Stronger SmartGen, Better Me

The Spring Festival is coming, the place where everyone misses most is home. No matter how cold it is outside, home can always bring you warmth. The Spring Festival is approaching, all marketing elites finally get home.
——May you return with a young heart after years of fighting.A Loving Family

In 2017, sales received payments reach to 118 million yuan. The salesmen realize the dream to break 100 million for SmartGen. Although they have great success, they never feel conceited and complacent. During this reunion, they do not forget to improve themselves and follow the company’s managers to visit and study.Visit the Exhibition Hall

Because the workshop of SmartGen is all-closed, anti-static and dust-free, non-production staffs rarely have the opportunity to enter. So this is a very rare opportunity to visit. In 2017, the production line of our company added a lot of advanced equipment, automatic SMT lines added automatic loader, automatic cleaning, automatic printing, and circuit board THT AOI equipment; three proofings line increased automatic cleaning machine, UV automatic spraying, detection, drying equipment; the greatest pride is ATE16 controller function automatic test equipment which is independently researched and developed by SmartGen, it realizes the whole unmanned automatic detection.Visit the Electronic WorkshopVisit the Electrical Control Workshop

Through visited the company, the marketing team reacquainted our own “home”. Advanced production technology and strict quality control make us feel more confident about the quality of our products and have more confident in achieving the sales goal in 2018. In the future, the learning activities will continue every year. The marketing staff can know the changes in the company timely.As long as the company is stronger, we believe we will do better. At the end of the year, let us refuel our energy and be ready for the new year.


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