SmartGen | lean special activity help 5S reach a new level

When you can get what you want when you need it, when you can quickly find the computer files with a click of the mouse, when you have no obstacle to walk around every corner of the factory, when you see the continuous improvement of quality and efficiency, do you feel happy, do you love your work more? That’s what 5S is for!

5S is a basic tool of lean management, which Smartgen has been practicing for decades. In order to promote our 5S management to a new level, from July 16th to August 31st, 5S Management Committee launched a special 5S activity in 2021.

Although we experienced the flood and epidemic during the event, it could not stop us from forging ahead! With the active participation of all staff, the 5S special activity was successfully concluded on September 2nd!

The activity is divided into four links: 5S knowledge popularization → 5S suggestions for all employees → 5S rectification for all employees → 5S follow-up and supervision. A total of 518 suggestions were put forward, with high participation, wider and deeper coverage, which further boosted employee morale, enhanced mutual cooperation and support among employees and departments, and provided strong support for upgrading and optimizing 5S management.

Selection results of “5S special activity”

Excellent group

Excellent individual

Group photo of 5S management committee

Thank the 5S principals of all departments for their strong support and hard work during this activity, and praise every Smartgen member!

Strong roots can make trees prosperous;
Dredging source can make rivers flow far away.

On the 5S train, we will continue to be fundamental, realistic and pragmatic, constantly explore and move forward all the way!


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