Thank You Letter to Suppliers

January 23rd, 2019
Dear Supplier:

Looking back on 2018, SmartGen has achieved good results with good service and reputation. We have reached a new stage.

We know very well that your support, trust and participation are indispensable. In 2018, there were serious shortage and price increase of capacitors, MOS transistors and integrated blocks in the market which gave a great test to the supply chain of SmartGen. But we finally satisfy the needs of customers very well and this owes to the support of our suppliers.

When one drinks water, one must not forget where it comes from. All staff of SmartGen sincerely thank you for your strong support in the past year. It is your support that has made the achievements of SmartGen.

Looking back on the past and looking forward to the future, we will still adhere to the business idea of ” Create fortunes for partners sustainably and ceaselessly ” and work hand in hand with you!

As the Spring Festival approaching, we sincerely wish you a happy family, good health and happy New Year! Wish your company a prosperous business!

At last, we would like to especially thank the excellent suppliers on our list in 2018. We believe that long-term strategic cooperation will achieve the win-win future!

Best regards,

Major Events of SmartGen in 2018

2018 is the 20th anniversary of SmartGen. After years of development, SmartGen has developed and grown up from small to large, from weak to strong, step by step. SmartGen will continue to keep moving towards new goals, realize qualitative leap and the dream of being century-old company.

April: Signed strategic cooperation agreement with WOODWARD and product release
The signing ceremony between Woodward and SmartGen will turn over a new page in genset control modules industry. The cooperation will provide timely, reliable and perfect product services and technical support for the global genset users.

April: Won the “May 1st Labor Award” in Zhengzhou
The celebration of Labor Day and the meeting to study and implement of the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the CPC was held in the auditorium of Zhengzhou Staff Home. SmartGen was awarded the “May 1st Labor Award” as an advanced enterprise with outstanding achievements and contributions.

June: Passed the national small and medium-sized technology-based enterprise record
Technology-based SMEs refer to the enterprises which are mainly engaged in R& D, production and sales of high-tech products, taking R&D personnel as the mainstay. The identification of technology-based SMEs is the “certification” sign of innovation ability of SmartGen and is also the result of the joint efforts of all employees.

June: Passed AAA credit rating
SmartGen passed the national AAA enterprise credit rating, making us become one of the most creditworthy enterprises in China. It not only provides many benefits for the development of our company, but also reflects our determination to cooperate with customers and suppliers in a long-term and stable way.

June: Won “The Best Employer in Zhengzhou”
SmartGen has been adhering to the “people-oriented, scientific and efficient” management concept. We continuously explore and make improvement in the personnel training, staff care, benefits and other aspects. Our aim is that employees can work happily and develop together with our company.
Under the background of new employers economism in China, SmartGen will keep up with the times and pay more attention to the humanistic care of employees. Our company will further improve the personnel training, talent motivation & retention and actively fulfill social responsibility to better improve our employer brand!

December: The application of WOODWARD redundant genset control panel RGCP3400 in China
WOODWARD’s dual modular Redundant Genset Control Panel (RGCP) was designed to provide an additional layer of power system reliability in mission-critical applications, such as data centers, hospitals, or critical industrial processes. Specially designed firmware allows the two controls to operate in tandem in a primary/standby configuration. Should the CPU of the primary unit fail, control is automatically transferred to the stand-by unit and “bump-less” genset control is resumed; there is negligible effect on generator stability or load sharing during the transfer, even during start-up and synchronization.

December: The first national standard of genset controller was officially released
The national standard “Reciprocating internal combustion engine driven alternating current generating sets–Controller” was approved to start, which was made an application by the National Standardization Technical Committee of Mobile Power Station. It was led by Lanzhou Power Station& Vehicle Institute Co., Ltd. and organized by SmartGen. A total of six enterprises jointly took part in the drafting and the enacting of this standard. It took four years to get passed and was officially released on December 28, 2018. Finally, we could make a farewell to an era which has no national standard for generating sets controller.

With 20 years of perseverance, SmartGen has gained unanimous praise from customers and has continuously improved the market popularity. Under the guidance of brand strategy, SmartGen will set great goals, strengthen the mission and build a benchmark for the times of large country and heavy enterprises in the future. We will also make every effort to open a new journey of higher quality development of century-old SmartGen and finally realize the dream of ” Manufacturing Power”.

Learn from the Examples, Be Outstanding SmartGener

The examples are a group of people who have passion and give off positive energy. They guide others as flagship or road sign.

