SmartGen | I Want to Be with You All The Time!

Chinese Valentine’s Day is also named ”Maiden’s Day”,”Daughter’s Day”. It’s is a traditional festival in China. Since ancient times, countless people have made good wishes on this day, and this day has also carried the happiness and sweetness of countless people!
Welcome to SmartGen to enjoy romance of Chinese Valentine’s Day with us~

Greeting Love with A Bunch of Flowers

Flowers are romantic, surprising, and exciting.
The flower language of red roses is “I love you every day”, while a bunch of red rose represents “you are my only one”.
Just as there are no two identical leaves in the world, every employee is unique to SmartGen.

Feeling Love with A Box of Chocolates

As the movie says: You can’t say no to chocolate,just like you can’t say no to love.
In foreign countries, chocolate is called “love chocolate”, and it is the best gift for Valentine’s Day when paired with roses.
An exquisite chocolate is also the warmth that SmartGen brings to everyone’s heart.

Escorting Love with The Health

Wish I can find the true love of my life that I would never leave until the end of time.
The physical examination activities for all staff arranged by SmartGen brought double surprises to this wonderful festival!
I hope that all employees can have a healthy body and accompany their lover and family with health every day!

SmartGen | BMS Products Introduction

BMS is the abbreviation of Battery Management System. It is a device to monitor the status of energy storage batteries, which is mainly used for intelligent management and maintenance of each battery unit to prevent over charge and over discharge, prolong the service life of the battery and monitor battery status.
BMS can monitor and collect the status parameters of energy storage battery in real time (including but not limited to single battery voltage, battery pole temperature, battery circuit current, terminal voltage of battery pack, insulation resistance of battery system, etc.), analyze and calculate the relevant status parameters, get more system status evaluation parameters, realize the effective control of energy storage battery body according to specific protection and control strategy, and ensure safe and reliable operation of whole battery energy storage unit.
Meanwhile BMS can communicate with external devices (PCS, EMS, fire protection system) through its communication port, analog/digital input/output ports, ensure the safe, reliable and high-effective grid connection and run of the power station.

BMS developed by SmartGen includes HBCU100 and HBMU100 two modules.
HBCU100 module completes the protection of battery cell and calculation of SOC, SOH through the analysis of battery cell voltage, temperature uploaded by BMU.

HBMU100 module is used for collecting cell voltage and temperature, and uploading external data. HNMU100-16 can collect 16 cell voltage and 8 temperature data, HBMU100-32 can collect 32 cell voltage and 16 temperature data.
The system realizes the protection of cell over/under voltage, over/under temperature, charging/discharging current through battery module data collecting and uploading to monitoring platform, three-level fault protection system and control of external main circuit relay.
BMS can realize protocol compatibility with energy storage converter (PCS) from multiple manufacturers to manage charging and discharging of battery pack. It can be widely used in energy storage battery cabinets of various power levels.

Product characteristics

1.HBCU100 is the master control module, HBMU100 is the slave module;
2.Rated 12/24VDC power supply;
3.HBCU and HBMU modules can view working status via indicators;
4.Calculate battery pack SOC, SOH, cell minimum/maximum voltage, average voltage, cell minimum/maximum temperature and other data;
5.With three-level fault alarm protection function;
6.With master positive circuit relay control and pre-charge circuit control functions;
7.Support 15 BMU modules online simultaneously;
8.HBMU100-16 can collect 16 cells and 8 temperatures, HMBU100-32 can collect 32 cells and 16 temperatures;
9.With passive equalization function, max equalization current is 100mA;
10.RS485-1, RS485-2 external communication ports that can be matched with energy storage converters (PCS) from multiple manufacturers at the same time;
11.With insulation resistance detection function (via RS485-3 port);
12.BCU and BMU modules can fast upgrade firmware via CAN port without unpacking maintenance;
13.Through HMU8-BMS display module, real-time monitoring of the whole system, parameter configuration and firmware upgrade can be realized.


SmartGen Lean丨After ten years of exploration, control cabinet production has a new development

I still remember the expectation of the SmartGener when SmartGen officially introduced the “Lean Consulting Project” for the first time at the beginning of 2011; Looking back in 2022, SmartGen has taken every step steadily and solidly from lean production to intelligent manufacturing.

