SmartGen | Control Cabinet Assists Offshore Wind Power Operation

SmartGen marine control cabinet is applied to Changshu Gang—offshore wind power operation platform “Hengtong Yihang” work ship recently. Its perfect operation shows powerful strength again!

“Hengtong Yihang” offshore wind power operation platform, is a wind power foundation pile work ship. This ship is equipped with 3 Mitsubish S16R2-T2MPTK gensets, rated at 1750kW, with SmartGen MGCP100B-2 marine diesel control box, and HMC9000A controller as master control module.

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HMC9000A Diesel Engine Control Module

This platform also adopts 3 HRM3300 remote control modules for remote start/stop control of genset and data display.

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HRM3300 Remote Control Module

This platform also fits with 2 Cummins QSNT gensets with rated power of 250kW, which are used as harbor gensets to meet the power consumption of the operation platform in the downtime. It is also equipped with 2 SmartGen MGCP100B-2 marine control boxes.

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SmartGen marine control box and supporting products can suit for various application schemes of different manufacturers and units,worthy of your trust!

SmartGen Supporting Products of Marine and Ocean Engineering Series (Part)

SmartGen News丨Secretary Hu Quan And His Party Visit SmartGen For Research And Guidance

On the afternoon of March 18, Hu Quan, Chairman of the Standing Committee of the People’s Congress of Zhengzhou and Secretary of the CPC Zhengzhou Committee; Wang Xinting, Secretary of the Party Working Committee of Zhengzhou High-tech Zone, visited SmartGen for research and guidance. Cui Wenfeng, general manager of SmartGen, received them.

Secretary Hu Quan and his party mainly visited the product manufacturing center and test center of SmartGen, had a deep understanding of company’s manufacturing mode that combines informatization with automation, as well as various test and verification equipment such as EMC, environment, and genset. They affirmed the company’s efforts and actions in lean, innovation and quality assurance system, and highly appreciated the company’s achievements in the field of internal combustion power generation.

Secretary Hu Quan and his party pointed out that as the hidden champion of domestic industry, SmartGen should continue to advance along the overall direction of “lean and intelligent at the same time”, and build the core competition of the enterprise with “lean management and intelligent manufacturing”.

Cui Wenfeng, general manager of the company, introduced company’s investment in scientific research and innovation in detail, and company’s strategic development direction. Secretary Hu Quan expressed his appreciation for SmartGen’s deep cultivation in subdivided fields. He emphasized that SmartGen should increase its R&D innovation ability and market expansion ability in special period. He encouraged SmartGen to adhere to technological innovation, lean production, down to earth and continuous development, so as to contribute to national economic development.

Innovation, focus, lean-better. Under the care and guidance of government leaders, SmartGen will continue to adhere to the enterprise spirit of “continuous improvement, teamwork creates value”, work hard in internal combustion power generation, continue to work hard for building a century-old SmartGen, and strive for intelligently made in China.

SmartGen | Warmly celebrate the launch of “SmartGen Cloud Plus”

March 18th, a good day to celebrate, which is another wonderful day for SmartGen in the lively spring.

In order to thank you for your company and support over the years, the “SmartGen Cloud Plus” self-developed by SmartGen is officially launched today after many months of internal testing!

It is mainly applied to the intelligent monitoring of SmartGen series products in remote areas, with the following functions and features:

High concurrent equipment connection, low latency monitoring data, high customized and friendly interface;
User can add, modify or delete equipment information independently;
With subscribe and unsubscribe functions, can realize the monitoring and viewing of other user equipment;
Websocket is used to actively push the data of cloud monitoring module, and the client can display in real time with less network traffic;
Support three clients: mobile Android version, web version, PC version;
Auto push alarm information;
Available languages: Simplified Chinese, English, and Traditional Chinese.

1.“SmartGen Cloud Plus” Web Version:

1) “Homepage” intuitively display the unit numbers, running time, and accumulated power generation

2) Data measuring and display, equipment monitoring

3) History data viewing and download

4) Equipment information (location, status) viewing

5) “My Unit”displays the status of all units (running, at rest, offline, alarm)

6) Alarm push

7) Alarm analysis

8) Unit sharing

2.”SmartGen Cloud Plus” Android Phone Terminal

“SmartGen Cloud Plus” APP: QR code Android phone downloading.

