Big Control Module, Great Wisdom

Few years ago, we saw the easYgen3000XT control module for the first time from a customer. We were shocked by the big size. Why should the genset paralleling control module be so large? Does it sell more expensive? Finally, the customer told us: big size is for the powerful functions! Now we have the opportunity to get close to easYgen3000XT series and understand that “big control modules have great wisdom”.



So what are the smart functions of them?

  • Product Features
    Paralleling applications for up to 32 generators;
    Complete mains,generator and engine protection;
    Multiple operation modes: peak shaving, stand-by, AMF, emergency operation or import/export operation;
    easYgen3100XT/3200XT can realize 2 breakers open/close control of mains and gens;
    easYgen3400XT/3500XT can connect with up to 16 LS-5 circuit breaker controls to realize control of complex distribution systems having tie breakers;
    LogicsManager and AnalogsManager functions can meet the complex control requirements of customers;
    3 freely configurable PID;
    Multi-lingual capability, up to 14 languages.
  • Important Functions
    he voltage and current adopt RMS measured value and the accuracy is 0.5%;
    4 modes: AUTO, MANUAL,TEST and STOP;
    Synchronization:±slipping, phase matching;
    Fast start synchronization enables multiple generators to synchronous load(easYgen3400XT/3500XT);
    Transformer synchronization and adjust azimuth;
    The home page can be configured;
    2 editable interfaces are used to monitor custom data;
    6 editable alarm levels and 16 freely configurable alarms;
    Up to 19 analog inputs (3 on equipment, support 16 external extensions);
    Analog input supports resistance, voltage and current sensor;
    Up to 6 analog outputs (2 on equipment, support 4 external extensions).

Communication interface

easYgen3500XT + LS-5 Application
easYgen3500XT + LS-5 have many flexible application solutions for complex systems. They are the first choice for data center and complex system applications.

easYgen3000XT Series Model

RP-3000XT Remote Monitoring Panel

  • Color touch display panel;
    Screen size 7 “;
    Resolution 800 x 400;
    RP-3000XT are compatible with all easYgen-3000XT;
    easYgen software will continue to upgrade in the future, but the remote monitoring panel will remain unchanged;
    RP-3000XT only supports easYgen-3000XT control modules (not support easYgen-3000 control modules);
    Automatically detect all easygnXT control modules which connect to Ethernet;
    No need for any easygenXT relevant configuration files.

SmartGen is the exclusive authorized distributor of WOODWARD company easYgen600/1600 and easYgen800/1800 single control module in China. We are also one of China’s regional agents of paralleling series products such as easYgen2000, easYgen3000XT, LS-5, SPM and PG+ gas control systems.

Like we said, “Maybe you’re looking for a suitable module and we have it!” If you need these big control modules or WOODWARD other products, please contact with the marketing department of SmartGen.


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