Lean Production

For more than ten years, SmartGen has made unremitting efforts and continuous improvement, and has achieved a qualitative improvement in lean operation management. Especially in lean production, the production line layout and production process have been continuously optimized through value stream analysis. The product quality has been continuously improved, and the production efficiency and output value per unit area have also reached another record high through various lean management tools such as on-site 5S, 5M1E, Kanban management, JIT, TPM, TQM, a flow, a combination of push and pull.

Control cabinet production is a typical order production mode. In order to respond quickly to the delivery time, we continuously optimize the flexible production mode, and manage products, users, and suppliers by classification and itemization. Under the condition of the same staffing, we have adapted to the fluctuation of orders. The delivery time of land-based control cabinet has basically achieved T+2 and T+5.

Automation and Informatization

The production automation rate has always been a KPI that has attracted more attention in SmartGen. Over the past few years, various automatic production lines have been put into use. Among them, the self-developed unit-type assembly line, automatic test table, dry air tightness test table and other equipment have not only greatly improved the production efficiency, but also effectively controlled the test accuracy.

With the help of CRM, ERP, PLM, MES, ISP (self-developed by SmartGen), APS, supplier Andon and other information systems, the timeliness and transparency of the supply chain management have been improved; Using the data center to open up information flow and material flow, assist managers to make scientific and efficient decisions, and ensure high-standard delivery of orders.

In the future, SmartGen will continue to support flexible and intelligent manufacturing with automation and informatization, explore intelligent decision with big data, promote the company’s high-quality development pace, and create greater value for partners!

SmartGen | Genset Remote Monitoring Controller HMU15N Listed

HMU15N controller is used for the remote monitoring of single or multiple gensets (up to 10 sets) controller.It can realize remote start/stop, auto/manual mode transfer, close/open operation and real-time data monitoring, alarm display, data curve, event log and other functions. It has three-level operation authorization, which is flexible to configure and simple to operate.HMU15N adopts Android operation system, which can communicate with genset controller via RS485 port or ETHERNET port.

HUM15N Function and Characteristics

1.Apply ARM processor, 15-inch capacitive touch screen LCD (1024*768 resolution), Android operation system, optional Chinese and English interface;
2.With power indicator and alarm indicator;
3.With multi-level brightness adjusting, which can auto/manual adjust;
4.Built in range sensor, the brightness can be automatically reduced to the lowest level when no one is in front of the display screen;
5.With 4-way RS485 communication port, 1-way CAN port, 1-way ETHERNET port, communicate with master control module via 4-way RS485 or ETHERNET port;
6.Master/slave USB port, firmware upgrade, software upgrade, data export functions;
7.Remote monitor single or up to 10 gensets;
8.Real-time display genset parameters and alarm information;
9.With real-time data curve and historical data curve and can be exported;
10.Real-time clock display, operation history and alarm record function and can be exported;
11.Alarm unit stops with one button;
12.Expert Mode (Engineer permission only);
13.When range sensor is enabled, if there is no person within 1.5 meters in front of the display screen for 60 seconds, then the screen brightness will drop to the lowest;
14.Screen display and touch test: Tap or slide the screen to display the touch point. Tap the screen for 5 consecutive times to exit the test;
15.Three-level user permission: operator, technician, engineer;
16.After connecting USB, click the export operation, you can export event log to the root directory of the USB as a csv file;
17.Page switch bar: click to switch homepage, genset detailed information page, expert mode, setting page;
18.Genset name can be user-defined;
19.Can remove or add modules;
20.With alarm mute function;
21.With alarm indication, communication status indication, close/open indication.

HMU15N Parameters

Front Panel Description

Interface Display

Expert Mode

Event Log

Data Analysis

Parameter Configuration

Typical Application

SmartGen Spirit丨Technological Innovation Makes Control Smarter!

In the hot summer, birds and cicadas are chirping. There is a conspicuous team when we walk into SmartGen.
This is an innovative team, always forges ahead;
This is a group of partners who dare to evolution, often have new ideas.


With the rapid development of science and technology, the product iteration cycle is getting shorter and shorter, and the technology update is getting faster and faster. Sustainable innovation is the foundation of enterprise survival. As the mainstay of the company’s innovation, the R&D center always has more insight than other departments. “This function needs to be added”, “This test needs to be done”, “This device has better quality”, “This product can be upgraded”, “This drawing can be more eye-catching”…… There are these explorations that have made various new products launch smoothly, and the product functions have become more and more intimate. The company’s main products have also expanded from the original genset controller to ATS, marine products, engineering machinery , cloud monitor, hybrid energy and other fields.
Behind the achievements, it was many times of concentrated research around the clock to break through and achieve success!


