SmartGen | Parallel and Grid-connected Application of 10 Gensets

Customer demand:10 gensets are divided into 5 groups, two units of each group need to be connected in parallel. 5 step-up transformers boost 400V to 10kV respectively, 5 groups of generators are connected in parallel synchronously through 5 groups of bustie switches, and then connected in parallel with 10kV mains.

Unit Site

Solution:HGM9510 is selected for 10 gensets parallel, HGM9580 is selected for 5 groups of bus join cabinet, HGM9560 is selected for generator bus and mains parallel. Due to genset distribution room and diesel high voltage distribution room are too far, MSC communication selects CAN bus relay module SGCAN300 (CAN BUS to optical fiber).

Genset Parallel and Grid-connection Application

Working process:

1.When mains is connected to the grid, HGM9560 gen close/open key needs to be pressed manually to close load breaker, then schedule HGM9510 to start, HGM9580 automatically closes bustie switch synchronously at the same time, finally, gen and mains parallel synchronously, load outputs according to set active power output percentage by HGM9560.

2.When mains is abnormal, HGM9560 will automatically schedule genset to start; when gen close normally, HGM9580 will automatically close bustie switch in turn. After the external grid-connection/isolated grid knob is switched to isolated grid, load switch will automatically close, generator supplies power for load (generator takes all loads).

Debugging Site

After debugging, this application is completed successfully. The system is stably running, which wins customers’ praise.

Group Photo

SmartGen currently has upgrade parallel controller HGM9510N passed UL certification for your choice!

SmartGen | Ordinary and Tenacious

It was the hot summer of 2019 when I first met Fu Ruirui.

I vaguely remembered the situation at that time, the head of HR told me that the girl who applied for the debugging position was very good and asked me to come for an interview.

When I got her resume, the first thing I saw was a line of beautiful fonts. But when I saw the major, I was very surprised. Normal university? Music major? Were you sure that the person recommended to me was the debugger? Fortunately, she had done debugging related work before, which slightly dispelled my doubts.

Looking at this gentle, elegant, quiet and indifferent girl, I decided to hire after in-depth conversation. She may be a good candidate if the company has activities in the future.

Not long after she joined the company, her mentor told me: “she is really good. She is very quick to learn and has a very strong learning ability. The most important thing is that she has a job in her eyes. She can do it quickly and well without my help , and she is very serious and careful. We should recruit more capable employees for our production line in the future.”

When you get to know her deeply, you will find that under the gentle and elegant appearance, she is actually a workaholic. Before 8 o’clock in the morning, she is busy in the workshop. Before everyone go to work, she starts the day’s preparation work: opening the test bench and confirming the equipment status in advance; Preparing the SOP files, test lines, test tools, etc. of the first batch of streamline products according to the planned sequence; Then doing the 5S work on site. When other employees arrive at their posts one after another, she has already finished the preparatory work, and is waiting for working.

Slowly, the colleagues around her will unconsciously follow her to start the preparations before going to work. I think this is the power of example. The world will live up to every persistence and effort. In just one year of joining the company, she was selected as the company’s annual “benchmark employee”.

Usually, I can often hear everyone calling her to help confirm the product, check whether there is any problem with the test line, and arrange for support. At this time, you can always hear her crisp response, tirelessly solve one problem after another, never say tired. I once asked her, “don’t you feel bored with these trivial and meticulous work every day?” “No,” she said. “I love my job. I just think about how to do it well.”

From the staff to the group leader, from the group leader to the line leader, she has taken every step steadfastly and firmly.

From the preliminary test to the outgoing quality control, she is mainstay of the outgoing quality control process.

There are many stories about her, which will not be earth-shaking, and it sounds very ordinary just like the ordinary people around us. But excellence is never something to say. Excellence is created by accumulated efforts in those ordinary days. Excellence is to accept the ordinary, and then go all out to be outstanding in the field you love.

Ordinary and tenacious shines in her daily work and lasts in the long river of years.

