SmartGen | Start Online SmartGen Tour via VR Showroom!

What are the ways to understand a company?

Online search or on-site visit? You can do it all!

But online search is chaotic and on-site visit is quite laborious. Meanwhile because of the recurrence of the epidemic, SmartGen has little opportunity to invite partners to Zhengzhou to get together recently. Therefore, there are really not many channels for people to know about SmartGen at present!

However, technology changes the world! SmartGen VR showroom is officially launched, so that you can start the online SmartGen tour with one click without leaving home!

Scan the following QR code to enter SmartGen VR showroom. (It is recommended to save it for easy visiting at any time.)

Long press it to enter

SmartGen VR showroom information section includes:

【Company Introduction】

【Development History】

【Corporate Honor】

【Business Distribution】

【Business Composition + Product Application】

【Product History】


【Product Display】

For each information section, you can click twice to enter the details page, there is a more detailed explanation of the relevant content!

SmartGen VR Showroom Silhouette

SmartGen VR showroom can directly access to the company’s official website (Chinese/English) and play the company propaganda film (Chinese/English) with one click, etc.!

The whole showroom is simple but meaningful, rich and comprehensive. Whether you have been our partner for many years or have never known SmartGen, after entering the VR showroom, you can have a comprehensive understanding of SmartGen in an easy and clear way.

SmartGen, making control easier! Looking forward to your attention!



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