Scan the QR code with your browser to download

1) Monitoring, real-time data, history data

2) Add unit, subscribe equipment

3) Map and language

4) Permission setting

5) Alarm analysis

6) Operation video demonstration

3.Simulation Unit Experience
Subscribe the unit and experience the “SmartGen Cloud Plus” through the “Subscription” function.
Cloud modem ID: 36323536323751050056001F
Subscription number: 123456

“SmartGen Cloud Plus” is mainly committed to providing intelligent cloud monitoring services to users in the industry. We strive for quick access to the cloud platform, simple operation, and constantly improve the intelligent monitoring level of various equipment. Because this is only the release of version 1.0, there will be some shortcomings at the beginning. Welcome to give us feedback and suggestions. We will continue to update and optimize it, and build a professional cloud service platform that best suits the industry demand. Let’s witness the vigorous development of “SmartGen Cloud Plus” together.
We are grateful to have your company along the way.

SmartGen | Technology Enables Blue Sky—HGM9300CAN DPF Regenerate

Since the introduction of the national Ⅵ emission standard, DPF also came into the sight of everyone at the same time. DPF is an unfamiliar word for most people, but as an important part of national Ⅵ engine, let’s have a brief understanding of it.

The high standard of engine national Ⅵ emission has promoted the wide application of DPF. There are two kinds of emissions that need to be controlled by the national Ⅵ diesel engine: Nitrogen Oxide (NOx) and Particulate Matter (PM). Among them, NOx is the products of complete combustion, while PM is the product of incomplete combustion, which is generally what we call black smoke.

Currently, there are two main solutions for engine pollutant reduction:
1.Selective catalytic reduction (SCR) system reduces NOx;
2.Diesel particulate filter (DPF) reduces PM.


What we are talking today is the second way to reduce particulate matter emissions through DPF. DPF is actually a larger filter element for particulate matter, which collects all the black smoke and other impurities produced by the engine, thus reducing the particulate matter emission.

However, when the particulate matter reaches a certain amount in DPF, it will increase the engine exhaust back pressure, resulting in the engine power decreases. Therefore, the particulate matter in the DPF must be removed in time to maintain the normal operation of DPF, which is called DPF regeneration.

DPF regeneration can be divided into passive regeneration and active regeneration. Passive regeneration is not controlled by others, and most operating conditions of diesel engines can reach the regeneration temperature (250°C-500°C) in DPF, so it can effectively remove particulate matter in DPF. Active regeneration is controlled by the system. The control unit actively raises the DPF temperature for regeneration, and there are certain trigger conditions, for example, soot accumulates to the regeneration value.

In order to meet the changing market requirements, we now add DPF after-treatment control function to HGM9300CAN control module:
1.Can display the level, temperature, injection pressure and dosage of DEF treating fluid;
2.Display the amount of soot and ash in DPF;
3.Control forced active regeneration and inhibit active regeneration;
4.Add data display (exhaust temperature, oxygen sensor data), after-treatment indication and alarm display.


Control Module Display Interface

We can use the DPF regeneration input of HGM9300CAN control module to control DPF regeneration function. If the DPF regeneration function is not required, the DPF active regeneration function can be disabled by the inhibit regeneration input of the control module.

Goddesses 丨 A heart of wonderful won’t be afraid of time!

Grandmother(on father’s side)
Grandmother(on mother’s side)
In every ordinary job
Are doing ordinary work
In every ordinary family
Play an ordinary role
Work hard
To make ordinary things extraordinary
Are the most beautiful goddess around you~~

To the goddesses of SmartGen
To all goddesses
May goddesses
There are the stars and sea in your eyes
There is a ray of light in the smile
A heart of wonderful won’t be afraid of time!

SmartGen | ACC7100 with Cummins National Ⅳ Emission-Cummins exhaust after-treatment

SmartGen ACC7100 diesel air compressor controller with Cummins national Ⅳ emission engine, supports Cummins exhaust after-treatment function. This controller adds after-treatment status detection function before engine normal running.

On-site Pictures

ACC7100 series diesel air compressor controller is used for air compressor with diesel-driven engine in order to realize functions of compressor start/stop, data measurement, maintenance, alarm protection and “three remotes”. It has speed regulator function, and CANBUS (SAE J1939) port, which can control various ECU or non-ECU diesel-driven air compressors. It also applies heated LCD and electronic components resistant to high and low temperature, which are suitable for extremely low or high temperature environments (-40°C~+70°C), so that controller can work reliably under the condition of extreme temperature.

