Spirit丨People who persevere and work hard are ambitious

——The First Green Valley “SmartGen Cup” Quality Month long-distance relay race

Years later, when I was old, sat on a chair by the parkway with my walking stick. Looking around, there were many running children just like my younger years. In the tunnel of time, there was always a moment that made me unable to distinguish my age; There was always one encounter that made me spend all the past without regrets; There was always a scene that made me think that youth can come back; There was always one review that made me can not see what my look then.

When I think back to 2021, there are the heavy rain in July and the epidemic in August, and the early morning of September 25th.

September in 2021 is the 44th national Quality Month. With the continuous promotion of the country’s “manufacturing power” strategy, the concept of “quality power” has gradually been deeply rooted among the people. “Quality” is not only limited to product quality, but also extends to environment quality, work quality, life quality, physical quality and so on. The pursuit of quality is also the goal of SmartGen, and will be inherited at any stage of the development of SmartGen.

For people who take an active part in sports, the pursuit of quality of life and physical quality is also an active practice of the quality spirit of “continuous improvement in pursuit of perfection”. Considering this, we celebrated China’s 44th Quality Month in a special way: the first Green Valley “SmartGen Cup” Quality Month long-distance relay race came as expected!

This relay race was organized by the high-tech zone running association and fully sponsored by SmartGen. The relay race was 44 kilometers long, which meant the 44th National Quality Month. Seven teams (5 people in each team, including at least one female player) from the high-tech zone enterprises, communities, colleges and municipal supervisory team respectively completed the 44 kilometers race. SmartGen selected 6 athletes from various departments to participate in the race.

The heavy rain could not dampen our enthusiasm. The leading team rode the dust, and the backward team tried to catch up. As the runner, although SmartGen team was amateur, we had professional spirit. The weather wasn’t cooperating and the rain kept falling, all team members worked together and did their best. Finally, after a five-stick relay, the SmartGen team successfully completed the competition with excellent results!

After the race, Cui Wenfeng, the general manager of SmartGen and the relevant person in charge of the high-tech zone municipal supervisory team, gave awards and took a group photo for each team, and affirmed the positive significance of this race and the unremitting pursuit of quality! SmartGen was honored to participate in this race as a sponsor. Thank you for the strong support of the high-tech zone municipal supervisory team, the wonderful organization of the running sports association, and the active participation of all runners!

The race was successfully held! And the wonderful race was worth recalling for a long time!

The road was tortuous and long. Although the bad weather before the race brought us many difficulties. Those who persisted in practice and worked hard were ambitious people. This was the best embodiment of the enterprise spirit of “continuous improvement, teamwork creates value”!



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