Technical Improvement on Parallel Connection of 9 Onan Gensets, HGM9510 Can Do It

By general manager of Xin Wang Yuan, Zhang Guicai

Nine sets of genset of a Japanese enterprise in Shenzhen (6 sets of 1120kw, 2 sets of 1340kw, a 560kw) and requires that use the most simple rebuilding way in parallel units cabinet to shorten the construction period as far as possible, avoid shutdown during power outage on Christmas day, 2016.  .

The original units are Cummins PCC3100 control system, and parallel units cabinet are all GAC LS201 power module and SYC6714 synchronous control board. But because the units are more than 10 years, speed and voltage regulation performance is not good, and parallel units cabinet is also produced by different manufacturers, according to the introduction of customer, automatic synchronization and automatic power distribution have no effect, it needs manual regulation parallel units completely by 4 and 5 people and power sharing when power failure, often appears the phenomenon of system crash and all the whole trip. According to customer’s requirement, in order to reduce the cost and time limit for a project to keep the original unit local control box, so HGM9510 adopts control genset on/off by using power management mode and power sharing. Rebuilding process adopts two sets of two sets one by one to rebuilding, to change the route and debugging unit at the same time, then rebuilding the next two units, so that we can ensure that there are units to use when power failure in the process of rebuilding. Retain the original parallel units screen pointer table and synchronous table, so that observe unit operation data intuitively.

After four days, completed nine units and rebuilding and debugging of parallel cabinet on December 27th, 2016. One-time parallel units of nine sets is successful, stable operation for 20 minutes and power sharing balance, obtains high praise from customer.

System operation is simple, rapid parallel units and stable operation after rebuilding; it reduces the workload of operators and improves the success rate of the system parallel units and stable operation, and it provides a reliable guarantee for stable power supply and ensuring the production.

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