SmartGen | Warmly celebrate the launch of “SmartGen Cloud Plus”

March 18th, a good day to celebrate, which is another wonderful day for SmartGen in the lively spring.

In order to thank you for your company and support over the years, the “SmartGen Cloud Plus” self-developed by SmartGen is officially launched today after many months of internal testing!

It is mainly applied to the intelligent monitoring of SmartGen series products in remote areas, with the following functions and features:

High concurrent equipment connection, low latency monitoring data, high customized and friendly interface;
User can add, modify or delete equipment information independently;
With subscribe and unsubscribe functions, can realize the monitoring and viewing of other user equipment;
Websocket is used to actively push the data of cloud monitoring module, and the client can display in real time with less network traffic;
Support three clients: mobile Android version, web version, PC version;
Auto push alarm information;
Available languages: Simplified Chinese, English, and Traditional Chinese.

1.“SmartGen Cloud Plus” Web Version:

1) “Homepage” intuitively display the unit numbers, running time, and accumulated power generation

2) Data measuring and display, equipment monitoring

3) History data viewing and download

4) Equipment information (location, status) viewing

5) “My Unit”displays the status of all units (running, at rest, offline, alarm)

6) Alarm push

7) Alarm analysis

8) Unit sharing

2.”SmartGen Cloud Plus” Android Phone Terminal

“SmartGen Cloud Plus” APP: QR code Android phone downloading.

Scan the QR code with your browser to download

1) Monitoring, real-time data, history data

2) Add unit, subscribe equipment

3) Map and language

4) Permission setting

5) Alarm analysis

6) Operation video demonstration

3.Simulation Unit Experience
Subscribe the unit and experience the “SmartGen Cloud Plus” through the “Subscription” function.
Cloud modem ID: 36323536323751050056001F
Subscription number: 123456

“SmartGen Cloud Plus” is mainly committed to providing intelligent cloud monitoring services to users in the industry. We strive for quick access to the cloud platform, simple operation, and constantly improve the intelligent monitoring level of various equipment. Because this is only the release of version 1.0, there will be some shortcomings at the beginning. Welcome to give us feedback and suggestions. We will continue to update and optimize it, and build a professional cloud service platform that best suits the industry demand. Let’s witness the vigorous development of “SmartGen Cloud Plus” together.
We are grateful to have your company along the way.


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