SmartGen丨Sprightly Young

The autumn air is fresh, the cool breeze is blowing. The weather is getting cooler and cooler with the first cup of bubble tea in autumn.

The production workshop of SmartGen is still a busy scene with passion.

In order to deliver products to customers on time with full quality and quantity, all production lines are in intense production. There is a person in blue clothes walking through the busy crowd. He is our process engineer—Ni Quanwei.

He is always busy and extrovert in my impression, and you can hear his chipper laughter from time to time. His speech reveals self-confidence, sincerity and enthusiasm, and always gives people a sense of intimacy.

He used to be a structural engineer. Although he has only been employed for one year, he can quickly integrate and grow in process position. He has played an active role in further improving product quality, production efficiency, and product delivery through the application of professional tools such as line balance, VSM, FMEA, etc.

While self-growing, he is willing to share his experience, takes the initiative to help his colleagues, and makes progress with everyone.

Whenever I see him, I always remember what Mao Zedong said : Young we were, schoolmates, at life’s full flowering; Filled with student enthusiasm, boldly we cast all restraints aside.

Go sprightly young!


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