SmartGen | MV-ATS Controller HAT860 Listed with Wished Function

MV-ATS system has features of reliable transfer, fast transfer, simple structure, especially the electric interlock, program interlock or mechanical interlock function ensures the supply security, which has been generally applied in 10kV supply system of data center.

HAT860 is a module that integrates programmable function, automatic measurement, PT break detection, load stepwise switch, LCD display and digital communication. Matching with MV-ATS, it can realize fast, intelligent, safe and reliable power supply.

Panel Indication Drawing

Main Functions and Characteristics:

─PT break detection;
─Load stepwise switch;
─Expand 6 16-way digital input modules and 3 16-way digital output module via RS485;
─Bustie breaker control function, suitable for 4-incoming 2-bustie application scheme (realize by two HAT860 modules);
─Earth fault protection;
─NEL trip;
─Dual RS485 isolated communication ports;
─EMC meets GB/T14048.11-2016 and IEC/EN 60947-6-1;
─Auto transfer/restore, auto transfer/non-restore;
─200 event logs;
─Supply power (PA, PB): AC(90~305)V/DC110V/DC220V; (B+, B-): DC12V/24V/48V.

Controller Rear Panel Drawing

Remote monitoring controller with 8-inch color touch screen can be selected to realize remote control, data monitoring, parameter configuration, etc. of HAT860 MV-ATS controller via RS485.

HMU8-860 Remote monitoring controller

─8-inch color LCD with 800*600 resolution, HMI display and capacitive touch screen operation;
─Chinese and English operations are optional;
─Homepage interface displays dual power system configuration of master control module, real-time status of power, ATS, generator and load breaker;
─Control manual/auto, auto transfer/restore, auto transfer non-restore of master control module;
─Stepwise switch status monitoring and control function, max. 24-way load breakers can be controlled;
─Realize one-key close/open control and genset start/stop operation of master control module in manual mode;
─Display S1/S2 voltage, current, frequency and other electric parameters of master control module in real time;
─Display load information like active power, reactive power, apparent power and power factor of master control module;
─Display S1/S2 accumulated active energy, reactive energy, close times, auto transfer times, mains failure transfer times of master control module;
─Display current continuous supply time, S1/S2 accumulated supply time, auto transfer running time of master control module;
─Display master control module alarm information in real time;
─Event log function of master control module, adjust its real-time clock;
─Allow users to change and set the parameters of master control module;
─RS485 communication parameters of monitoring module and master control module has auto synchronization function;
─Suitable for 12/24VDC battery voltage environment;
─Monitoring module screen has 10-level brightness, which can adjust brightness according to environment.

Stepwise Switch System Application Diagram

Medium Voltage Load Breaker Stepwise Switch Application Diagram

Low Voltage Load Breaker Stepwise Switch Application Diagram

SmartGen | Marine Controller for Wind Power Service Vessel

Recently, AFAI has successfully completed the delivery of “Haidian Yunwei 502” built for Fujian Offshore Wind O&M Co., Ltd, heading to the coast of Yangjiang, Guangdong at full speed to serve the offshore wind power O&M business. “Haidian Yunwei 502” is the sister ship of “Haidian Yunwei 501” that AFAI has just completed the delivery. The ship adopts full aluminum alloy catamaran structure with container loading platform at the head of the main deck. It is 26.7m long and 9.2m wide, which is propelled by double engines and double propellers. The maximum cargo capacity is 10 tons, speed is 28 knots, endurance can reach 400 nautical miles. It has good stability, speed, high wave resistance and loading capacity.

telligent Control and Power Station Power Management Solution of SmartGen Marine Engine

SmartGen automatic power station solution is selected for local control box of the ship’s port and starboard auxiliary genset and power management system of main switchboard. The cabin diesel genset is equipped with MGCP100B-2 diesel engine control box, two HRM3300-2 remote screens installed on the bridge display local real-time parameter and alarm. The main switchboard can realize automatic schedule and protection function of two DGs according to load via PMS built by two HMC6 multi-master power management controller. It supports manual, semi-auto, auto modes and meets user control demand in different working conditions.

