SmartGen | We Helps 123m Reefer “Fuyuan Yuyun 266” Go to Sea

Recently, 123m reefer “Fuyuan Yuyun 266” has completed first open sea operation and returned with full cargos. It is built by Fujian Changxing Shipbuilding Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. It is 123.30 meters in length, 18.50 meters in width, 10.50 meters in depth, 6.80 meters in design draft, 7000 tons in deadweight, 14.5 knots in service speed with 4 refrigerated fish holds, which is the first reefer built according to unlimited navigation area standard in Fujian Province and the largest reefer currently in Fujian area.

Launching Ceremony of “Fuyuan Yuyun 266” Ship

“Fuyuan Yuyun 266” after Trial Trip

Its main switchboard adopts 4 SmartGen HMC6 multi-master power management controllers to realize automatic scheduling and protection between 3 DGs and 1 SG. SG can stably parallel with diesel genset to supply power for load during open sea voyage. During the debugging process of power station, SmartGen personnel works together with the manufacturer of main switchboard, project manager of shipyard, shipowner’s representatives and genset manufacturer to ensure the power station passes acceptance of Classification Society with high standard. This is another successful application of SmartGen marine control products in marine automatic power station field.

Main Switchboard of 123m Reefer “Fuyuan Yuyun 266”

123m Reefer “Fuyuan Yuyun 266” Power Management System Composed of 4 HMC6

SmartGen Marine Engine Control & Power Station Power Management Solution Diagram

After more than 10 years of unremitting efforts, the fully domestic marine engine intelligent control and power station power management solution formed by the combination of MGCP100B/L-2 diesel engine control box and HMC6 power management controller specially developed by SmartGen for marine diesel engine, is widely applied in offshore platforms, offshore wind power booster stations, luxury yachts, public service ships, ro-ro passenger ships, container ships, bulk ships, crude oil carriers, refined oil carrier, full-rotating tugs and other ships. The products have been highly praised by end users.

SmartGen full series marine products have passed BV type approval in March, 2021. By now, SmartGen marine engine controller, distributed IO module, MGCP100B/L-2 series diesel engine control box, HMC6 power management system and power protection module have been certified by CCS and BV.


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