Things Go Contrary Against One’s Wishes Because of Details

A hospital in Shandong selects two 500kW gensets to be paralleled and adopts control module HGM9510. One genset is main and another genset is reserve, when mains is abnormal, the two gensets start (control module is auto mode)and close at same time.

Specific methods of trouble shooting for this problem:

1. Check MSC communication, after checking the communication is normal.

2. Check whether the programmable input is selected as “first priority”. After checking, it is selected as “first priority” and the main / reserve switch is normal.

3. Check whether the mains signal detection are in same phase. After checking, they are in same phase.

4. Check remote start input, we found that the remote start is selected as “remote start on-load”, it should be selected as “remote start on demand”, after change the failure is solved.


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