SmartGen丨The ideal shines the future

The ideal is stone, knocks out sparks of fire;
The ideal is fire, lights the dying lamp;
The ideal is lamp, shines the road of night;
The ideal is road, guides you to dawn.

When you walk into the R&D center, you see that most of them are male colleagues and few female colleagues.

But it’s not the first time I hear the new colleague say: she is not our R&D colleague, right? The person who is engaged in R&D is ……

There is a touch of red among the green leaves. The person who makes your eyes light is Dong Junli, the hardware engineer of R&D center.

Bravely Pursue Ideals

She graduated from university in 2009. She ignored the so-called “employment confusion”, carried a few simple luggage, took root in the product development work of SmartGen based on the love of profession.

For decades, from product panel design to hardware design, from component selection to schematic circuit drawing, from PCB drawing to hardware testing, from problem solving to experience summary, she thought independently, worked steadily, implemented and interpreted the rigour and perseverance of R&D people.

The hardware design work was trivial, but she always demanded herself by strict standards. The receivers said every drawing and document she did was the most reliable.

She has achieved excellent results in various activities such as “PCB Appraisal” and “Hardware Design Experience Sharing”; She shared her experience with her colleagues without reservation in daily work. She often said that “Everyone knows it, and they can avoid taking a wrong path.” The simple word told the truth: Experience lies in inheritance. She not only had to do well by herself, but also led and influenced every colleague around her to do well!

Fruitful But Humble

For decades, she has participated in many new product project research and key projects. Not only has she been deeply involved in current product areas but she has participated in the development of many new products, such as high-end three-power ATS controller series products, engineering machinery controller series products, forced circulating heaters, diesel air compressor controllers , 8-inch touch screen monitor, etc.

She was an “excellent employee” for many years, and obtained a total of nearly 50 patents. Every time she received honors and faced praise, she always smiled shyly: “It’s nothing, i just do my job.”

The green sunflowers in the garden are covered with morning dew, and the morning dew disappears as soon as the sun rises.
She is like a sunflower, running hard towards the sun.
She is also the epitome of every SmartGeners, shining the future with ideal.

SmartGen | Love “Ping-pong” Can You Win

With the triumphant return of Chinese athletes to the Tokyo Olympics, the country has set off a boom in fitness sports. In order to enhance the communication between colleagues, enrich the spare cultural life of the staff, promote their friendship, improve the cohesion of R&D team, simulate the staff to work carefully and live a healthy life, SmartGen R&D center held the 2021 “Mass Sports Go with the Olympic Games” table tennis competition from September 1st to September 15th during leisure time.

Kick-off Ceremony

In order to promote the national sports spirit of “Cooperation and Aggressiveness”, R&D center decided to play the game with team competition. The competition offered equal opportunity for men and women. The participating teams were determined by drawing lots, and 5 members per team. The knockout was adopted in the group stage. The competition was conducted in pairs, and five games were set, each mini-set was played for three rounds, using the ITTF’s 11-point rule of play. The player who firstly wins two rounds will get 1 point for the team, and the team who first gets 3 points will reach the team’s victory and advance to the next round of knockout. In order to emphasize full participation, the five sets were as following:

First Game Singles
Second Game Doubles
Third Game Doubles
Fourth Game Singles
Fifth Game Doubles

The competition required all five members to participate in the first three games, no two sets of singles can be the same member, no three sets of doubles can be the same two members, and each person can participate in at most two of five sets. In short, everyone must participate in the competition, while increasing the uncertainty of the outcome.

Before the competition, each team needed to give the lineup to the referee. Before playing, the players even didn’t know their opponents, increasing the blind box effect of the competition. Therefore, the coaches of each team played a vital role. Tianji’s horse racing can give a lesson. You may not win in technique, but if you are familiar with the art of war, you can still win the victory for the team. After several rounds of fierce knockout, the final three teams competed in tag match for the championship.

Prize and Souvenir

Award Ceremony

Win without pride and lose without discouragement, take every ball seriously. Even if you win, you cannot take it lightly, negligence is likely to give the opponent an opportunity to take advantage of it. Do not worry if you lose temporarily, carefully sum up the experience and lessons, and prepare for the next fight.

There is a kind of affection called “battle companion”, there is a tacit understanding called “partner”, there is a kind of treasure called “opponent”.

Of course, there are some funny clips.

Thank the leaders for their participation and attention, thank the referees and logisticians for their silent hard work and reasonable planning, so that the competition could be carried out smoothly and in an orderly manner.