So far, SmartGen marine controllers have been successfully applied in the main ship types required in the construction of offshore wind power, such as offshore drilling rig platform, 700t semi-submersible crane vessel, 4000t full-swing crane vessel, offshore booster station, 118m laying vessel, catamaran wind power service vessel.

Offshore “Haidian Yunwei 501”, “Haidian Yunwei 502” in Outfitting

MGCP100B-2 Marine Diesel Control Box for Auxiliary Genset

HRM3300-2 Remote Screen

PMS Built by HMC6 Power Management Controller

SmartGen | New Power Management Controller HPM6 Launches!

HPM6 is a power management system tailored for marine applications, which can be used for intelligent control and management of marine supply between DG, SG, emergency/harbor genset and shore power. It has synchronization, load sharing, load transfer, HC inquiry, NEL trip, light consumer control functions.

HPM6 power management controller adopts split type design, composing of display module HPM6D and master control module HPM6M.

HPM6M Hardware Configuration:

· 20-way digital inputs;
· 20-way digital outputs;
· 4-way analog outputs (AVR, GOV, transmitter);
· 2-way analog inputs (voltage/current/resistance type);
· DC 10V output (supply power for voltage type sensor);
· Bus, gen voltage sampling, 3-phase current and earth current;
· 2 USB ports, 1 USB DEVICE (parameter configuration), 1 USB HOST (can insert USB, save event log);
· 4 ETHERNET ports (can connect master control module, PC software, display module);
· 1-way CANBUS port;
· 1-way RS485 port.

HPM6M Master Control Module

HPM6D Hardware Configuration:

· 4.3-inch LCD display, 480×272 resolution;
· 2 USB ports, 1 USB DEVICE (parameter configuration), 1 USB HOST (can insert USB, save event log);
· 2 ETHERNET ports (connect master control module, PC software);
· 1 RS485 port;
· 1-way user-defined digital output.

HPM6D Display Module

HPM6 Main Functions and Characteristics:

· Built-in PLC programmable function, user can control logic according to demand;
· User-defined system SLD;
· Voltage/current imbalance protection 2-level;
· Over power/reverse power protection 2-level;
· Over/under voltage/over/under frequency protection 3-level;
· Overcurrent protection 6-level;
· 3-level password protection;
· 3-way NEL trip;
· 4-way HC inquiry;
· Alarm record function, which can record up to 500 pieces and will not lost even in case of power dropout;
· Event record function, which can record up to 500 pieces and will not lost even in case of power dropout;
· User-defined protocol content function;
· User-defined bus data function, other gensets controller data can be read from one controller;
· Harmonic analysis and gen voltage/current wave display function;
· Data curve real-time monitoring function;
· Black box function;
· Master control module has USB record function, data analysis can be performed by opening USB record via PC software;
· Display module can open USB, save configuration files;
· It can expand 2 16-way digital output module DOUT16B, 2 16-way digital input module DIN16A, power integrated protection module HMP300.

Multi-unit Network Communication Diagram

Multi-unit Communication Diagram 1

Multi-unit Communication Diagram 2

Multi-unit Application Diagram

Multi-unit Application Diagram 1

Multi-unit Application Diagram 2

HPM6 is a new generation of power management controller that combines market demand based on the functions of original HMC6. It fits with various hardware interfaces, adequate protection functions, precise sampling, power computing competence, communication redundancy, internal PLC, expand digital input/output module functions, which can meet multiple scenario applications of marine power distribution. The detailed function and characteristics can refer to HPM6 user manual!

SmartGen | Genset Cloud Monitoring FAQ

SmartGen cloud monitoring modem can be connected to SmartGen cloud server (SmartGen Cloud Plus) via GPRS, network, WiFi to realize genset remote monitoring.

