SmartGen VS.World Cup

The World Cup becomes the most concerning topic every four years. It also becomes a turning point in some industries(search the internet if you are interested in it). Some people even ask for a leave or stay up to watch every match. Why does the World Cup attract so many public attentions? Everyone would like to sacrifice sleeping time for it. What kind of magic does it have? Because the World Cup is the world-class football match with the highest honor, the highest specification and the highest level. Of course, every team which participates in the competition is a world-class team.

What will happen if the team of SmartGen competes with the team of World Cup? We don’t compare playing football, we compare customer satisfaction. Satisfied employees can bring satisfied customers. So, let’s firstly see how does SmartGen satisfy their employees and how do they create their own teams in past 20 years?

SmartGen, as a high-tech enterprise, regards talent resources as the primary productive force and attaches great importance to talented people input and product innovation. We always hold the idea of “going out and introducing”. We have organized employees to visit and study the enterprises of customers, same industry and suppliers. We also invited various industries’ teachers to impart knowledge and skills to us.

In 2018, SmartGen have organized many kinds of training for all posts, including skills, safety, risk and etiquette. From June 12th to 14th, SmartGen invited a 6 Sigma Black Belts expert to give training. Everyone benefits a lot from the lessons. We not only learned to use various management tools such as DMAIC, analysis tools like CPK, SIPOC and Xbar-R control charts to solve practical problems, but also understood that six sigma is an important tool in the cultural change of enterprise. It is a way for companies to strive for excellence and continuous improvement.

The goal of 6 Sigma management is to continuously improve customer satisfaction. We will continue to integrate and optimize it like 5S management to provide you with a better user experience.

We have been working hard to build a world-class team all the time.

Constantly improve, build a dream together, cooperate with you, win our bright futur!

SCO Qingdao Summit,China Unicom Meets SmartGen

From June 9-10, 2018 ,the 18th Meeting of the Council of Heads of Member States of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization was held in China’s beautiful coastal city of Qingdao, it is called “SCO Qingdao Summit”. The SCO has been founded for 17 years and once again it returned to China. The green city Qingdao,it is suitable for the holding of SCO. Hoist the sail when the wind is fair!

China Unicom is one of the three major telecommunication operators in China and China Unicom Qingdao branch provides an important guarantee for the communications security of SCO. As the generating set control, ATS control supplier and maintainer of China Unicom Qingdao branch, SmartGen was honored to join the SCO with them to provide a powerful guarantee for the normal operation of the communication backup power supply.

The 2500A ATS control cabinet produced by SmartGen is put into use before the meeting begins.It ensures the fast and safe switch between the mains and gens of Qinling Road sub-office of China Unicom Qingdao branch.

In China Unicom Qingdao branch the 1st communication hub (Shandong Road) and the 2nd communication hub, all support personnel were on standby 24 hours a day. The staff patrolled ATS control cabinet, diesel generating set and other power supply equipment regularly.They also started the generator set to test regularly, these was done to ensure the power supply and ensure that the genset can start quickly in the first time in mains power failure.

In a sub-office of China Unicom Qingdao branch,the generator set automatically started and was put into operation in mains power failure, providing a timely power supply support for the communication power of the summit.

During the meeting,the support personnel of China Unicom and SmartGen stayed in their posts all the time. Although they did not appear in the meeting place, they are behind-the-screen heroes! It is through their hard work that we can ensure the normal communication during the meeting and SCO Qingdao Summit is more wonderful because of them!

Can Your Genset Accelerate to High-speed Running? Come and See!

A customer in Tonghua, Jilin province told us that their gensets couldn’t accelerate to high-speed running. The customer adopts that one HGM9510 control module parallels with two 300KW gensets. The technical staff of SmartGen went to Tonghua to test on site. The result is that the gensets can’t accelerate to high-speed running, “idle speed control” output and warming up delay are normal. After checking GOV, our staff found that warming up delay is only 30s when the acceleration time is biggest. After warming up delay, the acceleration time delay of GOV is still not finished, so the gensets couldn’t accelerate to high-speed running.

Reduce the acceleration time of GOV and start, the warming up of gensets is normal.

We summary some failure checking and solutions in case other gensets can’t accelerate to high-speed running:
1. Check if the idle control output of control module disconnects after idle timing.
2. Check if the GOV has failure and connections.
3. Check if the“rated speed”of GOV is too low.
4. Check if the acceleration time of GOV is too big.

Attention, Everybody, Small Problems Could Make Big Troubles!

A natural gas booster station in Yulin, Shanxi province, adopts one HGM9310CAN control module and two AIN24 analog input modules cooperating with Perkins gas genset 800kW.

the customer told us that the inlet/outlet temperature of the cylinder sleeve, the mixture gas temperature of A/B side pipe of genset do not display (sometimes display when stop).

After checking, we found that the positive pole and negative pole of the charger are directly connected to the control module. When the charger works, the signal is disturbed. So we connect the positive and negative pole of the charger directly to the positive and negative pole of the battery group. Then the temperature signal of the genset display normally, the temperature when genset start, stop and run also display normally .

American Comely Control Modules Are Coming, Choose What You Want

After seeing so many Chinese style and British style control modules, do you have a little bit of aesthetic fatigue on control modules?

If you really have this feeling, you may try another style-American comely control modules, Woodward–easYgen series generator sets control modules from the US.