2018 outstanding employee selection with a theme of ” Find the Power of Example” was held in the morning of January 15, 2019. 15 candidates attended the final selection and stood out from all outstanding employees after recommending themselves, department leadership recommendation and internal selection. The general manager and directors served as the judges and finally selected the Service Star, Benchmarking Staff and Craftsmen of SmartGen.

Let’s get to know the role models, learn from them and be outstanding SmartGener.

Service Star:
Zhou Zhitian (Marketing Dept.) – Service distance can circle the earth 15 times.

Benchmarking Staff:
Pang Shuai (Equipment and Tech Dept.) – He is shy, down-to-earth and diligent.

Benchmarking Staff:
Jiang Yinfeng (Sales Dept.) -It is almost 15 years since he joined SmartGen and he never forget why he started.

Benchmarking Staff:
Qin Lijuan (Quality Management Dept.) – She has a strong heart and is a rigorous and meticulous female.

Craftsmen of SmartGen:
Gao Weihong (Electrical Workshop) – He is dedicated and likes to gain professional proficiency.

Craftsmen of SmartGen:
Li Fuhe (Enterprise Management Center) – He is known as ” repairman ” and he is a life-long learner.

Sales Champion:
Zhang Zhibing (Sales Dept.) -He has combatant spirit. Where there’s a will, there’s a way.

In addition to them, there are other outstanding employees. They are:

Every member of SmartGen is a drop of water refracting the sunlight and a little green embellishing spring. Everyone is an extraordinary person who constantly promotes the development of SmartGen. Your efforts and achievements will be remembered by the history of SmartGen.

The future of SmartGen belongs to everyone!

Forge ahead, SmartGen!

The First National Standard of Genset Controller

Recently, GB/T37089 – 2018 “Reciprocating internal combustion engine driven alternating current generating sets–Controller” was approved by the Standardization Administration of China and officially released on December 28, 2018. Finally, we could make a farewell to an era which has no national standard for generating sets controller.

What is the relationship between this standard and SmartGen?

SmartGen organizes and participates this standard.

Yes, it’s true,

please see the picture below.

In 2014, the national standard “Reciprocating internal combustion engine driven alternating current generating sets–Controller” was approved to start, which was made an application by the National Standardization Technical Committee of Mobile Power Station. It was led by Lanzhou Power Station& Vehicle Institute Co., Ltd. and organized by SmartGen. A total of six enterprises jointly took part in the drafting and the enacting of this standard. It took four years to get passed and was officially released on December 28, 2018.

The release of this standard further standardizes the requirements of the generator sets market for the performance and reliability of the controller. There is a saying that first-class enterprises draft the standard. For years, SmartGen has been specializing in generator sets control, taking the development of China-made goods as its own responsibility and never drift with the current. SmartGen annually produces and sells over 200,000 generator sets controller, battery charger and other products. With high reliability and cost-effective products, SmartGen has been leading the domestic generator sets controller industry.

As the standard drafter, the release of this standard further promotes our company’s leading position in the generator sets controller industry. SmartGen will continue to promote the development of industry standardization and lead the industry towards a standardized pattern.

German Craftsman Visited Chinese Craftsmen

Martin Fischer, the general manager of WOODWARD German Company, came to China on December 12 to attend the 2018 China Genset Industry Year-end Conference. After the meeting, Martin and SmartGen team visited key genset enterprises in China.

WOODWARD Company is located in Stuttgart, Germany. The headquarters of Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, Bosch are right here. Stuttgart can be called the gathering place of “craftsmen”. This time, Martin would visit Chinese craftsmen in the genset industry as a German craftsman!

WOODWARD attaches great importance to the 2018 China Genset Industry Year-end Conference and especially sponsors some gifts. Martin delivered a speech entitled “New Opportunities for Woodward Controller”. He introduced WOODWARD’s single genset controller, complex parallel application scheme (up to 992 gensets), relay protection and other products. He also showed the actual application cases of WOODWARD in marine, military, petroleum, hydropower and other occasions. WOODWARD will provide a series of complete solution for genset manufacturers.

Visiting Shanghai COOLTECH, Martin signed the OEM Partner Certificate. Xu Naiqiang, the president of COOLTECH, asked for strengthening technical exchanges between two sides’ technical departments. He hoped that WOODWARD could provide complete solutions for the high-end parallel, wind, solar, diesel and other fields.

