a new powerful genset control module launched by SmartGen at the end of 2019. Now we will introduce functions and applications of HGM9420N/LT for issues. Today, the powerful interface and display functions of the control module are described in detail.

1.  With 4.3-inch LCD, operating temperature range is (-40~+70℃) of the low temperature version;
2.  Silicone panel: simple operation, intuitive display of status indicator;
3.  FN function button: flexible defination and combination of operation to improve efficiency;
4.  Dual RS485(isolation type), dual USB, dual CAN interface, RJ45 Ethernet interface;
5.  10 digital input ports;
6.  12 digital output ports;
7.  6 analogue input ports ( 4 definable voltage、current、resistor type);
8.  Battery voltage sampling interface;
9.  DC+5V output (provide power for voltage type sensor);
10.  Ground cuttent sampling;
11.  D+, MP sampling;
12.  Built-in 16 languages: simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese, English, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Arabic, Japanese, Korean, Turkish, Thai, French, polish, German, Italian, Dutch.

Part of the language interface displays

Language setting methods and procedures

1. Open the iGMP6 PC software and click the menu column→to write the language package, as shown below.

2. Click “language selection” button to select the corresponding multi-language file package.

3. Click the “write” button to write the corresponding multi-language file to the control module.

4. Write successfully to remind”module configuration write completion”.

Note: the language selection parameters of the control module should be set to “other”.

Powerful interface of HGM9420N/LT standard configuration, as well as 16 built-in languages, meeting the current single-unit self-starting and AMF genset functional requirementsto a large extent. If you still need other languages, we will add them later.

If the standard input and output interfaces are not enough, we will bring you the powerful extension of HGM9420N/LT in the next issue.

Zhengzhou version of “Xiaotangshan Hospital”had been done and handed over

The Hospital for Infectious Diseases of Zhengzhou First People’s Hospital covered with snow on Feb.6

On Feb.6, The Hospital for Infectious Disease of Zhengzhou First People’s Hospital,known as “Xiaotangshan Hospital” of Zhengzhou version was done and handed over after 10 days of intense construction.

The Hospital for Infectious Diseases of Zhengzhou First People’s Hospital is a designated hospital renovated and expanded on the basis of Zhengzhou First People’s Hospital,aiming for the treatment of pneumonia patients infected by novel coronavirus, which is especially organized by Zhengzhou Municipal Party Committee and Government in line with the purpose of “better be prepared than not”.

Newly built inpatient ward of The Hospital for Infectious Diseases of Zhengzhou First People’s Hospital

China Construction Seventh Engineering Division Corp. LTD adopted EPC (general contracting) mode of construction, and was also responsible for design, purchase, construction organization and other work. Since receiving the construction task, they organized more than 5,000 constructors to work without any stop.

The construction site of The Hospital for Infectious Diseases of Zhengzhou First People’s Hospital on Jan.31

Leasing gensets entered the site

Newly purchased gensets entered the site

We hope Zhengzhou Xiaotangshan Hospital could help the patients recover earlier and help to win the battle of epidemic prevention and control.

Go Wuhan! Go Zhengzhou! Go China!

Go Wuhan, Go China

A sudden outbreak of the novel coronavirushas disrupted our reunion and celebration of Chinese New Year. To prevent the spread of the disease and virus, it is strongly recommended that all Chinese people spend the Spring Festival at home and do not visit relatives and friends.

On the afternoon of January 23, 2020, Wuhan Urban Construction Bureau urgently called the Third Bureau of China Construction and other units to hold a topical meeting, requesting that a special hospital — Wuhan Caidian Huoshenshan Hospitalbuilt in Wuhan staff nursing home in accordance with the model of Beijing Xiaotangshan Hospital during the fight against SARS in 2003.

In the early morning of January 24, 2020, the hospital construction headquarters had mobilized 35 forklifts, 10 bulldozers and 8 rollers to arrive at the construction site, at the same time, several gensets had been successively transported, striving for”Wuhan Caidian HuoshenshanHospital”to put into use as soon as possible.

The on-site gensets were equipped with the control modules of our company, and the cloud monitoring system was installed as wellas to realize remote control switch, remote monitoring, remote parameter setting and other functions, which met the requirements of going out less, but also not affect the construction progress.

May everyone make contribution to fight against thevirus.
We hope the “Huoshenshan “Hospital will be built to use as quickly as possible.
Go Wuhan, go China!

Incredible India

At the beginning of the New Year, SmartGen set sail for a new journey of the exhibition in 2020 in India. India is full of vigor and vitality. SmartGen hopes that its motivation will be more sufficient and the New Year will be more powerful!

There are professional engineers from India to provide technical guidance. Welcome~

Our address is as follows
Booth No. : H15F11, Hall 15
Greater Noida Exhibition Center, New Delhi, India