The Control Module Follows up the Euro V Emission Standard

With the implementation of the Three-stage emission standard for non-road mobile machinery, new demands have been put forward for the instrument and controller matched with the engine. Based on more than 20 years of development experience and combined with the market demand of air compressor, SmartGen has developed a diesel-driven air compressor controller that meets the Euro V emission standard –ACC4100.

Its specific functions are as follows:
1. With DPF regeneration function, which meets the Euro V emission standard;
2. With CANBUS interface, automatically adjust the speed according to the set pressure;
3. With RS485 interface, which supports 4 remote functions (remote regulation, remote control, remote signal, remote telemetry);
4. 6 channels of self-defined input of analog (voltage type, resistance type, current type), which can collect exhaust pressure, exhaust temperature and other air compressor parameters;
5. Optional speed and oil pressure when starting motor out of condition;
6. 10 kinds of maintenance reminder of historical record are available;
7. Event log
8. Manual load/unload keys and control;
9. With USB interface, DC+5V power supply output
10. With 7 relay output, 6 switch input;
11. With 3 way optional configuration (diffferent pressure working conditions)

With internal combustion engine control as the core, SmartGen has successively launched a series of engineering machinery controllers. It covers lighthouse unit controller (ALC708, ALC704, ALC404), pump unit controller (APC715, FPC915, APC615, PFC615, HEM4100, HEM4000), engine CAN monitor HEM8400, air compressor controller ACC4100 and other related products.

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