The Core Function Upgrade of Cloud Platform

Recently, Google released Android 9.0 and Apple released IOS 12. As a tech fan, I can’t wait to update and experience the new functions, one word to describe, “so good” (oh, I am too excited, they are two words). Come to business, the most popular system in genset industry is the cloud monitoring system. What functions will SmartGen cloud platform upgrade recently?

Customized cloud platform official website

like a luxury suites which could meet all your needs;
Just provide the interface, color and content you would like to show and instantly you will have your own cloud platform official website;
Save time, save effort and especially save money;
Provide Chinese and English interfaces for domestic and overseas clients;
Timely and accurately delivery real-time information to clients;
Follow each other like WeChat;

If your clients need it and you have it, then get ready for receiving orders!

Core functions will upgrade significantly

For more information, please pay attention to the upgrade of SmartGen cloud platform 4.0!


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