Thanks being there with SmartGen

——-SmartGen’s products energize the Malaysian market

A stable client relationship is never achieved overnight, it comes from the extreme grinding of details, the deep understanding of customer needs.

SmartGen’s products first involved in Malaysian market when most of the local manufacturers used European and American brands, and most of the electricity boxes were meters, not controllers. After several tests of SmartGen’s products, the customers gradually established a stable cooperative relationship with us, including HONG TAK ENGINEERING SDN BHD and HONG SENG POWER SDN BHD, the two largest manufacturers in Malaysia. We also appreciate our agent Wise Pro Sdn Bhd for years like a day of publicity, meticulous training for customers and after-sales service, so that SmartGen’s products could enjoy professional technical services overseas and then establish a good reputation. Blooming out of the bright youth of SmartGen in the market examing view.

Thanks for our customers, our pace is more steadfast. We are willing to be a dream chaser who is determined to go forward.


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