The Control Module Follows up the Euro V Emission Standard

With the implementation of the Three-stage emission standard for non-road mobile machinery, new demands have been put forward for the instrument and controller matched with the engine. Based on more than 20 years of development experience and combined with the market demand of air compressor, SmartGen has developed a diesel-driven air compressor controller that meets the Euro V emission standard –ACC4100.

Its specific functions are as follows:
1. With DPF regeneration function, which meets the Euro V emission standard;
2. With CANBUS interface, automatically adjust the speed according to the set pressure;
3. With RS485 interface, which supports 4 remote functions (remote regulation, remote control, remote signal, remote telemetry);
4. 6 channels of self-defined input of analog (voltage type, resistance type, current type), which can collect exhaust pressure, exhaust temperature and other air compressor parameters;
5. Optional speed and oil pressure when starting motor out of condition;
6. 10 kinds of maintenance reminder of historical record are available;
7. Event log
8. Manual load/unload keys and control;
9. With USB interface, DC+5V power supply output
10. With 7 relay output, 6 switch input;
11. With 3 way optional configuration (diffferent pressure working conditions)

With internal combustion engine control as the core, SmartGen has successively launched a series of engineering machinery controllers. It covers lighthouse unit controller (ALC708, ALC704, ALC404), pump unit controller (APC715, FPC915, APC615, PFC615, HEM4100, HEM4000), engine CAN monitor HEM8400, air compressor controller ACC4100 and other related products.

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Marine Automatic Power Station Solutions of SmartGen (Chapter 2)

Last week, we introduced the automatic power station solutions composed of HMC6 power management controller, in which HMC6 control module can form a set of power management system quickly by networking with each other. In addition to meeting the demanding requirements of new ships on the power station, it also has advantages in the field of old ship power station remoulding. Due to using the compact structure of integrated control and display design, the users only need to find the appropriate panel cutout space on the door of switchboard to complete the installation of the controller quickly.

Remoulding Site of Automatic Power Station

Next, we will introduce an automatic power station solution that is suitable for PLC control based on the synchronization, load distribution and power protection modules provided by SmartGen.

Power Management System: HSM Synchronous Module + HLS300 Power Share Module + HMP300 Power Integrated Protection Module + PLC

In this solution, HSM300 synchronization module is used to realize the function of controlled automatic merging, and based on load sharing of active power is completed through HLS300 power share module, which can support the automatic synchronization and load distribution of up to 16 diesel gensets. The HMP300 power integrated protection module with communication function realizes the functions of reverse power, under voltage, over frequency, three-stage over current protection and electric parameter monitoring required by the power station, so as to form a complete set of parallel and protection system. Designers can easily obtain electrical parameters and alarm information transmitted by HMP300 module through PLC 485 or CAN communication port, in order to focus on writing complex power management systems in PLC control system, such as automatic start and stop based on priority setting, heavy-load inquiry and busbar partition power supply, so as to improve development efficiency.

With its high flexibility and excellent cost performance, the application scheme has been widely used in marine engineering platforms, business ships, cruise ships, passenger rolling ships, container ships, bulk carriers, chemical ships, ocean-going fishing boats and river ships (ships operating in rivers and lakes) and other types of automatic power stations.

Automatic Power Station based on HSM300 Synchronizatio Module + HLS300 Power Share Module + PLC

Each module in the above scheme can also be used independently according to the technical requirements of the power station to adapt to a low-cost marine power station that only requires power protection, automatic load distribution or automatic merging.

HLS300 power share module can collect L1, L2, L3 three phase voltage and A, C two phase current, electric parameter sampling accuracy is higher than the only equivalent load of single phase current distributor in unbalanced three-phase system, which abandoned the traditional analog load distribution line, but adopted the CANBUS to improve the load distribution, the response speed and precision of the power sharing compared with similar products that have obvious improvement. HLS300 can be networked separately to form a semi-automatic power station with automatic load sharing.

