The New Period of SmartGen Marine Engine Products

SmartGen has run the marine engine products business over eight years so far. During this period, our marine engine products already won the market acceptance and we accumulated a lot of experience. From the engine control modules to engine control series, power protection series and power management series products, we can provide customers with more solutions. Marine engine products have passed the CCS and BV certification successively, so our products can serve more customers both at home and abroad.

Our marine engine products have been recognized by many customers at home and abroad. The following advantages are the reasons why clients choose our products:

R&D Ability
We have more than 70 professional R&D engineers, including computer software engineers, embedded software engineers, hardware engineers, styling engineer, structural engineers, EMC engineers, etc. Therefore, we can provide customers with more project design and solutions.

Quality Assurance
Our product testing center is the leading test base in gensets industry. The main tests include EMC test, environmental test and prototype test. EMC test includes: integrated conducted susceptibility tester, lightning surge generator, conducted susceptibility test system, intelligent ESD generator, pulse train generator and vehicle electronics conduction immunity simulator, etc. Every test we do is to ensure we can provide more secure and reliable products for customers.

Production Capacity
Not only do we have automated production lines of controllers, but we also have assembly lines of control boxes. Every process we do is to ensure our product productivity and quality.

After-sale Service
We have more than 10 offices in China and our sales network can cover the whole country. SmartGen not only provides customers with quality services, but also provides various types of product knowledge training.

Wowww!!! Smart Is Coming

Hello, my name is Smart, the mascot of SmartGen. I am a border collie who is full of positive energy.

Who are my parents? Who made me at SmartGen 20th anniversary? Please look for the answer in the following text.

For the first time, let me introduce myself. Nice to meet you!

My handsome appearance is based on border collie. It is intelligent, gentle, loyal and has strong learning ability, good understanding and communication ability. In short, it is the smartest dog.

My name comes from the English logo “SmartGen”;

My shape is round and I am full of affinity. My head slightly raises, my ears are vertical and upward. I am full of vigor and symbolize that SmartGen is full of energy and thriving;

The inner shape of my ears are triangle, reflecting the logo element of our company. My eyes were sparkling, my eyebrows are short, my mouth are raised. I am confident, joyful and energetic;

My belt is based on the shape of the Great Wall, symbolizing our corporate spirit of “Self-improvement and unity make perfect.”

In addition, I also have two sets of suit. They are business suit and superman suit. I can change them at any time, let’s talk some details about them.

Business Smart

The tie is a symbol of business people, they are mature, rigorous and trustworthy. It combines with our logo, the overall shape is the the inverted diamond, reflecting the company’s diamond quality. The collar is based on the collar of our shirt which is printed with the logo to show our demeanor. Do you think I am charming in business suit?

Superman Smart

Look, my cloak is cool! You must have seen it in film, cloak is a symbol of superman, it represents the image of a hero. SmartGen is protecting our employees like superman, our products are protecting the generators like heroes. Do you think I am cool in superman suit?

I am really appreciate all the partners of SmartGen, thanks for the mascot design group (designers who born in the 90s). I will grow with 20-year-old SmartGen, we are young and energetic, we will work with you to realize win-win in future.

Getting into Telkomsel

Indonesia, the world’s largest island country, is also known as the “Thousand Islands”. Every time we visit our clients, we go to different islands.

We have many partners in Indonesia. Perhaps when you arrive at Jakarta Airport or Surabaya Airport, you maybe suddenly find that our smart control modules have been providing security for the flights all the time.

Telkomsel, as Indonesia’s largest telecommunications company, is our long-term partner. When you buy a local mobile phone card, you could always see Telkomsel signal. The status of Telkomsel in Indonesia is just like China Mobile or Unicom in China. Today, accompanied by local agent, SmartGen walked into Telkomsel’s office to make a return visit and hold our new products’ training. The meeting is in a warmly atmosphere, which is supposed to end at noon but finally ended at the afternoon. So we had to reschedule our flight.

Thanks for our clients. Because of you, we have more motivation to improve ourselves. Because of you, we reinforce our belief that sales should not only sale products, but also provide the after-service. Whenever you need, whatever you need, SmartGen will always be here for you.

Celebrate the Festivals, Enjoy the Special Offers

Time flies. In the twinkling of an eye, Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day are coming. How should we spend the long holidays? Please get ready! The right way to spend the holidays —-pay close attention to SmartGen!

The cool breeze is pleasant, the autumn moon is bright. I miss you so much and every day seems like a year to me. Fortunately, you finally have the promotions for new products of battery charger!

To celebrate the festivals and appreciate for the support of all clients in many years, we launch the “Celebrate the Festivals, Enjoy the Special Offers” promotions. During the activity, clients could buy a certain amount of specified chargers and you could get same model chargers free.

Promotional Date
Sept. 16th to Oct. 31st, 2018

Promotional Content
1、Promotional Products: BAC1205N, BAC2403N, BAC1203VE.
2、Promotional Rules: Buy five get one free, buy ten get three free.
3、Promotional Quantity: The number of BAC1203VE is 500, the total number of BAC1205N and BAC2403N is 500. Every client could buy 50 at most, not include the complimentary products.

Buying Guide
1、Please call the regional sales manager of SmartGen.
2、Please fill in the product model, quantity and company information through scanning the QR code.

Follow the Spirit of Asian Games, Show the Demeanor of SmartGen

In order to further strengthen the construction of corporate culture and enrich the staff’s cultural life, SmartGen recently organizes a table tennis competition at the same time of the Asian Games. On August 27, 2018, our competition was officially launched in the activity room. Employees from various departments, such as Electric Control, R&D, Electronics, Quality, Equipment and Technology, took an active part in the competition.

