WOODWARD Advanced Paralleling Control Module

–easYgen-3200 Series Paralleling Control Module

SmartGen starts the strategic cooperation with WOODWARD in 2018. At present, we can not only provide easYgen series single unit control modules to customers, but also provide easYgen-3200 series advanced paralleling control modules and complex paralleling solutions.

easYgen-3200 Series Features

1. Home page display screen is configurable, two editable screens can be used to monitor customer customized data;

2. With high flexibility and easy to set up;

3. Realize the external PLC function through internal logic management/analog management function;

4. The isolated measurement input, relay output, analog output and communication channel enhance the external anti-interference ability of system;

5. Can communicate with devices via Ethernet or USB and has the functions of online using documents and system updating, which enhances the maintainability of customer system;

6. With complete mains, generator and engine protection functions, no need to use the extra power detection and protection relay;

7. Multi-lingual capability: English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese, Russian, Turkish, Polish, Slovakian, Finnish, Swedish;

8. Can detect generator, mains and bus parameters and has perfect mains, generator and engine protection;

9. Supporting up to 32 generators parallel, with peak clipping, standby, AMF and other modes, with emergency operation or mains input/output operation;

10. Can control up to two circuit breakers open/close transfer control;

11. With active and reactive load distribution and dispatching start functions among gensets with same or different rated power;

12. Logic management and simulation management functions can meet the complex control requirements of customers;

13. With 3 freely configurable PID.


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