They will bring you not only the visual impact,but also the beauty from inside to outside.Let’s take a look at their humanized design and powerful functions!

easYgen1600/1800 Powerful Functions
Monitoring Function

Communication Interface

Extended Function

Setting Software

Toolkit-sc software, classify the setting items reasonably, you will easily complete the configuration and say: “So easy”!

Humanized Design(easYgen1800)

LCD screen background and font color can be set up to 38 kinds. Let it apply to any scene!

The status alarm color can be set.

Module mute mode, no longer annoyed by alarm sound.

he Woodward–easYgen series single generator control modules have 4 models:
easYgen600 and easYgen800, which are single generator auto start control modules; easYgen1600 and easYgen1800 are with AMF function.

Maybe you’re looking for a suitable module and we have it!
Maybe we have the module and you need it!
Maybe you need it and we are professional!
If you like these American comely control modules, contact us and take away!

Light the World, Life Is More Wonderful with ALC404!

Lighting tower generator set are mainly used for construction during the night , emergency relief, tunnel, mine,parking lot, wharf, civil and military airports, etc. The intelligent lighting tower control module can guarantee the emergency supply of electric power and lighting! The new generation lighting tower control module can meet the multiple needs of intelligent control.


Main Functions:
1.Suit for both AC and DC lighting tower generator set;
2.With USB communication port and CANBUS interface;
3.With sunrise and sunset start/stop control;
4.Reducing the number of the lighting lamps along with the fuel level drops;
5.With mains supply mode;
6.Starting gen-set under low battery voltage condition;
7.With lamp fault check function;
8.Low consumption;
9.Control the light on/off;
10.Real-time clock,event logs(99);
11.Remote start/stop ,scheduled start/stop function.

AC Lighting Tower Generator Set Application

DC Lighting Tower Generator Set Application

Mini Battery Charger-BAC1203VE, Small Enough to Fit in Your Pocket

The space of genset is small, but existing intelligent charger is too large and there is no place to install the charger!
Although there are some small chargers exist in the market, they can not meet the demand of battery intelligent charging! The current chargers have a high failure rate!
At the critical moment, the battery is low!

Mini intelligent battery charger-BAC1203VE can solve all the troubles!

1.Small size: 80*36*65(length*width*height);
2.Light weight: 150g;
3.Easy to install: 2 installation ways(guide-rail installation and screw fixed installation);
4.Automatic two-stage charging process;
5.Rated current output is 3A and max.output power is 40W;
6.Voltage input range: AC(90~305)V;
7.Suitable for 12V storage battery.

SmartGen meets what you need! BAC1203VE, mini intelligent battery charger!

How to Test Heater in Summer?

The temperature is very high in summer, after installing engine heater but you don’t know how to test?
Engine lack of coolant liquid, heater overheat always happen?
Customers complaint and hidden danger happen occasionally?

What should we do?

SmartGen new generation heater HT10M / HT22M / HT40M emerged to solve these problems!

New features are as following:
With Test button: If heater doesn’t work or overheat indicator doesn’t light up, users can press Test button to see if the heater can work normally;

With overheat protection: When heater enters into overheat protection status, heater will stop heating. If heater temperature falls below the reset temperature limit of overheat protection thermostat(95ºC), users need to press reset button and heater enters into auto mode again.Avoid heater overheat!

kinds of heating temperature are optional ( 40ºC, 50ºC and 60ºC);

There is a water drain valve with seal ring on the bottom of the heater;

With power, heating and overheat protection light indicators;

HT10M/HT22M has same installation dimensions and installation methods as the previous generation HT10/HT22.

New heaters will continue to be updated…


CHINA TOWER is the largest telecommunications tower infrastructure service provider in the world. As of December 31, 2017, CHINA TOWER has operated, managed 1872154 sites and served 2687475 lessees. According to the Sullivan report, as of December 31, 2017 and in the whole year of 2017, CHINA TOWER ranked first among the global telecommunication tower infrastructure service providers according to the number of site, the number of lessees and the income computation.
To meet the control need of telecommunications base station generator sets, SmartGen has developed a new generation of communication base station dedicated generator sets control module-HGM4020T.

Main Functions:
Generator room temperature detection,auto start under high temperature, control air conditioning to start;
Battery voltage monitoring,auto start generator sets charging under low battery voltage;
Mains/load,mains /air conditioning ATS transfer automatically;
The mains rules can be configured, 6 start conditions can be combined;
With mains,generator sampling and display protection functions;
With current sampling display and protection functions;
With USB,RS485 communication interface;
6 relay outputs, 5 digital inputs(7 channels can be defined at most),2 analog inputs(4 channels can be defined at most);
Event log, real-time clock, scheduled start & stop generator;
Entrance guard detection function.
Small, adapt to the demand of telecommunications base station generator sets;
Feature-rich, many rules can be defined in this module;
With RS485,USB interface;
According to the size of generator sets power, ATS switching can be defined;
Generator sets auto control integrates with ATS control.

Things Go Contrary Against One’s Wishes Because of Details

A hospital in Shandong selects two 500kW gensets to be paralleled and adopts control module HGM9510. One genset is main and another genset is reserve, when mains is abnormal, the two gensets start (control module is auto mode)and close at same time.

Specific methods of trouble shooting for this problem:

1. Check MSC communication, after checking the communication is normal.

2. Check whether the programmable input is selected as “first priority”. After checking, it is selected as “first priority” and the main / reserve switch is normal.

3. Check whether the mains signal detection are in same phase. After checking, they are in same phase.

4. Check remote start input, we found that the remote start is selected as “remote start on-load”, it should be selected as “remote start on demand”, after change the failure is solved.