Defender in the Extreme Environment – HGM8100N Series

Have you ever had such trouble — the controller can’t resist the cold in the cold winter? Have you ever had such an experience, pour a glass of water on the ground will instantly evaporate in the hot summer, and the controller can’t resist hot? Have you ever had such a worry — in a complex environment with high electromagnetic interference, the controller can’t work because of the lack of ability of strong electromagnetic compatibility? There are specially designed HGM8100N series genset controllers for extreme environments, dispel your worry and concern, solve your worries perfectly!

HGM8100N series controllers have two main functions:

The controller adopts VFD display or LCD and the components that resist extreme temperature, it can make sure normal work for extremely high/low temperature environment (-40~+70)°C.
Controller has strong ability of anti-electromagnetic interference, can be used under complex electromagnetic interference environment.


HGM8100N series genset controllers keep work in all kinds of extreme environment, it is convenient to use!

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Crack Down on Fake and Shoddy, We Have a Strong Determination!

                                      Anti-counterfeiting Declaration

With the development of SMARTGEM(ZHENGZHOU) TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD, our products have gained recognition from more and more customers and have high popularity and market share in the domestic and international industry. However, recently we find some units or individual without the permission of the patent holder to manufacture or counterfeit our patent product, then sell counterfeit products through various sale forms; appear the phenomenon of using package image on the market and similar appearance to imitate our products; even some individual users know there are counterfeit products, but they still buy and use them. The behavior of units or individual damages the legitimate rights and interests of my company and consumers seriously, disturbs the normal market order, but also trampled on the dignity of the national laws and regulations.

According to the “Patent Law of the People’s Republic of China”, “Trademark Law of the People’s Republic of China” and other laws and regulations relevant provisions, and SMARTGEM(ZHENGZHOU) TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD solemnly declare:

Any unit or individual without the permission of my company can’t be manufactured for the purpose of manufacturing, offering for sale, selling and using my company’s patented product or against my company’s registered trademark. Hope that relevant units or individuals to immediately stop all forms of infringement behavior, otherwise my company will take legal ways to stop and crack down on illegal behavior.

Related enterprises and individuals, shall not use suspected infringing products. Have been used or are using the infringing product units or individuals immediately stop using.

Welcome manufacturers and consumers to report various violations, to jointly maintain the market order.

From now on my company has full authority Zhengzhou branch of Beijing Hualian law firm to deal with the related issues of maintaining legal rights.

 Hereby certify !

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Winter solstice comes Dumpling fragrance Cold winter warm

Winter solstice comes again, Cold wind outside the window, indoor is harmonious, several “top chefs” came to offer support and the little experts of making dumplings, and dumplings of SmartGen have strong home taste.

Look, these dumplings are filled with food material and heavily round, and highlight the open-minded and bold in the north;

These dumplings are delicate and beautiful, present the delicate and clever in the south.

Ingot shaped dumplings, crescent dumplings, big head doll dumplings…

Dedicated people is the most beautiful

It’s time to have lunch. It is warm and sweet to have these hot dumplings.

Busy colleagues in the other side of the earth, and colleagues have been campaigning in the motherland across great river north and south, your dumplings, we keep them for you!

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