HSM300 synchronization module automatically completes the detection of parallel conditions (voltage difference, frequency difference, phase difference, etc.) according to the set parameters, and sends out the parallel signals in time when the conditions are satisfied. The HSM300 can be used by itself on the auto cabinet.

The HMP300 Power Integrated Protection Module has the functions of power acquisition, harmonic monitoring and multi-function protection, as well as CANBUS or RS485 interface. It supports the j1939-81 generator electricity data communication protocol or Modbus RTU communication protocol, and can conveniently transmit electricity parameter data to PLC control system or AMS alarm monitoring platform. At the same time, the module has four programmable relay output ports, which can meet the requirements of power generation over voltage, under voltage, over frequency, under frequency, reverse power, over power, three-stage over current protection, harmonic monitoring and alarm and etc,. It is widely used in harmonic monitoring of electric propulsion ships, electric quantity monitoring of ships without switchboard (small yachts and catamarans), and quality monitoring of container power supply.

Each module is built with debugging port of SmartGen, and the core parameters can be set through the host computer software provided by our company for free. Users do not need to limit the parameters when ordering. With the debugging software of corresponding modules, the parameters and alarm information related to the power station can be directly monitored, which can significantly improve the debugging efficiency of the power station load test.

Marine Automatic Power Station Solutions of SmartGen (Chapter 1)

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The Experimental Site for 1800KW Genset Load of Drilling Platform

The marine power distribution products of Smartgen have obtained CCS certificate and BV certificate since 2013, we have cooperated with many genset manufacturers and marine switchboard manufacturers, and made outstanding achievements in supporting the diesel control and PMS control of marine automatic power station of Cummins, Volvo, CAT, Scania and other marine diesel control. During the past six years, the market share of marine power distribution products (HMC6 Power Management Control Module, HSM300 Synchronous Module, HLS300 Power Share Module, HMP300 Power Integrated Protection Module, etc) and Marine Diesel Control Box have been increasing year by year, the products are safe and reliable as well, which have been praised by the majority of users.

The ship power distribution management in the field of PMS is gradually shifted from general PLC to specialized power management control, and marine power distribution products of SmartGen have been improved and updated continuously, gradually become an important manufacturer who can provide a full set of devices , such as power managerment control module, sysynchronous control module, power aquisition and protection for marine automatic control field from home and abroad. The flexible combination of variouos products can be designed for power station solutions to meet the different technical requirements.

The HMC6 Power Management Control Module not only has the basic functions of automatic power station parallel connection, load sharing and power protection, but also the power management functions of heavy load inquiry, non-important load tripping and automatic start and stop. It can support three working modes which commonly used in automatic power station: manual (switchboard mode), semi-automatic and automatic; speed regulation/voltage regulation integrates relay output, voltage signal, current signal and other three regulation modes; with the built-in PLC programming function, the users can use the control module to design a power management system to meet the technical requirements of middle and high-end for marine automatic power station.

HMC6 Front Panel

HMC6 Back Panel

Power Management System: HMC6 Power Management Control Module+HEP300 Electronic Potentiometer

This system doesn’t require users to install general PLC to build a real multi-master station system by SmartGen MSC communication network ( CANBUS). The power management functions are calculated by all diesel generator units, one of the diesel generator units is internally defined as the “command unit”. This unit is the one where start priority and other power management-related functions are calculated.

The HMC6 Power Management Control Module can handle up to 16 diesel generators to automatic synchronization and load sharing. Should the command unit fail, the power management calculations will automatically be transferred to the next available unit. The module has two MSC communication interfaces, which can support MSC communication redundancy and ensure steady operation of core functions such as load distribution and synchronization for electrically-propelled ships, marine ships and other applications that require high reliability of power stations.

