Code in Hand, No Anxiety for Fault

Are you still worry about searching the ECU fault code? We often receive some calls from customers to ask for finding the ECU fault code of EFI engine. Many clients are confused when they see the fault code. Because the code is figure but clients don’t know what it means. They must ask the engine manufacturer or look up the engine code table to solve the problem, so it takes too much time, too many energy and sometimes is hard to communicate.

With the implementation of “Off-road Emission Standards in PhaseⅢ”, there will be more and more EFI engine units in the future. For the convenient and quick inquiry of ECU fault code, from December 1,2017, all clients can search the code on the official website, the Products APP or WeChat Mini Program of SmartGen.
The Official Website

Method: Log on the official website (WWW.SMARTGEN.COM.CN)→Help→ECU Fault Codes

Input SPN and FMI to search the fault code
SmartGen Products APP

Method: Install SmartGen Products APP→ ECU Fault Codes

nput SPN and FMI to search the fault code

Products APP Download
WeChat Mini Program “SmartGen”

Method: Scan the QR code or search “SmartGen”in WeChat Mini Program

The Relationship of Standardization and Quality

As we know, ”Quality First” and “Strength in Product Quality” were written into the 19th CPC National Congress’s report, it fully represents that the party has paid a great deal of attention to quality issues. Soon after the 19th CPC National Congress, “Standardization Law of the People’s Republic of China” officially issued and implemented. It was published as the first national standard after that congress.

So, what is the relationship between standardization and quality? Xi Jinping said,” the standard decides the quality, what kind of standard decides what kind of quality, only the high standard leads to the high quality’’.

Standard is the basis, the benchmark and the guarantee of quality. If we want to obtain good quality, we shall carry out the standardization. For SmartGen, we responded to government’s call in 2014 and have been certificated by “AAAA-Class” Enterprise with Good Practice on Standardization. So far, SmartGen has collected 600 national standards, set 300 technical standards and 100 management standards. We believe that our company will accelerates the pace from “satisfied quality” to “excellent quality”, with such comprehensive standard system.

Continuous improvement of product quality, sustained improvement in customer satisfaction, everyone of SmartGen is working hard for that!

The 19th Marintec China in Shanghai, Find a Different SmartGen!

On Dec. 8th, the 19th Marintec China at the Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC) in Shanghai has concluded successfully. In this exhibition, SmartGen shows a series of marine products including the newest marine engine controller, pump controller, battery charger, battery protection module and power management. The products capture the hearts and minds of a larger audience.

During the exhibition, an endless stream audience came to visit and discuss with us. Making good use of this opportunity, we communicated with the visitors and showed a series of solutions for marine engine control, diesel pump, battery protection and power management of SmartGen. We also showed the abundant strength of our company and further increased the company’s brand awareness.

In recent years, SmartGen focuses on independent innovation, vigorously develops the products with core competitiveness and fit with market. At the same time, we also provide a series of mature solutions to different users, to achieve the win-win situation for both sides.

Duang~2017 Workshop Skills Competition


Develop the skills competition, show the spirit of SmartGen. To improve the employee skills and form a positive atmosphere of “Compare, Learn, Catch, Help and Surpass” in the company, skills competitions have been launched by electronic workshop and electronic control workshop in 2017. All the competitions acquire a good effect.
In June, two workshops held “Controller Packaging Skills Competition” and “Controller Routing and Bundling Skills Competition” respectively.
In November, “Manual Welding Skills Competition” and “Control Box Routing Skills Competition” were held in two workshops.
In addition, SmartGen has set up an entry tutorand internal trainer system, providing many-sided training and guidance for new employees and in-service employees. This system also can carry the successful experience of excellent employees. In the future, all departments will also organize various competition activities. Therefore, employees can make progress in competition and our company can cultivate more experts in various fields, which is helpful to acquire core competence ability of SmartGen.

Orderly Competition Site

The judges, who treat work seriously and they are lovely at relaxing time.

We won, but we know we stillneed to make continuousprogress.We are willing to learn and practice with more colleagues!

SmartGen Will Meet Youatthe 19th Marintec China

On Dec. 5 to 8, SmartGen will attend the 19th Marintec China at the Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC) in Shanghai, and our booth number is W4K02. During the exhibition, we will show our marine engine control module and marine distribution management products including diesel controller, diesel control box, extension module, power management, battery protection and marine sensor. A series of solutions for diesel control and power management will be provided to users. Welcome warmly all clients to visit our booth and give guidance during the exhibition.

Marintec China is Asian leading event of the global Maritime sector. It is ranked today’s top two among other international maritime exhibitions. It is the bridge and link for the international maritime bound to seek all-round and multi-level cooperation. Launched for over 30 years, Marintec China has been able to fully reflect the scale and importance of the Asian ship market. For years, the scale of Marintec China continues to grow rapidly, the exhibition area and the number of professional visitors hit another record high. Marintec China has become renowned as the most authoritative B2B platform for the International Maritime Industry.