Group Photo after Competition

The R&D center takes this competition as an opportunity to give full play to the functional benefits of enterprise culture, further promote staff participation in fitness sports, actively participate in physical exercise, comprehensively improve physical quality, and lay a solid foundation for careful work.

SmartGen | Bus Synchronous Parallel Controller HGM9580

In the parallel application cases, gensets on the parallel CANBUS can up to 32 during the application process due to the problem of HGM9510 parallel controller MSC CAN ID. When the paralleled gensets are more than 32, we need to use HGM9580 to control bus parallel way to make more gensets in parallel. HGM9580 can control one bus connection switch. When bus connection switch needs to be closed, controller synchronizes two bus via MSC CANBUS, when the synchronization conditions are met, bus connection switch closes, two bus run in parallel. Theoretically, there is no limit to paralleled gensets.

When genset bus is divided into two sections, we can control them in parallel to achieve the parallel of more gensets via HGM9580 controller.

When genset bus is divided into many sections, we can control bus in parallel to achieve the parallel of more gensets via more HGM9580 controllers.

HGM9580 Operations:

1.Manual Mode:
When the voltage of any bus is invalid, press close key can directly control switch to close, making two bus run in parallel.
When controller detects two bus are available, after pressing the close key, controller automatically adjusts the frequency and voltage of gensets on the bus to achieve synchronization of bus and bus. When the synchronization conditions are met, bus close relay outputs, bus and bus run in parallel.

2.Auto Mode:

Remote close input is active:
When the voltage of any bus is invalid, controller controls switch to close, making two bus run in parallel.
When controller detects two bus are available, controller automatically adjusts the frequency and voltage of gensets on the bus to achieve the synchronization of bus and bus. When the synchronization conditions are met, bus close relay outputs, bus and bus run in parallel.

Remote close input is inactive:
When remote close input is inactive, bus open relay outputs, bus and bus run and parallel off.

SmartGen丨Sprightly Young

The autumn air is fresh, the cool breeze is blowing. The weather is getting cooler and cooler with the first cup of bubble tea in autumn.

The production workshop of SmartGen is still a busy scene with passion.

In order to deliver products to customers on time with full quality and quantity, all production lines are in intense production. There is a person in blue clothes walking through the busy crowd. He is our process engineer—Ni Quanwei.

He is always busy and extrovert in my impression, and you can hear his chipper laughter from time to time. His speech reveals self-confidence, sincerity and enthusiasm, and always gives people a sense of intimacy.

He used to be a structural engineer. Although he has only been employed for one year, he can quickly integrate and grow in process position. He has played an active role in further improving product quality, production efficiency, and product delivery through the application of professional tools such as line balance, VSM, FMEA, etc.

While self-growing, he is willing to share his experience, takes the initiative to help his colleagues, and makes progress with everyone.

Whenever I see him, I always remember what Mao Zedong said : Young we were, schoolmates, at life’s full flowering; Filled with student enthusiasm, boldly we cast all restraints aside.

Go sprightly young!

SmartGen | lean special activity help 5S reach a new level

When you can get what you want when you need it, when you can quickly find the computer files with a click of the mouse, when you have no obstacle to walk around every corner of the factory, when you see the continuous improvement of quality and efficiency, do you feel happy, do you love your work more? That’s what 5S is for!

5S is a basic tool of lean management, which Smartgen has been practicing for decades. In order to promote our 5S management to a new level, from July 16th to August 31st, 5S Management Committee launched a special 5S activity in 2021.

Although we experienced the flood and epidemic during the event, it could not stop us from forging ahead! With the active participation of all staff, the 5S special activity was successfully concluded on September 2nd!

The activity is divided into four links: 5S knowledge popularization → 5S suggestions for all employees → 5S rectification for all employees → 5S follow-up and supervision. A total of 518 suggestions were put forward, with high participation, wider and deeper coverage, which further boosted employee morale, enhanced mutual cooperation and support among employees and departments, and provided strong support for upgrading and optimizing 5S management.

Selection results of “5S special activity”

Excellent group

Excellent individual

Group photo of 5S management committee

Thank the 5S principals of all departments for their strong support and hard work during this activity, and praise every Smartgen member!

Strong roots can make trees prosperous;
Dredging source can make rivers flow far away.

On the 5S train, we will continue to be fundamental, realistic and pragmatic, constantly explore and move forward all the way!

SmartGen | Air Compressor Controller + Industrial Remote Control

Mobile diesel air compressor is widely applied for occasions like mining, road construction. It is flexible to move and easy to use. The equipment mostly works in the environments of high temperature, low temperature, dust, snow and rain, vibration, crash, etc.

