SmartGen | 2021 SmartGen ATS Control Technology Exchange Meeting Opened

3-day ATS control technology exchange meeting was held in Zhengzhou from April 13 to 15, 2021. This meeting coincided with the third day of the third lunar month, the Xinchou ancestor worship ceremony of Yellow Emperor’s hometown was grandly held at his birthplace in Xinzheng, Henan. The Chinese people from home and abroad gathered in Henan to visit the human ancestor Yellow Emperor, promote the Yellow River culture, and pray for the prosperity of the Chinese nation. They praised same origin and ancestor, prayed peace and harmony. ATS industry leaders and experts from all over the country came to Zhengzhou to discuss the industry technology application and the current problems, and look forward to the development trend of the future products.

The leaders and enterprises participating in this meeting mainly include: Mr. Qu Degang, senior expert in ATSE industry, Schneider Electric, Beijing Bevone, Shanghai Nader, XJ Group Corporation, Shenyang SIWO, Suzhou Feiteng, Wuxi Hankwang, DAQO KFINE, Foretech, Irongxk, Jiangsu U·PRO, AISIKAI, SUYANG, OPOUTIL, Lovato Electric, Wuxi SOTOC, Cangzhou Xingyu, Fujian Yihua, Guangzhou Wanon and other related company.

Firstly, Cui Wenfeng, general manager of SmartGen, welcomed everyone and introduced the company’s development history, current situation and future development plan.

Yao Guanbao, marketing director of SmartGen, introduced the company’s current situation, product series and product solutions.

Zhouwei, director of ATS division, introduced product series and main application filed of ATS controller.

Mr. Qu, senior expert in ATSE industry, shared ATSE technology analysis report and elaborated from five aspects: ATSE technology, structure, main research topic, BTSE and MV-TSE. He also put forward guidance for the function, performance, specification and development of industry products. The representatives attended the meeting listened carefully to his wonderful sharing.

Shui Qinghua, SmartGen R&D center, introduced three powers, bustie and intelligent control technology of fast-transfer in detail.

Zhangwei, SmartGen R&D center, introduced bypass, MV control technology and future development products in detail.

Leaders and experts visited SmartGen dust-free automatic production workshop, product testing center and R & D center together, and had a deeper understanding of SmartGen’s R & D, production and quality management system.

Everyone expressed their affirmation and support for the ATS control technology exchange meeting, which was an in-depth exchange of ATSE control technology. We gathered in Zhengzhou to look forward to the future of ATS industry, make suggestions and contribute to high-quality power supply, reliable operation of equipment and safe transfer. I believe that with the joint efforts of a group of doers, made in China will be better tomorrow!

Time together is always too short, looking forward to next time to meet again. Welcome to the open Henan! Welcome to your hometown Henan!


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