On-site debugging of automatic power station for a 450 passenger ship

Inspection and acceptance site of automatic power station for a drilling platform

(Next Chapter) Power Management System: HLS300 Power Share Module + HSM300 Synchronous Module +HMP300 Power Integrated Protection module +PLC

This power management system consists of HLS300 Power Share Module, HSM300 Synchronous Module, HMP300 Power Integrated Protection Module and PLC, which can handle up to 16 diesel generators to automatic synchronization and load sharing and is widely used in the high-efficiency cost-ratio automatic power station of ocean fishing boats, chemical ships, bulk cargo ships, passenger ships and public service ships.

Please look forward to the next chapter, it will coming soon~

“Reciprocating internal combustion engine driven alternating current generating sets—Controller” the National Standard Goes into Effect Today

“Reciprocating internal combustion engine driven alternating current generating sets—Controller” , the first national standard was officially promulgated and implemented on July 1, 2019. On the party’s 98th birthday, we also usher in the implementation of this national standard, which destined to be ordinary and great.

In 2014, the national standard “Reciprocating internal combustion engine driven alternating current generating sets—Controller” was approved to start, which was made an application by the National Stardardization Technical Committee of Mobile Power Station. It was led by Lanzhou Power Station & Vehicle Institution Co., Ltd. and organized by SmartGen. A total of six enterprises jointly took part in the drafting and the enacting of this standard. It has been taken six years to pour all the wisdow into from the whole industry from 2014 to 2019, futher standardizes the requirements of the gensets market for the performance and reliablity of the controller. Today, let us join hands to enter a new era of genset controller.

Thanks for the experts involved in the process of standard-making, thanks for your persistence, which promoto the continuous progress of the industry.

How to obtain the standard immediately?
1、Enter the full text system of national
2、Query GB/T37089-2018, and all charpters will appear and be previewed.

2019 Shanghai International Boat Show Ended Perfectly

The 24th China (Shanghai) International Boat and Boat Technology Exhibition & 2019 Shanghai International Boat Show (CIBS) for the first time was held in International Conference and Exhibition Center (Shanghai) on June 20 – 23 With exhibition area of 50,000 square meters, which attracted more than 600 well-known enterprises at home and abroad, including the boats, equipments and accessories, boat club, related services, water sports and the whole industrial chain, etc.

The unique 2019 lifestyle derived from this exhibition has formed a complete industrial chain, integrated with boats, fashion products and leisure aquatic industries, bringing a healthy lifestyle to consumers who are pursuing the quality of life, and leading the trend and new fashion to the whole industry chain of boats.

SmartGen has attended four consecutive terms in CIBS (Shanghai).This year focused on displaying the marine engine control and PMS power management products, including engine monitor module, diesel engine control boxes, remote monitoring module, engine block heater, battery charger, synchronization and load distribution module, comprehensive protection module, input/output extension module, cloud monitoring system, etc., which attracted audience and partners at home and abroad to visit and negotiate.

We believe that the updated products of SmartGen will escort the common development of the whole industry and the improvement of the quality of life for all people.

Knowing how the gensets operating and running from afar

For customers who have electricity demand, compared with self-purchase, leasing gensets have the following four obvious advantages:
1. Lower the using cost
2. Improve equipment utilization
3. Improve construction efficiency and safety
4. Enjoy more professional supporting services

For customers who rent gensets, highly reliable, stable and cost-effective gensets are always the most efficient way to capture the market. How to further improve the rate of return while providing customers with stable, reliable and high-quality electricity supply? SmartGen provides you with an alternative solution — HGM7220N.

HGM7220N has CANBUS interface to meet the requirements of non-road national standard engine emission III , which has the features as follows:
1, With the interfaces of RS485, USB, CANBUS, GPS ,Cloud monitor
2. Built-in 4G cloud monitoring module (different countries and regions can be selected)
3. The circulating starting function of two gensets could be realized by CANBUS
4. Black box
5. Maintenance reminder function
6. Optional configuration (multi-purpose for one machine)
7, Low battery voltage with automatic start charging function
8. DC+5V output (voltage type sensor provides power supply)

HGM7220N (cloud monitor + control module) integrated design, reducing the external wiring, enhancing the stability and security of the system; Cooperated with SmartGen monitoring platform, it can realize remote start-stop control, remote parameter configuration, positioning, maintenance reminder, alarm fault sending, historical record query, data acquisition and other functions. It can check the operation condition of the unit in real time and effectively reduce the service cost, we could know how the gensets operating and running from afar.