“Deep in the hearts of R&D personnel, there is always a desire for evolution,” said engineer Xu, a senior engineer who has accompanied the company for more than ten years. When it comes to evolution, that’s too much to say for days and nights. Recently, a new battery energy storage cabinet HBMS100 has been launched, which can realize the protection function of overcharge and discharge of built-in cell, over/under temperature, as well as charge and discharge management of cell, forming a complete small and medium-sized distributed energy storage energy system, which can be widely used for industry and commerce, family and other power supply places to realize the charge and discharge management of the entire battery energy storage system, which is safe and reliable!

Innovation requires courage, and evolution is full of risks. As a R & D personnel, today’s efforts may be fruitful or nothing. But we have the courage to take failure, and constantly sum up experience in failure, and move on!
Life is beautiful, and the future is promising. The R&D team of SmartGen will adhere to the original intention and sail before the winds on the road of innovation with you!

SmartGen | 9 Gensets Parallel Control Application in Malaysia

SmartGen HGM9510 genset parallel controller is widely applied at home and abroad due to its strong automation and flexibility in debugging.

The SmartGen overseas agents, sales and service engineers distributed in various places around the world are guided by technology and user market demand, providing effective after-sales service and guarantee for global customers, especially the installation and debugging of HGM9510.

This project is a case that SmartGen Malaysia agent has commissioned 9 parallel gensets for a customer of an electric box manufacturers equipped with HGM9510. The site is using a Socomec 3000A switch, as well as SmartGen ATS controller HAT560N.



Parallel Site of 9 HGM9510

Besides, HGM9510N, an upgraded version of HGM9510, adds two-level alarm function, makes unit dispatching more flexible and has HC inquiry and ground control function. At present, HGM9510N has passed UL certification and is worth your choice!

SmartGen | Medium Voltage Bypass ATS Controller HMAT880 listed

HMAT880 Medium Voltage Bypass ATS Controller is a module that integrates programmable function, automatic measurement, PT break detection, load stepwise switch, LCD display and digital communication. It combines digital, intelligent and network technology, realizes automation of measurement and control process, thus reducing manual operation error, which is an ideal product for medium voltage bypass transfer.

HMAT880 Medium Voltage Bypass ATS Controller is composed of microprocessor as the core, which can precisely detect 2-way 3-phase incoming voltage, make accurate judgment for voltage abnormal situations (over/under voltage, over/under frequency, loss of phase, reverse phase sequence) and output passive control coil. It fully considers various applications in bypass switch and can be directly used for single bypass, dual bypass switch, also for manual/remote control switch. With compact structure, advanced circuits, simple wiring and high reliability, it can be widely used in electric device, server supply and debugging system of electric power, telecom, petrochemical industry, mining, railways, municipal administration, data center, intelligent building and other industries.