Visiting Tellhow Sci-Tech Co., Ltd., Martin signed the OEM Partner Certificate. Liu Ting,the general manager of Tellhow, suggested that WOODWARD could regard service as breakthrough, providing personalized service and system solutions. Mr. Liu also invited WOODWARD technical teams to come to Jiangxi factories to learn from each other in the form of forums.

Visiting Guangzhou Wanon Electric & Machine Co., Ltd., Martin signed the OEM Partner Certificate. Shao Jianliang, the president of Wanon, hoped to strengthen cooperation in controller, relay protection and differential protection in the future.

Visiting Guangdong Westin Power, Martin signed the OEM Partner Certificate. We were lucky to see the parallel controller EASYGEN3200XT of WOODWARD, 14 controllers for 7 gensets and 2 controllers of each unit to realize redundant functions. Chen Qifeng, the president of Westin Power, hoped that WOODWARD would simplify and update RGCP3400 and make a redundant control system with higher cost performance.

Visiting RCG-POWER, Martin signed the OEM Partner Certificate. Martin asked about the use of EASYGEN1600 and hoped that the two sides would cooperate on more products in the future.

Visiting Aksa Power Generation, Pu Ligang, the manager of Woodward (Tianjin) Controller Co., Ltd. Suzhou Branch, introduced WOODWARD controller product line, relay protection products and products typical application cases and discussed the application of high-end complex parallel technology with Aksa research and development team.

When we visited Baifa Power, Zhang Chaodan, the president of Baifa, gave us some advice. He suggested that WOODWARD products could add some functions that other brands do not have and add competitive advantages of differentiation. He hoped to seek more cooperation with other products.

Martin also visited other foreign trade enterprises such as LEES, Wuidoo, GODLIKE and APLUS. These are the new stars of the genset export enterprises. Martin hopes that WOODWARD could create new opportunities with all genset enterprises.

The 10-day Chinese craftsmen’s search tour ended and Martin hopes to have more time to come to China in the future. Over the past few days, Martin has fallen in love with Chinese food and culture. His favorite saying is “I love China very much”. Martin gives a very high appraisal and praise to China manufacturing and the craftsman spirit of Chinese genset enterprises. WOODWARD will listen to the reasonable suggestions, develop and optimize product line and make more cost-effective products which are more suitable for Chinese genset industry.

SmartGen Is Full of Love on the Winter Solstice

The Winter Solstice is as important as the Spring Festival, people start to count the days to spend the winter.

Do you still remember the winter nine-novenary song?

In the first and second nine days, people keep their hands in pockets

In the third and fourth nine days, people can walk on ice

In the fifth and sixth nice days, people can see willows along the river bank

In the seventh and eighth nine days, the swallow comes back and in the ninth nine days, the yak starts working.

Today is the Winter Solstice.

Look! The restaurant is full of chatter and laughter and happiness is so simple.

Listen! The dumpling is rolling and happiness is coming.

SmartGen wishes you happy winter solstice!

WOODWARD Advanced Paralleling Control Module

–easYgen-3200 Series Paralleling Control Module

SmartGen starts the strategic cooperation with WOODWARD in 2018. At present, we can not only provide easYgen series single unit control modules to customers, but also provide easYgen-3200 series advanced paralleling control modules and complex paralleling solutions.

easYgen-3200 Series Features

1. Home page display screen is configurable, two editable screens can be used to monitor customer customized data;

2. With high flexibility and easy to set up;

3. Realize the external PLC function through internal logic management/analog management function;

4. The isolated measurement input, relay output, analog output and communication channel enhance the external anti-interference ability of system;

5. Can communicate with devices via Ethernet or USB and has the functions of online using documents and system updating, which enhances the maintainability of customer system;

6. With complete mains, generator and engine protection functions, no need to use the extra power detection and protection relay;

7. Multi-lingual capability: English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese, Russian, Turkish, Polish, Slovakian, Finnish, Swedish;

8. Can detect generator, mains and bus parameters and has perfect mains, generator and engine protection;

9. Supporting up to 32 generators parallel, with peak clipping, standby, AMF and other modes, with emergency operation or mains input/output operation;

10. Can control up to two circuit breakers open/close transfer control;

11. With active and reactive load distribution and dispatching start functions among gensets with same or different rated power;

12. Logic management and simulation management functions can meet the complex control requirements of customers;

13. With 3 freely configurable PID.