China Yongxing Island Route, I Escort

By He Guoqing from Powertec Generator System Co., Ltd.

How time flies, I remember the last time to Sansha is two and a half years ago. It was the first time to come the south gate of the motherland, we arrived Yongxing island of Sansha main island after through 18 hours ship to visit customer Civil Aviation Air Traffic Management Bureau Sansha Station, because Sansha is going to build airport and needs genset main power.

We knew the using environment is very bad from customer, high temperature, high humidity, high salt-fog, customer had used a lot of imported units, the use of the time was not more than 2 years, cylinder, tank corrosion and electrical ball were corroded directly, unable to use.

Combined with customer requirements and the site environment, we had a meeting to talk with technical and engineering department after I returned to the Powertec company, finally we gave the optimal technical scheme and chose Stanford Marine generator Cummins engine + Stanford Marine generator+ SmartGen intelligent controller. It adopted circulating cooling method of sea water heat exchanger, all the parts and hardware used standard for marine engineering equipment.

The plan received recognition from customer, the following installation and debugging were passed customer acceptance.

Today once again we come to the beautiful Sansha, revisit the customer, have a sense of accomplishment. The genset we provide has been working for two years without any fault.

Sansha has navigated, Powertec genset to provide power supply for 2 years for Sansha flights, I believe the future will also continue to provide high-quality power supply solution for Sansha construction!

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