The Fifth Beer Festival of SmartGen

The big crops are rolling like waves, all peasants come back like heroes in the twilight.

Facing the clear autumn sky and looking at the magnificent scenery that the wild gooses fly in the wind, we can not help arousing the delight of drinking.

On Sept. 29th, 2018, the autumn air was fresh, the staff of SmartGen gathered in the afternoon with gentle winds and light clouds.
Interesting games, drink heartily, we were so high…

The Message from President Yang:
The Beer Festival of SmartGen in 2018,
Has begun later than usual;
We gathered in autumn,
Warmly waited for the beer.

The Beer Festival of SmartGen,
Is our complex in every year;
I would like to be a butterfly,
Contribute my life to SmartGen.

Cannot forget that we work day and night,
My love grows strongly in my deep heart;
Forget working very hard from morning till dusk,
Let’s enjoy the party and beer.

Dream guides me to risk everything,
Tranquility and persistence lays century-old foundation;
Self-improvement and unity make perfect,
SmartGen is changing the world.

Wonderful moments


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