Cloud Monitoring Solution

A few days ago we found that some customers could use cloud monitoring normally when the unit was commissioned, but it did not work properly after it was sent to the site.The following common causes and solutions are specially sorted out for your reference!

─The controller communication address is changed by the customer on site, resulting in inconsistency with the unit communication address set in the background, making it impossible to communicate. The performance of fault is cloud modem RS485 light is always on, GPS and GPRS lights are flashing, power light is always on. This is a more frequent situation, be careful not to change controller communication address at will.

─Field controller 485 wire is unplugged, making communication impossible.

─GPS cannot position—the phenomena is that positioning has been the previous address, other data are normal, but cloud modem GPS light is always on. At this time, you can check whether there is a problem with GPS antenna connection.

─IOT cards are reused. Under the current rule, the IOT card can only match one cloud modem or integrated controller. If IOT card is activated for use in the first device and then inserted into another device for use, it will cause card locking to fail to communicate. In this case, you can put the card into the original device and wait for it to be unlocked or report to the IOT card vendor to re-bind the card with the new device. Remember that one card can only be used on one device in order to avoid locking. Do not use one card for multiple purposes!

─IOT card is normal but cloud modem cannot communicate. At this point may be the card is not correctly inserted, you can try to reinstall the card. Pay attention to whether the card slot is in good condition and can be closely combined with the card.

More questions continue to be collected and summarized. SmartGen, making control easier!

SmartGen | CAN Monitor Controller HEM8400 for Drainage Pump Unit

HEM8400 engine CAN monitoring controller is an intelligent instrument and controlling device that combines microelectronic technique, electric measurement technique, digital-analog hybrid signal processing technique, CAN communication technique, vehicle controlling technique and engine electronic control technique. It is the ideal product for engineering vehicles’ CAN communication and electric device control with its high integration and powerful CAN gateway functions (can replace Murphy display totally).

Recently, one customer used HEM8400 controller in city drainage pump units.

HEM8400 can monitor engine parameters like water temperature, oil pressure, speed, inlet temperature, exhaust temperature, fuel pressure, turbo boost pressure, adjust engine idle speed to rated speed via manual throttle switch, and make pump in optimal status according to site water quality.

Debugging Site


HEM8400 function and characteristics:

· Engine CAN monitoring controller, suitable for various engines;
· 4.3-inch TFT color LCD display;
· RS485, dual CANBUS interface;
· Manual engine speed adjusting and diagnosis interface;
· Real time clock, event log;
· Protection level IP65;
· Connector wiring.

SmartGen has upgraded engine CAN monitoring controller HEM8500 that adds 1-way (4-20mA) output, 2-way (4-20mA) input for your choice!


SmartGen | HGM9560+HGM9510 Methane Power Control in Jiangsu Farm

Methane power generation is methane utilization technology that emerged with the continuous development of large methane tank construction and comprehensive utilization of methane. It applies methane produced by anaerobic fermentation treatment to the engine and is equipped with an integrated power generation unit to generate electricity and heat. The methane power is beneficial, energy-saving, safe and environmental, which is a cheap distributed energy.

This time the customer comes from a large dairy farm in Jiangsu, using methane to generate power. The site adopts two 250kW gensets using HGM9510 to parallel.

Power Control Site

The customer uses HGM9560 mains control mode at the same time, which can realize the distribution of genset and mains load power and unit load power via setting mains load percentage, thus realizing grid-connection without on-grid.

Set two HGM9510 as “Start on Demand” and “Balanced Running Time” to realize single unit running under low load mode and two gensets run in turn under long-time low power running mode.

HGM9510 is equipped with cloud monitoring module CMM366B-4G that can monitor genset data in real time and record power accumulation and accumulated running time via mobile APP and PC version “SmartGen Cloud Plus”.

SmartGen Cloud Plus Solution



SmartGen currently has upgraded parallel controller HGM9510N that has passed UL certificate for your choice!