SmartGen | Dual Power ATS Controller—HAT553V

Product highlights:

1. Wide working temperature range (-40°C~+70°C), suitable for high altitude, alpine regions;
2. Suitable for non-breaking, one-breaking and two-breaking switches;
3. With RS422 isolated communication port, can choose RS422 or RS485 communication, applies ModBus-RTU communication protocol;
4. 132×64 LCD with backlight, optional Chinese and English display;
5. DC9-35V continuous power supply, with DC reverse connection protection function;
6. Two-way DC power input (DC power redundancy design);
7. With real-time clock, event log (50 pieces), scheduled start function;
8. Suitable for 3-phase 4-wire, single phase 2-wire, 2-phase 3-wire;
9. Personalized design and simple wiring;
10. D-type USB port;
11. IP65 protection level.

Controller Rear Panel

Typical Wiring Diagram

SGQ-N/T Application Diagram

Breaker (ACB) Application Diagram

Overall Dimensions and Cutout

SmartGen | Make Great Success with Small Controller

——Application of construction machinery product HEM4100

Rotary drilling rig, belonging to construction machinery, is a special construction machinery for bored pile drilling operation. It is widely used in municipal construction, highway and railroad bridges, high-rise buildings and other foundation construction. With different drill bits, it is suitable for drilling in various geologies such as clay, silt, sand, mucky soil, artificial backfill and stratum containing some pebbles and gravels, and can be adapted to the construction of weathered rock layers.

At present, the construction machinery engine is in the stage of updating the national Ⅱto nationalⅢemission standards. In this case, the nationalⅡengine is replaced by nationalⅢengine. SmartGen’s construction machinery product HEM4100 controller is used for transformation. The rotary drilling rig uses ECU engine as the power source. This case applies CAN J1939 of HEM4100 to communicate with engine ECU and achieves start and stop of HEM4100 through its start and stop button. The throttle (i.e. speed) is flexibly controlled by the throttle pedal device, and the engine speed, battery voltage, oil pressure and engine temperature are monitored in real time by HEM4100 to achieve normal operation of the rotary drilling rig.

Site Pictures

HEM4100 Wire Connection

HEM4100 Panel

Throttle Pedal

Rotary Drilling Rig Engine

Rotary Drilling Rig

HEM4100 Front Panel

HEM4100 main functions:

1、Support relay, CAN BUS speed adjustment.
2、USB, RS485 communication ports.
3、6-way analog suit for multi-type sensors.
4、Event log, maintenance reminder.
5、Applies to engine control systems like water pump, beacon, air compressor, construction machinery and so on.

SmartGen | Panning Sand Requires You

Application of HMC9000S+AIN16-C+AIN16-PT+HRM3300

About 30 nautical miles away from a costal port in the beautiful Zhanjiang city, Guangdong Province, there was a huge ship of nearly 10,000 tons sand pumping ship. The two 12-cyclinder water pump engines are controlled by HMC9000S, and the 12 cylinder temperatures of the engines are detected by the expanded analog input module AIN16-PT. The temperature of 8 shafts is detected by the expanded analog input module AIN16-C, and the shaft temperature signal is converted from PT100 to 4~20mA current type signal through the temperature transmitter to the AIN16-C. The AIN16-C then transmits it to the diesel engine controller HMC9000S through CANBUS (EXPANSION) communication, and finally displays the real-time temperature and protection of the shaft. HMC9000S transmits the engine information to the remote control module HRM3300 in cab through CANBUS (REMOTE) communication, and can also control engine start/stop remotely through HRM3300.

Project Control System Introduction

HMC9000S engine controller: can be widely used in marine emergency units, main propulsion units, DG units or water pump units. Its remote monitoring module interface enables remote monitoring, which can remotely control engine start, stop, etc.


AIN16-PT Analog Input Module—16-way PT100 Sensor Input Module

AIN16-C Analog Input Module—16-way 4~20 mA Sensor Input Module

HRM3300 remote control module suits for the remote monitoring of HMC9000S engine controller

Typical Application of Marine Controller Communication


Site Pictures

Sand Pumping Ship

HRM3300 in Cab

Staff Operating HRM3300

Water Pump Engine

Water Pump Engine Cylinder Temperature

Water Pump Engine Main Shaft Temperature

PT100 to 4~20mA Temperature Transmitter

HMC9000S engine partial parameters

Common Fault Analysis:

1. HMC9000S and AIN16 communication failure:
Fault cause:
1.1 CAN H and CAN L of CANBUS (EXPANSION) communication are reversed;
1.2 CANBUS (EXPANSION) communication did not short circuit the CAN L and 120 Ω matching resistor on the controller;
1.3 If the distance of CANBUS (EXPANSION) communication line is too long, SGCAN300 relay conversion module (MSC or RS485 communication to optical fiber) should be added.
2. Inaccurate display of temperature or pressure sensor:
Fault cause:
2.1 Sensor curve setting is wrong;
2.2 Sensor is broken.
3. HMC9000S and HRM3300 communication failure:
Fault cause:
3.1 CAN H and CAN L of CANBUS (REMOTE) communication are reversed;
3.2 CANBUS (REMOTE) communication did not short circuit the CAN L and 120 Ω matching resistor on the controller;
3.3 If the distance of CANBUS (REMOTE) communication line is too long, SGCAN300 relay conversion module (MSC or RS485 communication to optical fiber) should be added.


SmartGen | To 2020 We’ve Been Together

2020 is destined to be an extraordinary year, there are too many unforgettable moments burned in our hearts;

The country’s economic, social and livelihood development suffered a major setback in 2020 due to the impact of the coronavirus;

In 2020, all rural impoverished population under the current standard have been out of poverty;

In 2020, Chang’e 5 return capsule carries lunar samples back to the earth;


2020 is coming to an end. Let’s review the experience accompanied by SmartGen.

2020 will soon pass, this year has left us too many special memories. Let’s say goodbye to the extraordinary 2020 that we have experienced and persevered together, and let’s welcome the new 2021 together!

SmartGen丨HGM9510 Paralleling Case

The customer uses 8 Cummins engines with SmartGen parallel controller to achieve multi-unit parallel power generation for foreign rental.

Engine Model: Cummins 6ZTAA13-G4
Controller Model: SmartGen HGM9510
Engine GOV Model: S6700H
Generator AVR Model: AS440

HGM9510 controller applies 32-bit microprocessor technology to realize precise parameters measuring, fixed value adjustment, timing and threshold setting and other functions. A majority of parameters can be configured from controller’s front panel and all parameters can be configured by USB (or RS485) port to adjust via PC .

Utilizing the GOV (Engine Speed Governor) and AVR (Automatic Voltage Regulator) control functions, the controller is able to synchronize and share load automatically. It can be used to parallel with other gensets equipped with HGM9510 controller.

HGM9510 realizes multi-unit synchronization and load distribution by adjusting engine GOV S6700H and generator AVR AS440. Three-phase voltage monitoring module HVD100 collects mains voltage to start genset automatically in case of mains abnormal. It is equipped with battery charger BAC06A-24V to achieve automatic charging function. With simple connections, easy operation and direct parameter modification via panel, it can meet the application of different parallel mode.

SmartGen丨Application of Three Power Automatic Switching System

With the rapid development of industry, people have higher and higher requirements for power supply reliability. In some important occasions, dual-power switching cannot meet the requirements, so it is necessary that reliable switching between the three powers to ensure the power supply continuity. As the core control part of three-power switching, three-power ATS controller is indispensable and plays a vital role. In order to meet the switching scheme of different switches and applications, SmartGen has developed HAT832 and HAT833 three-power ATS controller to meet the market demand.

HAT832 is used for Three Power switching system consisting of two ATS switches, which can be applied to Mains-Mains-Gen, Mains-Gen-Gen and other system types.

1.Can be used for various PC-level switches;
2.Collect and display 3-way 3-phase voltage, frequency and phase sequence;
Collect and display load active power, reactive power, apparent power, power factor and current;
3.S1/S2/S3 priority arbitrary setting;
4.Power system type can set as Mains-Mains-Mains, Mains-Mains-Gen, Mains-Gen-Gen;
5.Voltage transformer ratio function;
6.Black box function, which can cycle record 5 pieces of log and each log contains 60 groups of data including switch status detailed data of 50s before and 10s after switchover;
7.Can control two gensets to realize cycle run, master-slave run and balanced run;
8.Genset scheduled run/scheduled not run function that can set as run once a day/week/month.

HAT832 Project Application (S1 Mains-S2 Gen-S3 Gen)

HAT833 is used for Three Power switching system consisting of three ACB switches

1.Collect and display 3-way 3-phase voltage, frequency and phase sequence;
2.Collect and display load active power, reactive power, apparent power, power factor and current;
3.S1/S2/S3 priority arbitrary setting;
4.S1/S2/S3 master input, highest switching priority when input port is active;
5.Input ports forced manual mode and auto mode;
6.Auto transfer/restore input, auto transfer/restore when active, auto transfer, non-restore when inactive;
7.Elevator control output, output before load outage or switch transfer, is used to control the running elevator to stop at the nearest floor until the switch transfer is completed;
8.Closed output of 3-way ACB switches;
9.Switch is transferring, output during the switch transfer process;
10.Voltage transformer ratio function.

