The New ATSE Control Module

The general ATSE control module can adapt to multiple ATSE, but there are complex wiring and low efficiency phenomena. Based on over 20 years of ATSE control module development experience and customer needs, SmartGen launched a new ATSE control module HATC60 in 2019.

Performance and Characteristics
1. Suitable for SOCOMEC series and same type ATSE;
2. Clear display and pushbutton, easy to use;
3. The system type can be set as mains-gens, mains-mains, gens-gens;
4. Suitable for various AC systems (3-phase 4-wire, 3-phase 3-wire, single-phase 2-wire, and 2-phase 3-wire);
5. With RS485 interface. With “remote controlling, remote measuring, remote communication, remote regulating” function by the Modbus-RTU communication protocol;
6. Large terminal space allows the controller can bear maximum 530V input voltage;
7. Widely power supply range allows the controller can bear 80V instantaneous current;
8. With scheduled run and scheduled not run function;
9. With close times, power supply time statistics and display function;
10. Real-time clock (RTC); event log function (Event log can record 200 items circularly);
11. With cut off non-fire power supply input and switch status input;
12. Auto transfer and restore, auto transfer and non-auto restore can be defined;
13. Can define scheduled inspection, cyclic power supply, balanced power supply, main and standby power supply;
14. With ATSE power supply output (LO, NO) and no need to switch between external dual power supply (DPS).

SmartGen has launched some ATSE control modules and will successively launch new ATSE control modules, such as dual power bypass ATS control modules (HAT780), dual power bus tie control module (HAT821), three power ATS control modules (HAT832, HAT833) and synchronous switching control modules (HAT700S). For more information, please pay attention to the Wechat official account and official website of SmartGen.


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