SmartGen + TESLAYUN, Empower for Industry

From the PC era to the Internet era, and then to the mobile Internet era, it is changing all the time. Now, “Internet +” has become a new trend, traditional enterprises how to seize this opportunity to become the key to the sustainable development of enterprises. The strong combination of SmartGen + TESLAYUN is an important measure for the traditional genset industry empowerment, it is the new opportunity to seize the “Internet +”.

So how do SmartGen + TESLAYUN empower for industry?

  1. TESLAYUN team has more than 20 years of mechanical and electrical industry and 8 years of software platform operation experience, they are more professional for development of cloud platformand can understand the market situation of the industry. A more professional team can build a higher quality, and better quality will make a better future for industry.
  2.  SmartGen Technology focuses on the intelligent control of genset for 20 years. In the past 20 years, SmartGen has grown into a leader in genset control industry, and many of our customers are all over the world. Nowadays, the quality of products is praised by more customers, and SmartGen has always meet customers’ needs and constantly innovates to provide higher quality products for customers.
  1. TESLAYUN is designed and developed with SmartGen controller and the most needed application of The stability of SmartGen controller and the smoothness of the TESLAYUN system, which is a strong combination in the industry, can burst out higher performance and inject new energy into industry.
  2. SmartGen +TESLAYUN can reach a consensus on cooperation, not only is cooperation of the products each other, is that both sides have the same philosophy of cooperation and regard create value for industry as the mission. Such a concept and original heart will certainly bring great development for genset control industry.

SmartGen + TESLAYUN, inject new vitality into the industry, empower for industry!

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Go to Luoyang to Serve Customer

SmartGen Technology walked into Luoyang and visited large enterprises such as Henan Diesel Engine Industry Co., Ltd and Luoyang Cimc Lingyu Automobile Co., Ltd on July 26, 2017.

Luoyang is one of the first batch of historical and cultural cities published by State Council, and there were thirteen dynasties and 105 emperors in this city. The peony is famous for Luoyang, known as the “millennium capital, peony flower city”. There are five 5A level scenic spots, namely Longmen Grottoes, Shaolin Temple, Baiyun Mountain, Laojun Mountain and Jiguan Cave.

Luoyang is also important industrial cities in central China, is one of the key of the construction of the industrial cities in China’s first five-year plan. Luoyang has seven in 156 key projects of Soviet aid to China, is in the lead in some related to military heavy industry. In genset industry, there are some famous enterprises such as Henan Diesel Engine Industry Co., Ltd, China Yituo Group Co., Ltd.

Henan Diesel Engine Industry Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer of high speed and high power diesel engine. The company mainly produces high power diesel engine, gas genset and military and civilian general, ship and land general gensets. Henan Diesel Engine Industry Co., Ltd and SmartGen Technology have cooperation in land genset, gas genset and marine genset areas, on some national key projects have product applications, such as: Henan Art Center, a oil platform in Guangdong, a nuclear power plant and so on.

Luoyang Cimc Lingyu Automobile Co., Ltd is affiliated to Cimc Group, which has more than 2,000 employees. The company’s leading products are tanker, bus and sanitation, with an annual production capacity of 20,000 units. The product covers 31 provinces and autonomous regions of China and exports to all parts of the world. It is now in the forefront of China’s tanker industry. In 2017, Lingyu will expand remote spraying vehicle project. The spray fan is driven by a diesel genset. SmartGen Technology will cooperate with Cimc Lingyu to provide the control system of genset and garbage station backup genset for spraying vehicle.

SmartGen Technology with high quality products, good service, based in Henan, serves the whole country, goes global.

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Biogas Gen-Gen and Gen-Grid Parallel Application

At present, the clean energy in distributed energy is mainly gaseous fuel, and there are gas, biogas, etc. The combustible ingredient in the biogas is mainly methane. In our daily life, methane is the most easily produced gas from garbage accumulation, as a kind of greenhouse gas, methane is 21 times more harmful to the atmosphere than carbon dioxide. In addition, landfill gas contains toxic and carcinogenic gases, which can cause great harm to human health and ecological environment. But in recent years landfill gas as fuel power generation project gradually appear, this kind of power generation has short construction period, permanent covers and no secondary pollution, and uses the harmful gases after landfill to reach the purpose of cleaning the air. So local governments strongly support the construction of this project.

SmartGen R&D and production of HGM9530 grid parallel control system, is widely applied in medium and small power of gas genset, gas genset, coalbed gas genset control, protection and grid parallel generation. HGM9530 genset parallel with grid generation system is mainly composed of HGM9530 controller, unit bus and mains parallel grid switch controller HGM9560, AIN24 gas engine data acquisition module, DOUT16A output module, generating units can be used for its own use, excess capacity can also be online sell electricity to the State Grid, to achieve a variety of ways to turn a profit.