Breaking News: The Details and Sale of Upgrade Cloud Monitoring

On Nov. 26th, 2017, the 3.0 cloud monitoring platform jointly developed by SmartGen and TESLAYUN is go online formally! The new platform simplifies the procedures, has simple monitoring interface and more functions. It also reduces the costs and has abundant industry resources. It will provide more high-quality experience for all users.
The following functions are optimized by us:
1、More Convenient and Fast:No need to download the configuration software! No need to build cloud platform! No need to set up professional technical team! Input the cloud modem information in the web Easy to monitoring unit by cloud

2、Only Two Steps:No need to rent server We rent, you use Don’t worry about the cloud space Infinite space is open with GIF Provide registered domain name and enterprise logo You can easily monitoring by cloud We promise Apply today, use today3、More Invitation Methods:Invitation code4、Remote Switch and Close/Open: Added close/open virtual button Copy the controller interface Put the walking controller in your pocket Open/close as you wish

5、Maintenance Can Track: Genset current alarm and alarm history record can track 6、Temporarily Share: No need to register Check unit real time information through scanning QR code Temporary link works only once 7、Both Domestic and International Users Can Register: Mobile number register for mainland only Email register commonly used at home and abroad 8、Added Traditional Language Edition:Good news for fellow countrymen residing abroad Don’t worry about the language setting9、Map Optimization and Upgrade: Baidu Map at home

10、Added Map Overview: Click the button on the bottom right corner of APP homepage You can see the panoramic view of unit location Quantity and location are clear to see11、Unit Location: Appointed unit real time location+Unit brief description
12、Added Internet of Finical: Build enterprise-level financial services Solve financing problems

Is it not enough?
Breaking news!
More efficient service!
Still original price!
Big sales!

Key points:
Free cloud monitoring!
Free cloud monitoring!
Free cloud monitoring!

Key points:
Enjoy the combos B for free!
Free! Free! Free!
Note: The deadline of time-limited promotion combos is on Dec.31st , 2017.

Scan QR code to download APP

The Application of MGCP100M Marine Engine Control Cabinet

MGCP100M series diesel engine control cabinet integrating digital, intelligent and network techniques, is used for automatic system of single diesel engine. It can carry out functions of local start/stop, remote start/stop, data measurement & display, alarm display and etc. The control cabinet has remote monitoring module port. With the help of CANBUS it can connect with HMC6000RM remote monitoring module to remote monitoring and carry out remote start/stop of the engine, data display, alarm display and other functions.

The control cabinet can realize data and operating state display of engine via HMC6000A controller. The controller main screen displays tachometer, temperature, oil pressure and battery voltage. The data screen includes engine parameter screen, alarm screen, event log screen and other information. The status page includes status of engine and power supply status, such as speed, water temp, oil pressure, battery voltage, charger voltage, run time and start times. Alarm screen can display the details of the current alarm. Event log can circularly record 99 data and the user can inquire the record on-site.

Power Integrated Protection Module——HMP300

HMP300 power integrated protection module fits with LCD display(with backlight) and adopts micro-processor technology with precision parameters measuring, fixed value adjustment, set value adjusting and etc. The module can collect generator-set data (voltage, current, power and frequency)and related action output for data errors to protect the device. It can be widely used in all types of marine/land electrical device with compact structure, advanced circuits, simple connections and high reliability.

Main features are as follows:

  • Standard 35mm guide-rail installation;
  • Widely power supply range DC(8~35)V, suitable to different battery voltage environment;
  • With PC software, data and parameters of module can be monitored and adjusted;
  • Equipped with CANBUS port and can communicate with J1939 generator-set;
  • Suitable for 3-phase 4-wire, 3-phase 3-wire, single phase 2-wire, and 2-phase 3-wire systems with frequency 50/60Hz;
  • Collects and shows 3-phase voltage, 3-phase current, frequency and power parameters;
  • Protections for over/under voltage, over/under frequency, reverse power, over power and over current;
  • With harmonic test function, and each phase voltage/current harmonic distortion rate can be tested.

The Promotion of BAC06S Solar Battery Charger

After SGB100 bluetooth communication module, another new product of SmartGen named BAC06S solar battery charger comes out. During the promotion period, if you have product demand and would like to be a pilot program of solar charging, you will get a free BAC06S charger from SmartGen. There are only 7 lucky clients for free products. First come, first served.

BAC06S solar battery charger is a smart charger which is suitable for lead-acid battery long-term float charge by the sunlight and also charges for load .It adopts innovative Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) technology with high tracking efficiency, and effectively improve the amount of solar power generation.

Performance and Characteristics

  1. Suitable for 12V/24V battery charging use, automatic recognition without selection.
  2. With RS485 communication port. User can set parameters and remote monitor charging status via communication interface.
  3. With optional battery charging mode and CVCC mode (power mode, alone as load power supply).
  4. 2-stage or 3-stage charging method can be chosen as require.
  5. Load output port with over/under voltage and over current protections, if solar voltage is too low (night), load will start output.
  6. With charge fail or battery low voltage output port.

Specification Parameter


Note: For solar panel type selection and mounting, please refer to the user manual or consult the regional director of SmartGen.


SmartGen HT Series Heater Promotional Activities for Nov. 11

It is one surprise after another. The “ATSC” promotional activities in October just finished and we guess that our fans are still in an excited mood. And we have new HT series heater promotional activities. Please calm down and get ready to pay good money.

During double 11 period, please don’t forget to buy a heater for your engine to keep it warm and make it do a better job!

HT Series Heater Promotional Activities Details

 During sale-promoting period, buy three of HT10/HT22 heaters and get one HT05 free. Buy more and get more free.

Promotional Date:   Nov.11th to Dec.12th, 2017

Promotional Rules

  • Buy three of HT10/HT22 heaters and get one HT05 free.
  • The total number of HT05 is 240 and cease when give out.
  • HT40 and HWP series forced circulation heaters are not included.

Special Reminder 

  • Payment before delivery for purchasing promotional products.
  • Orders of HT10/HT22 can be matched by yourself.