Performance And Characteristics

1. System type can set as: S1 Mains S2Mains, S1 Mains S2 Gen, S1 Gen S2 Mains, S1 Gen S2 Gen;
2. 4.3-inch single color 240×128 LCD display with white backlight, multilingual interface (Simplified Chinese, English, other), push-button operation;
3. Collect and display 2-way 3-phase voltage, frequency and phase;
4. Collect and display load active power, reactive power, apparent power, power factor and 2-way current;
5. Display main breaker position status (work position, test position, isolation position), bypass breaker position status (work position, test position, isolation position);
6. PT break detection function, whether PT wire is broken can be judged by measured voltage and current data and PT break status can be obtained by digital input ports;
7. Load stepwise switch function, can realize current unit and external stepwise switch control. With current unit stepwise switch control, stepwise switch control of 24 load breakers can be realized, the priority of each load breaker can be flexibly set, close feedback status, work position status, test position status and trip status of each load breaker can be detected;
8. Six 16-way digital input modules and three 16-way digital output modules can be expanded via RS485 interface;
9. Bustie control function, suitable for 4-incoming 2-bustie application scheme (realize by two HMAT880 modules);
10. Earth fault protection function;
11. S1/S2 independent overcurrent warning or trip alarm function;
12. Forced open, PT break, communication failure, earth fault alarm functions;
13. NEL trip function;
14. Display S1/S2 accumulated active energy, reactive energy;
15. Display S1/S2 accumulated close times of main breaker and bypass breaker;
16. Display current continuous supply time, last continuous supply time and S1/S2 accumulated supply time;
17. For energy storage breaker, it can close after PF (close is ready) signal is active;
18. Over/under voltage, over/under frequency, overcurrent, loss of phase, reverse phase sequence function;
19. Auto/manual transfer, manually control breaker close/open in manual mode;
20. All parameters can be configured on site. Passwords authentication ensures authorized staff operation only;
21. Manual commissioning to achieve genset start/stop operation;
22. Breaker re-closing function of main/bypass breaker in auto mode;
23. Suit for single bypass, dual bypass and mutual backup dual bypass breakers;
24. Suit for manual/remote control bypass breaker;
25. 2-way N-wire isolated design;
26. Real-time clock (RTC); event log function (event log can record 200 items circularly);
27. With black box function, can record 5 events circularly, 60 detailed data of 50s before each event record, and 10s after each event record;
28. Scheduled routing run & scheduled not run (can be set as genset start once/weekly/monthly whether with load or not);
29. Can control two gensets to work as cycle run mode, master-slave run mode and balanced time run mode;
30. Wide DC power supply range allows the controller can bear instantaneous DC 80V input;
31. Large AC wire terminal space, maximum AC 625V voltage input can be accepted;
32. With Dual-RS485 isolated communication interface. With “four remote” (remote control, remote measurement, remote communication, remote adjusting) function by the ModBus-RTU communication protocol. Genset start/stop and breaker close/open can be controlled remotely;
33. Suitable for various AC systems (3-phase 4-wire, 3-phase 3-wire, single-phase 2-wire, and 2-phase 3-wire methods);
34. Modular design, anti-flaming ABS plastic shell, pluggable terminal, embedded mounting, compact structure with easy installation.

RS485-2 of HMAT880 Medium Voltage Bypass ATS controller can communicate with input/output module to realize the expansion function of input/output ports.

After HMAT880 expansion module is enabled, dial switch of input/output module is set as same with HMAT880 expansion communication module address, which enables to configure input/output module function via HMAT880 and read input module status via RS485 communication, relay that controls output module will output.

Matched with DIN16A-2 and DOUT26B-2, HMAT880 can realize stepwise switch of 24-way load breakers in the most. When the baud rate is 9600bps, it can realize the expansion application of no more than 1km theoretically.

DOUT16B-2 Module

DIN16A-2 Module

Sld Of 4-Incoming 2-Bustie Scheme

Stepwise Switch System Application Diagram

Low Voltage Load Breaker Stepwise Switch Application Diagram

SmartGen | Cause & Solution for Controller Start Failure

Controller Start Failure Analysis:

In many cases, when the user is starting engine, genset cannot start or start unsuccessfully. It is difficult to find problems due to users do not understand genset running principle and mechanical structure. This article gives a list of faults caused by starting problems in genset using.
Genset start failure is basically caused by the following ways:Electrical circuit、Mechanical structure、Controller parameter configuration.

Electrical Circuit

When electrical circuits or components have faults, starter may not work in genset starting, thus resulting in genset start failure.When troubleshooting electrical problems, you should first confirm that controller or start signal outputs correctly, then confirm whether the operation status of each relay or contactor and electrical circuit is normal according to electrical drawing or actual electrical wiring.

Mechanical Structure

Start failure cause by mechanical problems with the starter section may result in idling or gear collision. When starter is idling, the flywheel teeth of engine may be damaged. The starter gears do not engage the engine flywheel teeth, causing the starter to idle. In this case, engine flywheel teeth plate needs to be replaced and repaired.

When gear collision occurs, it is because the starter gear is engaged the flywheel teeth, so it is unable to start. In this case, you can try to start engine again. If it cannot start, then check starter and engine flywheel teeth plate.

Controller Parameter Configuration

When controller is used for start and stop control of genset, it can control starter running. The controller controls starter based on engine speed, oil pressure and genset frequency. When genset is starting, if controller measured data reaches certain condition, controller will control starter to stop.

Controller can set engine speed, oil pressure, gen frequency in starting, when one of them reaches set value, controller will consider that genset starts successfully and stop the starter, then genset will enter running status. When parameter setting or measured data has problem, control abnormal situation will appear, thus causing genset running fault.
The common fault phenomenon is that after pressing start key, genset has no action, controller displays “Genset Running”, then gen underfrequency, undervoltage or low oil pressure alarm will occur. A more common phenomenon is that when oil pressure is set in start conditions, if oil pressure value is greater than start success value in stopping, controller will assume that genset has started successfully in starting and enter running period. When it runs to monitor alarms, because genset is not really running, controller cannot detect normal voltage, frequency, oil pressure and speed, and will issue alarm after judging.