The competition is divided into men’s singles and women’s singles. We adopt 11 points and the international table tennis rules. The whole competition process is full of challenges, the staffs forget the pressure of life and work, enjoy the competition. The competition was in a warm, friendly and festive atmosphere.

After intense competition, Chen Yajun from R&D Dept. and Su Shuaiqiang from Equipment and Technology Dept. won the champion and runner-up of the men’s singles respectively. Wang Shan from the Electronic Workshop won the champion of the women’s singles. Zhao Zisheng, Li Meng, Guo Yahui, Si Jianzheng, Wang Xiangjie and other colleagues also actively serve as the referees or service staffs. After the competition, the Enterprise Management Center also provides abundant gifts for the participants.

Through this table tennis competition, it reflects the elegant demeanor of our company, improves the interdepartmental communication, fully demonstrates the enterprising and energetic spirit of SmartGen.

The Tips of HGM6100N Series Control Module

The parameter display of ECU engine shutdown
When the control module is in shutdown mode, the parameters of engine are:

We want to check the parameters of the engine when the engine is shutdown. What should we do? Rewiring the ECU to power on? For the ECU engine, when we press the start button of control module in stop mode, the control module will power up the ECU but not start the engine, so you can check the engine parameters.

Force Start
When the generator sets need to be forced to start, the control module can compulsively start the generator set by pressing the mobile phone key and the start key at the same time. The control module does not judge the generator set crank successfully or not according to the crank successfully conditions. The departure of starter is controlled by the operator.

Screen Backlight
The control module shuts it down automatically to reduce power consumption after the backlight works for a while. If the user is not used to this function, we can turn it off. The operation is as follows: press the down key and up key at the same time, the backlight of the screen will be on or off all the time.

Automatic Identification of Flywheel Teeth
In the flywheel teeth configuration interface, flywheel teeth configuration state and frequency is greater than 20 Hz. Press the start button, the control module will automatically calculate flywheel teeth. Then press the confirmation key to change flywheel teeth.

More tips of control modules will be released later, please follow the official account of SmartGen.

New Cloud Monitoring, New Experience

SmartGen cloud monitoring, put your genset into your smart phone.
Our cloud monitoring can provide remote control, alarm analysis, real-time data message notification, event log, genset details, map navigation, maintenance reminder, operation log functions for your genset.

Face Recognition + Video Surveillance, Provide More Security
See the genset room environment, hear the genset sound and control genset by face recognition.

Real-time Data
Automatic recording the real-time data and running status of mains, generators, engines and I/O ports with visual instruments and detailed data display, parameter names support customized editing.

Event Log
Automatic recording event log, automatic cover log every three months (temporary); users can choose the optional date, time period and data to check.

Alarm Analysis
Automatic recording all data during 30 minutes around genset failure, users can define parameters to check, at the same time, the cloud monitoring can support comparative analysis up to 20 data.

Message Notification
Open the message notification, click the heart-shaped icon to follow, users can receive the message notification of genset and view the message history in the notification.

Three languages, multiple network channels, fast switching in App.

Map Navigation
Support two kinds of maps, default to Baidu in Chinese mainland, default to Google in other regions; support map statistics, map panorama, geo-location Navigate to the genset location.

Operation Log
Cloud platform records all the operation of genset through the platform, including the operator, operation account, operation items and operation time, so that all the operation records can be traced to provide running guarantee.

Maintenance Reminder
There are maintenance items, the latest maintenance time, maintenance cycle, the next maintenance time, early remind days, maintenance times and other maintenance records, users can carry out maintenance disposal, set up reminder operation, make an in-depth development combined with operation and maintenance in the future.

Date with TESLAYUN in Chengdu on Chinese Valentine’s Day

From August 17 to 18, 2018, the “Genset Cloud Monitoring Tech Seminar” sponsored by TESLAYUN was held in Chengdu. August 17 is also the Chinese Valentine’s Day, SmartGen and TESLAYUN team gathered in Chengdu, met in the cloud platform and spent a special Chinese Valentine’s Day together.

Practical operation competition
We are serious about cloud monitoring. This conference specially arranged the practical operation competition on site. From the wiring of cloud monitoring modem and control module to the function operation of PC and APP, we have done that very attentively. This is the style of SmartGen team. Maybe they are not talkers, but they are doers.

Give advice and suggestions
In order to make the cloud platform function more humanized, let the customer experience better, SmartGen will make the best cloud platform for you!
All people of SmartGen and TESLAYUN gathered together, put forward questions and discussed the solutions on site.

Through this meeting, everyone is familiar with the latest functions of platform and we solved many problems encountered in the application. We hope that SmartGen and TESLAYUN will work together to build the most professional cloud monitoring platform in genset industry.

SmartGen Won “The Best Employer in Zhengzhou”

In the selection of “2018 The Best Employer in Zhengzhou”, which was jointly sponsored by the Zhengzhou Federation of Trade Unions, Enterprise Confederation, Association of Entrepreneurs and Federation of Industry and Commerce, SmartGen, with its good brand and reputation, stood out among the numerous enterprises in the competition and won the award.

SmartGen has been adhering to the “people-oriented, scientific and efficient” management concept. We continuously explore and make improvement in the personnel training, staff care, benefits and other aspects. Our aim is that employees can work happily and develop together with our company.

Under the background of new employers economism in China, SmartGen will keep up with the times and pay more attention to the humanistic care of employees. Our company will further improve the personnel training, talent motivation&retention and actively fulfill social responsibility to better improve our employer brand!