HGM7220N with SmartGen cloud platform to send you 6 “hearts”
bosom, considerate, comfortable, warm , eased, delighted!

Boat Show in Shanghai, cool in whole summer

The 24th China (Shanghai) International Boat and Boat Technology Exhibition & 2019 Shanghai International Boat Show (CIBS 2019) will be held in National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai) from June 20 to 23, 2019. CIBS 2019 is a comprehensive boat show with the longest history in China, the display categories including boats & services as well as boat equipment and accessories.

SmartGen has attended four consecutive terms in CIBS(Shanghai), this year will focus on displaying the marine engine control and PMS power management products, including engine monitor module, diesel engine control boxes, remote monitoring module, engine block heater, battery charger, synchronization and load distribution module, comprehensive protection module, input/output power extension module, cloud monitoring system, etc.

SmartGen’s marine products have passed CCS and BV certification, which are applied in engine control systems such as main push, main engine and emergency; Mainly supporting with Cummins, VOLVO, MTU, Yuchai, Weichai, SDEC and other domestic and foreign leading electronic fuel injection engines.

Highlights of the exhibition scene activities emerge in endlessly, such as the launch of new boat, forums of industry leaders, one-on-one business talks and water activities for all, etc.

Our booth Number is NH-2K23.

Welcome to SmartGen, happy in this summer!

Smartgen and Cummins work together on Marine Engine

2019 Cummins East Asia Marine Engine Tech Training meeting was successfully held on June 5th in Smartgen. This meeting took engine on-site control as the theme and combined with several Marine EFL (Electronic Fuel Injection ) Engine of Cummins, discussing the functions and applications of control models and one-site control boxes in details.

The Marine Engine Products of Smartgen have been fully recognized and accepted by supporting units and shipowners in nearly 5 years of market verification. Especially HMC9000A and HMC4000CAN, with advanced design and powerful features make it conform to the Marine Engine emission of National Standard Ⅱ.

This meeting is supplemented by theory but focused on practical operation. While discussing, it also enabled us to have a better understanding of operating and be skillful during problems handling.

At the beginning , Song Yaojun, Chief of Marketing Center, and Lin Song, Technical Manager of Cummins Shipping and Machinery Department, made welcoming speech to the meeting.

Then guided by Miss Zhang Donglei, attendees visited Smartgen from the office area to the production area and then to the testing area. Yao Guanbao, Director of marketing Department, made a brief introduction to the company’s development and product series.

Engineers Mr. Gao Changsheng, Mr. Xu Jinxing and Mr. Zhou Kunlun from R&D Department introduced the HMC9000A/HMC4000/HEP300 control models and control boxes specifically ; Mr. Xu Zonghong gave a detailed introduction of the battery BAC2408-S01、BACM2420. The engineers from Smartgen interacted with the experts from Commins effectively during the meeting.

Once again, we would like to extend our sincere welcome to all the experts attending this meeting and our heartfelt thanks to all the friends who have been enthusiastic about and strongly support the development of Smartgen.

The BookCrossing Station: Read and Relax

At the end of May, people are intoxicated with the scent of flowers and fruits in the garden of SmartGen, as well as the slight fragrance of books in the office building.

As the saying goes,” Either your body or soul must be on the way “. Nothing can prevent our colleagues to sublimate their souls!

Therefore, the “BookCrossing Station” of SmartGen is launched!

The BookCrossing Station is located on the first floor of the office building. Come here to keep away from the noise and find peace of mind after the busy work. Hope we can constantly improve and grow in reading. Let’s live a healthy life and work happily together.

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