Rare Phenomenon: The First Generation Works with the Newest

16 years ago, in the summer of 2002, two sets SmartGen first generation genset auto start control modules (mains sampling) GAM-IVe started to serve the communications department and formed the power system of “two gens and one mains”.

Since then, our control modules have been work for 5800 days and never stopped.

After 16 years, one of them has faults and has been changed to the latest model HGM6120NC.

The phenomenon of “the first generation works with the newest” has rarely appeared. We all believe that whey will surely cooperate with each other and fight side by side!

Where did our control modules serve? At the seaside, they have just served the “SCO”.
Who made you 16 years ago? Who dressed you up? Those who sent you will wait for you to come home, clean the dust during a journey for you and write your name in the history of SmartGen.


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