The BookCrossing Station: Read and Relax

At the end of May, people are intoxicated with the scent of flowers and fruits in the garden of SmartGen, as well as the slight fragrance of books in the office building.

As the saying goes,” Either your body or soul must be on the way “. Nothing can prevent our colleagues to sublimate their souls!

Therefore, the “BookCrossing Station” of SmartGen is launched!

The BookCrossing Station is located on the first floor of the office building. Come here to keep away from the noise and find peace of mind after the busy work. Hope we can constantly improve and grow in reading. Let’s live a healthy life and work happily together.

Attention! The first batch of books are ready. Please see the photos!

Action speaks louder than words. Come and borrow books at the BookCrossing Station!

PS: Bookmarks are at the top of the bookshelf, please help yourselves.

We are looking forward to meeting you and growing together. And welcome to bringing the idle books and sharing them.

The process of giving, borrowing and returning books
Scan the following QR code,
place the book neatly or take it away.


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