Cooperating with Woodward, SmartGen Will Meet You in Canton Fair

On April 15, 2018, the 123rd Canton Fair will open in spring. SmartGen will meet you in Guangzhou and we are waiting for you in Hall A 3.1 N17.

SmartGen has cooperated with Woodward recently and we just jointly issued four new products. With the holding of Canton Fair, we will bring new control solutions for the genset manufacturers around the world!





Cooperate with Woodward, Create a Win-win Future!

On March 18,2018, SmartGen celebrated the 20 years anniversary;
On April 11,2018, Woodward and SmartGen signed cooperation agreements.
In 20 years, SmartGen has made great efforts and hard work.We always believe our enterprise spirit of self-improvement and unity make perfect. So far, we have a good reputation and user acceptance in the field of genset control modules.
Woodward was established in 1870 and has nearly 150 years history. Their products mainly include fuel, combustion, fluid, actuator and electronic control systems in energy and aviation markets.They are mainly used in aero engines control(such as Boeing 737, Airbus 320, etc.), gas engine control, wind energy, ship, genset control, etc.
There are three themes of the meeting:
a.Signing cooperation agreements and Woodward product release;

b.The 20th anniversary of SmartGen and SmartGen new product release;

c.Way to Evergreen is released for the first time in the world.It indicates that the cooperation between us will have boundless prospects and build to last.

Today the signing ceremony between Woodward and SmartGen will turn over a new page in genset control modules industry. The cooperation will provide timely, reliable and perfect product services and technical support for the global genset users.
We expect the cooperation that can help your career to advance triumphantly and make great achievements!

HGM9500 Series Control Module Multiple Parallel with Grid Modes

SmartGen parallel control modules include HGM9510, HGM9520 and HGM9560. HGM9510 is multiple gensets parallel control module and is also called single unit constant power parallel with grid control module. HGM9520 control module is single unit parallel with grid control module and has multiple parallel with grid modes. HMG9560 control module is multiple units parallel with grid control module. Multiple gensets parallel before paralleling with grid and there are multiple parallel with grid modes.
Multiple Parallel with Grid Modes:
Electric Generation Constant Power Mode: After paralleling with mains, the output power of genset is constant. Redundant power outputs to mains if output power is greater than load demand; insufficient power is provided by mains if output power is less than load demand. As shown in Figure 1:

Mains Peak Clipping Mode: Setting the power value of mains on load and the power that beyond setting value is provided by gensets. As shown in Figure 2:

Mains Reception Mode: Setting mains constant received power value, the genset output power is the sum of load demand and mains constant receiving power. (Output to mains when the value of curve is negative) As shown in Figure 3:

Load Reception Mode: power supply switchover between mains and gens based on the validity of input port of remote start on load. (①: Remote start on load input is active ②: Remote start on load input is reactive) As shown in Figure 4:

AMF mode: The genset start and supply power automatically when mains is abnormal; the genset shutdown automatically and mains supply power when mains is normal. (①: Mains abnormal ②: Mains normal) As shown in Figure 5:

Island Reception Mode: Power supply switchover between mains and gens based on the validity of island input port of remote start. (①: Remote start island input is valid ②: Remote start island input is invalid) As shown in Figure 6:

Based in China, Heading toward the World

In the early spring in March, a five-person team of SmartGen went to the WOODWARD China in misty raining Suzhou. The reason for the visit is that we would like to learn the WOODWARD products series classification, the function and application of EASYGEN genset parallel controllers from their engineers.

Rain in spring is as precious as oil and there were rains everywhere. When we went out in the morning, it was still drizzling outside. Suzhou is the most beautiful place in the south of the Yangtze River. In order to enjoy the picturesque scenery, we all decided to go to the 2.5 kilometers away WOODWARD company by walk in the rain.

After arriving at WOODWARD company, we were very eager to learn. So we started to learn without a break. This lesson is still taught by our teacher, Mr. Cao who has a good temper and patience. As the saying goes, impatient teacher is not a good teacher! He is terrific!

In the process of learning, if we didn’t understand, we would asked Mr. Cao. We had a very good learning atmosphere. Mr. Cao taught us how to connect Toolki and set up software step by step until all of us had no questions. We would like to give a thumbs up to Mr. Cao again!

The learning opportunity is as precious as drizzle in spring of Suzhou. This time, we focused on easygen2000 series, easygen3000 series, 2301E digital load distribution and speed setting controller of WOODWARD. The one-day study was end in a satisfactory way in a good atmosphere. Thanks for the support of WOODWARD Suzhou company. We will continue to learn from the world brand and we hope that SmartGen’s products could be spread from China toward the world!

Romantic Turkey, Thoughtful SmartGen

“I want to take you to the romantic Turkey, and then…” Then, we don’t go to Tokyo or Paris, let’s go to Buyukcekmece which is located in beautiful Istanbul. Let’s take a look. Welcome to see the Tuyap Pavilion, covers an area of 90 acres. Welcome to see the shining A130 booth which is located at the No. 6 Electricity Pavilion, SmartGen is ready for your arrival.

