Application Case︱HMC9000A on the Yacht

Since the launch of marine products, these products of SmartGen have been recognized by the customers gradually with the features of high reliability, rich function and good applicability.

The HMC9000A is equipped with electric screen LCD display, which is used for genset automation and monitor control system of single unit to achieve automatic start/stop, data measurement, alarm protection. CAN1939 interface of HMC9000A diesel engine controller with multiple protocols allows its communication with ECU engines. Multiple parameters such as engine speed, water temperature, oil temperature, oil pressure can be transmitted via this communication interface and displayed on LCD. It can be connected to a remote control module that will perform remote start, remote stop and other functions.

Recently, the HMC9000A controller appears on the engine of yacht again and it completes debugging successfully. Once again it has proved that our marine products are gradually mature and receive the recognition from the customers.


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