HAT833 Project Application (S1 Mains-S2 Mains-S3 Gen)

SmartGen | The Great Wisdom of Producer

I was lost in thought for the saying ”with the wisdom of all” when i joined SmartGen. What wisdom can i contribute to the development of the company. I finally understood the great wisdom that a producer should have until i saw all the efforts we made for the sudden increase of large orders and the various improvements we made to reach the delivery date.

Not long ago, we were happy and worried when we received an order for 700 control cabinets and were required to complete within 10 days. The current production capacity was far from the target. How to solve it? The production director resolutely rejected the proposal of subcontract production. Producer should not shrink back when encountering some difficulties. He wanted to take this opportunity to train the team and build a team that can fight formidable task. He decided to do it by themselves.

We must make a plan in order to complete the order. After several years of learning, lean production has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. Finally, we took a streamlined lean production method, stable and orderly production cycle time. We encountered difficulties on the first day of the implementation of the new plan. There was a big gap with goal after working until 10 o’clock. The order was urgent and the employees were also anxious. What should we do?

After reviewing, thinking, summarizing, improving and a series of efforts, the degree of automation has reached the limit. Everyone worked hard, but there was still a gap with the goals. We had to increase people, but where do they come from? There was a good news was that colleagues from other centers gave their hand. Everyone was very motivated when they heard it.

Under the guidance of lean thinking, the support of automation equipment, the help of colleagues from other center, we finally completed the order within the specified time. As a producer, i didn’t know how to express my mood when i saw my colleague take one for the team. An ordinary workshop, an ordinary production line, a group of ordinary employees, one by one extraordinary figure, had powerful strength and firm tenacity!

Some people say that great wisdom is intelligence, others say that great wisdom is to grasp the truth. I want to say that the great wisdom of the producers has verified the enterprise spirit of SmartGen “Continuous improvement, teamwork creates value!”

Come on!!!

SmartGen | Congratulates SmartGen Attends INMEX China Again

The 9th International Maritime Expo-China opened on December 9, 2020 and SmartGen has attended the expo for three consecutive times.

SmartGen Exhibition Site Pictures

SmartGen has been involved in R&D, manufacturing, sale and service of marine engine and PMS control module since 2010. After 10 years of market development and user feedback, we have accumulated certain experience in product application and development, and sales share of marine engine and PMS control module related products has increased year by year.

We will continue to devote ourselves to the continuous improvement and development of our products, aiming at the market demand of domestic and foreign mainstream marine engines and PMS control modules, continue to innovate, and create products and services beyond our partners’ expectation!

With solidarity and cooperation on marine market,

Let’s make continuous innovation for common development.

So lucky that we can meet here,

Let’s ride the waves to make great achievements.

SmartGen | Congratulates SmartGen-Cummins Exchange Meeting

On December 1, Zhengzhou received its first snowfall since the beginning of winter in 2020. On the same day, all leaders of Cummins and its agents visited SmartGen for guidance and exchange, and opened a new marine engine technology exchange meeting in 2020.

On the day of the meeting, Mr. Cui Wenfeng, general manager of SmartGen, expressed his heartfelt welcome to the leaders of Cummins and its agents who attended the meeting. While introducing the special culture of Henan and the development history of SmartGen, he also thanked Cummins for its help and support over the years!

On the meeting, SmartGen introduced company’s overall development, business classification and product overview, etc. The relevant product head made a detailed introduction on the application cases of SmartGen marine supporting products, especially those applied to Cummins engines, and carried out technical discussion.

Meanwhile, SmartGen’s R&D engineers also gave an in-depth interpretation of the company’s marine engine control module, the Cummins ECU engine interface and the application of wind power generation to the leaders attending the meeting, and operated the product on site. This enabled the leaders of Cummins and its agents to have a clearer understanding of SmartGen’s marine products, and get the recognition and valuable guidance from the leaders.

They also visited SmartGen’s honor hall, product exhibition hall, office system, R&D system, production system and so on at the same day.

Once again, we’d like to thank all the leaders of Cummins and its agents for making the long trip to exchange and guide. We look forward to our next exchange meeting being more wonderful, as well as our future cooperation being more harmonious and perfect!