SmartGen Will Meet You in the 8th Edition of INMEX China

Booth No.: 1B41

Hello, everyone. We are SmatGen, a supplier of marine engine and gensets automation control system. During “the 8th edition of INMEX China”, we will show you our marine engine and gensets automation control system. Welcome to visit and our booth number is 1B41.

From Dec. 5th to 7th, the 8th edition of INMEX China will be hold in Poly World Trade Center of Guangzhou which is sponsored by China Association of the National Shipbuilding Industry, China Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers and co-sponsored by Guangdong Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers, Guangdong Association of Shipbuilding Industry, etc.

INMEX China is a biennial international maritime event in Asia region. The 8th edition of the exhibition will have over 500 participating companies and brands from over 20 countries. The overseas companies take 45% including Germany, Norway, Netherlands, Korea, Singapore exhibitors. It also has CSSC, Guangzhou Shipbuilding Corporation and Nantong Shipbuilding Corporation, etc. The exhibition will show the latest products and technologies in shipping, ship building and repair, luxury cruises, waterway passenger transport, yacht, offshore engineering, port, deep-sea aquaculture, marine fisheries and other fields.

SmartGen specializes in development and research, manufacture, sale and service of engine/genset control, ATS and ATS control and related products. We have independently developed “automation control module”, “automation monitor”, “ATS control module”, “power detection and protection module”, “reverse power protection module”, “battery charger” and other modules, which have the characteristics of advanced technology, perfect function, high reliability and strong practicability. They have been widely used in many fields. Especially, marine power protection, load sharing, synchronization, power management and diesel engine control products have been well received by users!


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