In order to ensure the safe and reliable running of diesel air compressor, the rear panel of ACC7100A adopts full-sealed structure, whose protection level can reach IP60. The front panel protection level can reach IP65, which can effectively prevent foreign matters like dust from entering controller inside.

ACC7100A main functions and characteristics:

1.Working temperature (-40°C~+70°C), suitable for low temperature and tough environments;
2.With DPF regeneration function, meet Euro V emission standard;
3.8-way analog inputs, supports voltage, current, resistance type sensors;
4.Automatically adjust speed to make it steady according to venting pressure of the air compressor;
5.Can circularly record the detailed information of 5 events (50s before event occurs, 10s after event occurs);
6.CANBUS, RS485, USB ports;
7.Load/unload control, maintenance reminder functions;
8.With lock/unlock function, it can realize remote locking and unlocking, which is convenient for the management of the unit;
9.With override mode, it can be applied in emergency conditions to protect the air compressor set without stopping.

In the construction site, there is distance between diesel air compressor and operating personnel. In order to reduce the movement of operating personnel and improve efficiency, SmartGen has developed one industrial remote control: HRC200R (remote control), HRC200M (receiver), which can be applied for the remote start/stop, load/unload control of air compressor.

Main functions and characteristics:

1.With LoRa wireless transmission module, can realize remote start, stop, load, unload, emergency stop and other functions;
2.With remote control distance of more than 200m, 15 optional communication channels;
3.Remote control is powered by 4 AA batteries, protection level can reach IP65;
4.Receiver has RS485 port, 5-way digital outputs, 2-way digital inputs;
5.Receiver can be used with controller via RS485 or digital signal.

SmartGen | The first exchange in autumn

The fourth employees symposium of SmartGen

Autumn comes after summer
The first cup of bubble tea in autumn
Maybe you haven’t bought it
However, the first exchange in autumn of SmartGen
Has arrived as scheduled

On the afternoon of August 28th, 18 key staff representatives from various departments discussed how to continue to build quality culture and innovation culture, from the aspects of process optimization, informatization construction, talent training, standardization improvement, and activities development. They shared a total of more than 60 pieces of experience and suggestions, and raised some confusions in their daily work. The general manager and the leader of various departments answered their questions on the spot. We will also tracked the implementation of various suggestions based on the quarterly “training programs for key staff”, and continued to optimize the training form.

Dedicating yourself and you will win. The collision of our ideas will also continue in our daily work.

May all partners grow in summary and improve in sharing!

I wish all partners will achieve their dream bit by bit in action!

SmartGen | Big News—New Upgrade of HAT821S Parallel Function

The function of two-line one bus tie controller HAT821S has been greatly upgraded. It mainly optimizes and improves the related functions of parallel transfer, which can realize local mode, parallel mode selection, electrical interlocking release and other functions. The specific functions please refer to the following introduction.

1.Parallel Mode
1)Four optional modes
a)Non-parallel: Parallel transfer is inhibited in this mode;
b)Manual parallel: Controller can manually operate parallel transfer in manual mode;
c)Auto parallel: Controller automatically does parallel transfer when the master power is auto restore in manual mode;
d)Manual/Auto parallel: Parallel transfer can work both in manual and auto mode (in auto restore).
2)Parallel mode setting
a)Set it via controller first menu;

b)Parallel mode can be controlled by Aux. input port (external knob), the input port priority is higher than controller setting;

c)Main screen can show current parallel mode.

2.Local Mode
1)Local mode can be controlled by Aux. input port (external knob);

2)When local mode input port is active, “Local Mode” will be displayed on the main interface;

3)When local mode is active, controller only displays not control, electrical interlocking release output port does not work, electrical interlocking is active parallel is inhibited).

3.Non-normal parallel alarm and action
1)Non-normal parallel refers to normal parallel not operated by the controller. If three switches have this occasion, controller will initiate alarms immediately, main interface displays “Switch Parallel Alarm”.

2)If non-normal parallel occurs, controller will immediately control the last closed switch to perform the opening action for the safety of electricity.

4.Electrical interlocking release
1)Add “electrical interlocking release” function for Aux. output ports, the electrical interlocking of three switches is controlled by three output ports;
2)When controller is in parallel mode, relay will automatically close, electrical interlocking is released; when controller is in non-parallel mode or local mode, relay will not output, electrical interlocking is active.

After upgrading, HAT821S slave computer software version is V2.2, host computer software (test software) version is V1.6.0.1, please update the test software in time. Finally, we give you the guide, details please refer to the drawing!