 Gas gensets parallel with grid application

Gas single genset parallel with grid application

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HMC9000 Series Engine Controller Pump and Main Propulsion Application

Recently, SmartGen has completed debugging of a sand mining ship in Hunan province, and has been ready to deliver to customers.

The ship is equipped with four pump units and two main propulsion units, the unit adopts Cummins engine and HMC9000 engine controller. The alarm protection and information display, local/remote data transmission and speed control performance meet customer requirements after debugging.

Picture: a sand mining ship on the scene

HMC9000 series engine controller of SmartGen can be widely applied to marine emergency units, main propulsion units, main generator units or water pump units, with remote monitoring module interface is used for remote monitoring, can start/stop remotely.

This controller integrates digitization, intelligentization and network technology, it achieves automatic start/stop, data measurement, alarm protection and “three remote” (remote control, remote measuring and remote communication).

This controller with SAE J1939 interface can communicate with ECU engines. Multiple parameters such as engine speed, water temperature, oil temperature, oil pressure can be transmitted via this communication interface and displayed on controller. This port also enables all kinds of module expansion; it combines fast data transmission, simple connections and high reliability.

More features please inquire offices.

Debugging site photos

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Breaking News, 4th SmartGen Beer Party is hot in……

Such a wonderful nightfall it was.

The air was burning and the heart was excited.

SmartGeners’ gathered on Boss Young’s yard to eat food, play games, enjoy music and drink beers.

It was too much hot, however, SmartGener’s passion is more.

Everybody, come on, let’s shock and cheers.

Original German Black Beers, sponsored by Shenzhen ZheDong

Handsome and beautiful hosts

Wonderful and Interesting Games

SmartGen Family Photo

Wish a happy and delight weekend to all SmartGeners.

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Why Does SmartGen Invest in TESLAYUN?

SmartGen Technology as the largest producer of genset in China has been recognized by users at home and abroad. With the emergence of “Internet of things +” and the improvement of intelligence level, the cloud monitoring technology of genset is increasingly concerned and valued by users of the upper and lower industrial chains.

The genset controller of SmartGen Technology has 40% market share in China, and the product is firmly in every corner of the country. To better serve customers and improve the intelligence level of the controller; cloud monitoring products came into being. At present, there are so many clouds in the market, why does SmartGen invest in TESLAYUN?

  1. TESLAYUNis designed and developed with the focus of the SmartGencontroller and the application of the user’s most concern.
  2. TESLAYUNhas more than 20 years of experience in the mechanical and electrical industry and 8 years of software platform operation.
  3. Solid hardware (controller) with smooth system (cloud), can burst out of high performance;
  4. Both SmartGenand TESLAYUNregard the create value for the industry as a mission and have the same concept of cooperation.

SmartGen and TESLAYUN are committed to jointly building an intelligent platform for the actual demand of the genset industry. The deeper cooperation of two sides will completely open up  the on-site application to the background intelligence monitoring to realize the rapid improvement of intelligent control level of genset!

20 years ingenuity, SmartGen Technology concentrates on intelligent control of genset;

TESLAYUN: as always, don’t forget the original intention.

SmartGen + TESLAYUN, give you a most satisfactory choice!

What Impact Do SmartGen + TESLAYUN Have on the Industry?

SmartGen Technology was founded in March 18, 1998, and has been committed to the R&D, production and sales of genset controller. At present, SmartGen has grown into the most trusted genset controller brand in China, which is sold at home and abroad. The main products include: land genset controller, ATS controller, marine engine controller, battery charger, engine water heater, PMS power management module, etc.

According to preliminary statistics, the total number of genset controller of SmartGen has sold nearly 400,000 units since 2011. The products are mainly used in national defense, telecommunication, data center, marine, distributed energy and other fields.

In order to better integrate the Internet of things technology, the cloud monitoring of genset comes into being. The combination of SmartGen + TESLAYUN will provide users with more practical, better and more valuable cloud monitoring solutions.

SmartGen + TESLAYUN, what you need is our professional!

SmartGen + TESLAYUN, don’t forget the original intention, trustworthy!

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2017 ATS Intelligent Control Technology Forum

40 industry elites and experts from 20 enterprises of ATS industry gathered in Zhengzhou on July 4 – July 6. Unafraid to 38 degrees of high temperature weather, witnessed the “2017 ATS Intelligent Control Technology Forum” was held successfully.

The meeting was held in the conference room of SmartGen Technology. First, the chairman of SmartGen Technology, Yang Xinzheng, delivered opening speech, Yang hope that SmartGen and partners learn together and make progress together, win-win cooperation.

