SmartGen | “Xiao Ning”

There is an ordinary production line in an ordinary workshop. There is an ordinary employee who practices the corporate spirit of “continuous improvement, teamwork creates value” in an ordinary post with an ordinary heart, and contributes extraordinary strength.
She is our sister Xiao Ning!
She is also a star in the control panel workshop, a “star of quality”.
The production of heaters is a complicated and meticulous work. This work she loves has accompanied her through seven years in SmartGen.

In life, she is our sister Xiao Ning, careful and steady, and also our teacher and friend. She cares about the group members, tolerates their small emotions, and encourages colleagues to work passionately and live passionately.

At work, she is our “locomotive”, leads us to complete the work with high standards, high efficiency and high requirements. For the unqualified products, she actively finds out the reasons and solves them on the spot as much as possible. If they cannot be solved on the spot, she feeds back to the supervisor as soon as possible and actively follows up the progress of the solution until the problem is solved.

All efforts will be rewarded. It is her quality awareness of being responsible to the company and to the users that she has won the “star of quality” in 2020.

Today, there is a person guarding the heaters in the control panel workshop; Tomorrow, there are such a group of people guarding SmartGen products. Everything we do is only to provide you with more assured products.



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