Gensets Parallel Application

Gensets parallel has been widely used in the gensets industry. The advantages include flexible operation, priority changeover, cost reduction, energy saving and environmental protection. Weak things united become strong.

Six gas gensets were assembled and debugged in a domestic factory. The factory adopts six HGM9510 parallel cabinets of SmartGen, one 3000A load output cabinet and one HMU15 remote touch screen monitoring control module. It adopts 7 standard 2.2M distribution cabinets and suitable layout that one load output cabinet is in the middle. HMU15 remote touch screen monitoring control module adopts RS485 alternating connection method of one group including 1, 3, 5 and another group including 2, 4, 6.

In debugging parallel system, we must check the lines and cables, and test single unit closing one by one. In the single unit closing test, the main test object is the automatic speed regulation and automatic voltage regulation function, which is the necessary condition for parallel. If there is circulating current after parallel, please check the speed regulation or voltage regulation. If the reactive power fluctuates greatly, please check the voltage regulation part and whether there is a mutual inductor on the voltage regulator plate. If the active power fluctuates greatly, please check the speed regulation part and whether there is a conflict between the speed regulation device and the control module speed regulation.

The synchronization time of each unit is about 5 seconds and the parallel is with load and unload. The manual and automatic parallel is normal and the start is normal. The parallel with load is normal and the power distribution is normal.

It is the first time the clients used the parallel function. Everyone had a new understanding of the parallel system after experiencing and accepting the training. The successful parallel and user’s satisfied smile are the best evaluations of our parallel products.


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