When this condition appears, we need to check controller parameter display and parameter setting about start, making related parameter in rational setting range.

SmartGen Culture丨Finding Beauty in Books

—The First Reading Month Activity of SmartGen
Classic books nourish the mind, scholarly aura surrounds the company.

In the early summer of green grass and gentle breeze, the first reading month activity of SmartGen “Finding beauty in books” ended perfectly and was full of harvest.

In order to improve everyone’s enthusiasm for reading, SmartGen Labor Union Committee launched the “Reading a Book Together” reading month activity, which lasted from April 23 to May 23.

With the leadership of the labour union, the help of the association, and the active participation of various departments, the enthusiasm for the reading month activities was unprecedentedly high.

Online voice recitation, offline collective reading, personal book review, reading sharing, everyone used different ways to show the gains of reading. A book, a word, a picture, a page of paper, each share reflected a beautiful heart.

In a clean and bright company, in a warm and comfortable home, holding a paper book or a convenient and flexible e-book in the palm of your hand, you can share the beautiful time of reading with colleagues, family, and children. The reading of the SmartGeners was so diverse and candid!

Every reading is a harvest, every sharing is a growth, the happiness and growth of reading deserve the most beautiful praise.

One who is filled with ink on chest always be extremely open-minded, one who is filled with knowledge always behaves in elegance. Life becomes mellow in the fragrance of books, and the soul blooms in the fragrance of orchid. In the long years of ink rhyme, let’s enjoy reading!

SmartGen Spirit丨The Guardian of Quality

On May 14, 2022, the electronic workshop of SmartGen was busy as usual.

At 9 o’clock, the quality center received feedback: a product was sporadically burned out during the debugging process. The reason was not yet clear, and we needed to check and analyze it as soon as possible!

After the quality personnel and process personnel arrived at the production site for the first time, they immediately checked the 4M1E on the site, but the abnormal reasons could not be locked. The on-site engineer immediately contacted the technical personnel and R&D personnel to check the problem at the site. A five-person research team was quickly formed to devote themselves to the research and analysis of failed products.

Finally, the reason for the abnormality was locked around 7 o’clock in the evening. It was because of improper assembly process that caused a certain device to be stressed during assembly, and eventually the device was damaged due to the uncertainty of force!

After a day of check, everyone was a little tired, but you could still see the sense of achievement that came from the heart after finding the true cause from everyone’s smiling faces!

However, what they completely ignored was that today was a day off, a day when they could relax……

After the problem was locked, the next step was to optimize the product process. After careful consideration by technical, R&D, process, and quality personnel, the product optimization plan had been initially determined, but the implementation of the plan still required test results and data to verify its reliability. While everyone was conducting experiments in an orderly manner, news came from the supply chain that the customer wanted the company to send out the products on the morning of May 19!

This time requirement had undoubtedly tightened the nerve strings of the five-person research team. According to the schedule of the test, the fastest completion would be on the afternoon of May 19, which couldn’t meet the delivery date. The delivery time must be guaranteed, but the reliability of quality should not be sloppy. Everyone was in a dilemma again……

The technical center made a decisive decision: the delivery time must be met, and the quality must be guaranteed! They immediately arranged the test personnel to carry out the verification of all test items overnight!

That night, when we were all asleep, only the lights in the laboratory were still on, the equipment was still roaring, and the testers were still carefully recording the test data.

The shimmer flashed into the darkness, that was the determination of SmartGeners to stick to the quality, and that was the confidence of SmartGeners’ commitment to the customers.

Finally, the testers completed all the test items at 5:00 am on May 19, and the quality engineer also arrived at the company at 7:00 am to inspect the products after testing. It has been verified that the optimized process met the product standard requirements. On the morning of May 19, the product was sent out successfully!

Continuous improvement, teamwork creates value. That is the determination of SmartGeners to stick to the quality. From product design to delivery to customers, the quality assurance team is like a ship that has gone through storms but still firmly pursues perfection. On this ship, there are you, me, and the quality bottom line that we guard together, which will surely help us reach the other side of perfect quality!