The Eleventh Date between SmartGen and MEE

The annual “Middle East Electricity Exhibition” (MEE) is held as scheduled in Dubai. This is the eleventh year to consecutively participate in MEE for SmartGen. As the saying goes, innovation is the driving force, quality decides the development. SmartGen has go through trials and hardships and improves ourselves step by step in 11 years. We rely on the excellent quality of products and continuous innovation.

This year, SmartGen brings the traditional land-based genset control modules, marine power control modules, ATS control modules, pump control modules, lighting tower control modules, gas genset control modules, battery chargers, heaters and so on. We also have some new products, such as cloud monitoring, ATS control modules (HAT780/HA821/HAT832/HAT833) and genset sync control module (HGM9530N).

Enjoy the Chinese tea, read Tao Te Ching and find out what you need. Our booth is in S3.B50, Welcome all guests to visit and have a tea break.


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