ACC7100 series diesel air compressor controller applies 32-bit ARM micro-processor technology, which can realize functions of precise measurement for many parameters, set-point adjustment, timing and threshold setting etc. A majority of parameters can be adjusted from the control panel. All parameters can be adjusted and monitored on PC by RS485 or USB port.It can be widely used in air compressor control systems driven by EFI engines of different brands, simple wiring, and high reliability.

ACC7100A has higher protection level with IP60 and the front panel even reaches to IP65, which the rear housing is of fully sealed structure. The high level protection can effectively prevent dust and other substance from coming into the controller inside and prevent water seepage and condensation seeping into the controller cabinet. The reliable protection for the circuit board make the controller run stably and reliably. Therefore, it is more suitable for the field, mine, urban construction and other application scenarios with serious dust and complex working conditions.

SmartGen engine control module series products:

SmartGen | HAT600P Series ATS Controller Got UL Certificate

Recently, there are good news again for SmartGen ATS controller——HAT600P series has passed UL certification. As the professional version of HAT600N series, HAT600P series has further enhanced functions and configurations, which can be divided into the following 5 models. The main features comparison is as below:

Product Highlights:

1.Standard USB, RS485 port (HAT600PBI/PS also has ETHERNET port);
2.8-way output port, 1-way output port more than HAT600N series;
3.Wider AC supply range (LN90V~305V);
4.With NEL trip function;
5.With load voltage monitoring function;
6.With independent overcurrent warning or trip alarm function;
7.Can control 2 gensets to realize cycle run, master run and balanced time run;
8.Scheduled start;
9.With forced(fire) open input, fire linkage output function;
10.Record and display accumulated supply time, close times, active/reactive energy;
11.The wave distortion rate and 3-21 odd harmonic component percentage of voltage/current can be measured;
12.With auto and manual synchronous transfer function (only for HAT600PS);
13.Custom boot interface;
14.Black box function;
15.Installation dimension and wiring compatible with HAT600N series.

Product Back Panel

Typical Application Diagram

Product UL Certificates

At present, SmartGen’s products passed the UL certification include:
1.Genset Controller: HGM4000N series, HGM6100N series, HGM9500N series
2.Battery Charger: BAC06AU-12V、BAC06AU-24V
3.ATS Controller: HAT600P series.

More certified products in progress……

SmartGen丨Let’s Run Towards 2021 With SmartGen!

We kick off the work at the eighth day of the lunar New Year!

On the first day of work, your really ideas:
Is my vacation over?
Are you going to work soon?
I didn’t do anything?
My vacation is gone forever?

Everyone is offline and urgently needs a start-up gift to activate.

There is a new look at New Year, kick off of work needs a sense of ritual. It’s time for gift part~

We are all dreamers in the New Year.
Wish everyone has a wonderful beginning, promote to a higher position, safe and healthy.
Wish everyone pull together and work hard as a team to achieve greater brilliance.

SmartGen | The Lean Improvement Project Competition of SmartGen (Fifth Phase)

—Continuous improvement without limits

With the approaching of the New Year, we bid farewell to the special 2020 and welcome the hopeful 2021.

With the active participation of all departments, the lean improvement project of SmartGen has also celebrated its fifth phase.

The 8 projects in this competition all focus on the QCDSM (Quality, Costing, Deadline, Safety, Morale) of management objectives, with many highlights and benefits, which has injected vitality and power into the continuous lean development.

Two winning projects are:

1. Shell seal improvement project of R&D Center: The material is changed from solid to liquid, and the production and assembly method is changed from manual to automatic, which improves the degree of automation, conforms to the characteristics of Industry 4.0 and applies the TRIZ theoretical knowledge. This project not only improves production efficiency, but also reduces costs while ensuring the quality.

2. Order placement timeliness improvement project of Production Center: By reorganizing and optimizing the physical flow and value flow, the timeliness of production order placement is greatly improved. This improvement will not only speed up the overall inventory turnover, but also ensure the delivery time of users in a timely and fast manner.

Lean is the only way to practice the company’s strategy. We will closely embrace the company’s values of “Innovation, Focus, Lean-Better”, start from the heart and ourselves, and continue to build the innovation and improvement culture of SmartGen!