There was another bright spot at the meeting. Did you find? He was the youngest man in the meeting, “young man” might be the first time to attend the meeting, seemed a little stage fright! ATS starts from the baby, we believe that the sustainable development of the industry have qualified successors. Maybe he will be an expert in ATS industry in the future!

Participants visited SmartGen. The chairman and general manager of SmartGen personally led, from R&D center, product manufacturing center to product test center. Let participants saw clearly the whole product development process, production process and quality control. People have more confidence in the reliability of products of SmartGen after the visit.

The marketing department director of SmartGen, Yao Guanbao, introduced the general situation, the company’s development and product series of application plan for everyone. Let the guests had a full understanding about SmartGen.

This forum invited the main drafter of GB14048.11 “Automatic Transfer Switching Equipment”, GB 31142 “Guidelines for Selection and Use of TSE”, the editor of CQC “Automatic Switch Electrical Voluntary Certification Implementation Rules”, Qu Degang from Shanghai Electric Appliance Science Research Institute. Qu explained to everyone the requirements of the national standards for double power switches and controllers, participants learned a lot.

The deputy director of marketing department, Gao Songwei, introduced double power supply (ATS) automatic switching controller series classification and function of application for participants.

The deputy manager of quality department, Li Peng, introduced the quality management system of SmartGen Technology. We have always uphold: “quality is the best marketing” concept, our quality policy is: science and technology innovation, quality first; customer first, sustainable development.

The deputy director of R&D center, Xu Hongzong, brought “High-end ATS Control Technology Application Scheme”. And he introduced dual oil machine power supply scheme, synchronous switching application schemes, the important load control scheme. Xu’s wonderful sharing let two who was about to go to the station of the representatives do not want to leave.

Finally, deputy general manager Luo Hong from Beijing SaiEr Media electrical department to share “challenge and development of electric power industry in Internet +”. Internet + is the current hot topic, but also the future development trend. Hope that Internet + era of double the power industry will come early.

Congratulations on the successful completion of the “2017 ATS Intelligent Control Technology Forum”. Thanks the support for the meeting from Shanghai Electric Appliance Science Research Institute and Beijing SaiEr Media. Thank all the guests for participating this meeting. Let’s look forward to the next meet together!

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The announcement of SmartGen invested TESLAYUN was just released and received enthusiastic comments from people.

Pan of the Engine House took the lead in delivering a comment:

“For the cooperation of TESLAYUN and SmartGen Technology, Xiao Bian is very promising, it should be that sentence: I just need to, and you just are professional. Genset industry is relatively small, it is very difficult to do cloud platform independently. Therefore, cloud + controller mode is probably the best.”

Chen Qingping also commented with the picture:

Everyone commented on the matter with great anticipation.

Review “cooperation principle” of SmartGen: to create value beyond expectations for customers and never stop.

“To the customer value”, SmartGen is silently practicing the promise.

What do you expect? You can also talk about it.

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With the Unchanging Original Heart to Create A Better Tomorrow!

– SmartGen Technology invests TESLAYUN  SMARTGEN(ZHENGZHOU) TECHNOLOGY., LTD. announced a major investment announcement on July 5, 2017: SmartGen Technology increases capital 2.5 million yuan for TESLAYUN in cash, TESLAYUN is valued at 20 million yuan, SmartGen Technology holds a total of 13.5% stake in TESLAYUN after the completion of the capital.

SmartGen Technology was founded in 1998, SmartGen Technology was listed on NEEQ in 2014. 20 years of ingenuity, we have focused on the R&D, production and sales of hardware such as genset controller. At present, SmartGen Technology has rapidly grown to be the first in China, the world’s third genset controller manufacturer.

TESLAYUN is one of the earliest enterprises engaged in the development of cloud platform of genset in China. The entrepreneurial team has more than 20 years of electromechanical industry experience and 8 years of software platform development and operation background. TESLAYUN regards the lead the development of the industry as its mission, and is committed to providing the full process monitoring, trading and financial services for the electromechanical industry chain, creates value for customers continuously.

It is a milestone in the history of the two companies. SmartGen Technology and TESLAYUN regard genset controller of SmartGen Technology as foothold, keep up with industry trends, meet market and customer demand continuously, so as to create the most practical and considerate cloud service platform in the industry!

The combination of SmartGen Technology and TESLAYUN indicates the two sides will integrate advantage resources in a more close way, push forward the intelligent process of the industry, to inject new vitality with a fresh style for the genset industry!

SmartGen Technology hand in hand TESLAYUN to create intelligent tomorrow of genset industry with the unchanging original heart!

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