SmartGen | HGM7210/20CAN—Classic Continues to Flourish

HGM7210/20CAN, which has been introduced to the market for more than 10 years, has been widely used in ECU engine at home and abroad. With the market test and verification for many years, it is enduring and widely loved by domestic and foreign customers!

1.Rich hardware configuration:

1)Both RS232 and RS485 ports can meet industry demand;
2)5-way analog input, more analog data acquisition (such as water temperature, oil pressure, fuel level, water level, oil temperature, etc.);
3)7-way digital input can be used for high water temperature, low oil pressure, low water level, low fuel level, external alarm, etc.;
4)8-way relay output, rich defined output port functions;
5)CANBUS port suits for different ECU engines.

2.Enhanced software function:

1)Defined combination output meets the demand of specific function;
2)Defined period output suits for functions like fuel pre-supply, pre-lubricating, preheat, ECU engine power on in advance, etc.;
3)Alternative configuration meets various supply mode demand of genset;
4)Complete ECU engine options, compatible with various domestic and foreign ECU engines.

HGM7220N, the upgraded version of HGM7200, has also been put on sale in 2019, and its functions and configuration have been further upgraded and optimized based on HGM7000 series. For details, please visit the or consult SmartGen office sales directors.

A cup of old wine,
Some past life,
An old friend,
So enduring.


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