The ancient Aegean Sea, the magnificent Blue Mosque, the Bosporus Bridge connecting Europe and Asia, the imaginative Cappadocia hot air balloon, the romantic Pamukkale, and your favorite SmartGen, all of them are waiting for you. Turkey can satisfy all your imagination.

Passionate Turkey, enthusiastic SmartGen, we are in Hall6-A130, on March 15-18, 2018. Don’t you come and visit?

Welcome to APM, SmartGen is Ready

SmartGen is going to attend the Asia Pacific Maritime Exhibition in Singapore, on March 14-16. Our booth number is C-E36C. The location is at Marina Bay Sands in Singapore. We sincerely invite you to come.

Land genset control modules have become the core product in market for a long time and many customers are familiar with them. For the international city– Singapore, although we have business in the area for many years, we never participate in the APM exhibition. Because we know we have to be prepared for everything. This time, we not only have the land genset control modules but also have new weapon–marine engine control modules. We are going to set out and realize our dreams.

Rain or Shine,We Are in Dubai

How time flies! This is the tenth year in a row that SmartGen has participated in Middle East Electricity Exhibition. Over the past decade, SmartGen has changed from an immature child to a hunk who continuously absorbs nutrition and continues to grow.In this exhibition, SmartGen brings genset parallel (with genset) unit, genset parallel (with main) unit, light tower control module, DC genset control module, pump control module, marine engine control module, gas genset control module, ATS control module, engine heater, charger and so on. We especially recommend the cost-effective HGM1790N control module which is very popular with customers. It has silicone panel and customized liquid crystal, with high brightness backlight and high resolution. It also can display voltage, frequency, current, power, water temperature, oil pressure, fuel level, speed, battery voltage.Our booth is in S1.C49, the special booth covering 36 square meters. It is a good position in the International Pavilion. The booth witnesses our growth. This time, our chairman and general manager also came to the booth. They specially brought Tie Guanyin, Maojian tea from hometown. Welcome all guests to visit and have a tea break.

See You in Dubai

After much longing and anticipation, the arrival of East Wind heralds the footsteps of spring are fast approaching.

There is a beautiful city,near the spectacular desert but with the world’s most luxurious buildings and beautiful beaches. It is the Dubai of the United Arab Emirates. We sincerely invite you and make an appointment with you in the 2018 Middle East Electricity Exhibition.

It has the world’s most abundant industry information, it has the world’s largest electricity exhibitor, it is one of the world’s biggest electricity exhibition– MEE Exhibition.

For ten years, we attend it every time and we are waiting for you. On March 6-8, 2018, we look forward to seeing you in S1.C49.

There are only things that you cannot imagine, nothing you cannot achieve. SmartGen will meet all your industry needs in Dubai.

Kites in the sky are increasing in number, and so are the children on the ground. People young and old, from cities or villages, every family comes out hurriedly to stretch a little and do their own things. “Make your whole year’s plans in spring”,this is a new start; there are work to do and hopes to fulfill.

SmartGen is like a vibrant youth with steel-like physique leading us forward.

SmartGen Technology wishes you a happy family!

2018 Lantern Festival, SmartGen Technology on the eve of the full moon sends you good wishes, wishes you a happy family!

The Lantern Festival
The Lantern Festival is the first important festival after the Spring Festival, is also one of the traditional festivals of China, Chinese character culture circle area and overseas Chinese. In the first month of the lunar January, the ancients said that night as “Xiao”, so the fifteenth of the 1st month of the lunar month is called the Lantern Festival.

Tradition custom: enjoy the moon, eat Yuanxiao, watch lanterns, guess lantern riddles, watch fireworks, a dragon lantern dance and a lion dance performances, walk on stilts, a land boat dance, a yangge dance and etc.

Stronger SmartGen, Better Me

The Spring Festival is coming, the place where everyone misses most is home. No matter how cold it is outside, home can always bring you warmth. The Spring Festival is approaching, all marketing elites finally get home.
——May you return with a young heart after years of fighting.A Loving Family

In 2017, sales received payments reach to 118 million yuan. The salesmen realize the dream to break 100 million for SmartGen. Although they have great success, they never feel conceited and complacent. During this reunion, they do not forget to improve themselves and follow the company’s managers to visit and study.Visit the Exhibition Hall

Because the workshop of SmartGen is all-closed, anti-static and dust-free, non-production staffs rarely have the opportunity to enter. So this is a very rare opportunity to visit. In 2017, the production line of our company added a lot of advanced equipment, automatic SMT lines added automatic loader, automatic cleaning, automatic printing, and circuit board THT AOI equipment; three proofings line increased automatic cleaning machine, UV automatic spraying, detection, drying equipment; the greatest pride is ATE16 controller function automatic test equipment which is independently researched and developed by SmartGen, it realizes the whole unmanned automatic detection.Visit the Electronic WorkshopVisit the Electrical Control Workshop

Through visited the company, the marketing team reacquainted our own “home”. Advanced production technology and strict quality control make us feel more confident about the quality of our products and have more confident in achieving the sales goal in 2018. In the future, the learning activities will continue every year. The marketing staff can know the changes in the company timely.As long as the company is stronger, we believe we will do better. At the end of the year, let us refuel our energy and be ready for the new year.