SmartGen | “SmartGen” Involved in Malawi Base Station Project

Recently, Malawi base station project, located in the southeastern Africa, has applied multi-genset with SmartGen control module HGM4020T, and cloud monitoring module CMM366A-4G, can realize unit intelligent control via SmartGen cloud platform. Thus, all data is under control without going out.

On-site Pictures

HGM4020T genset controller is especially designed for communication base station and its functions are completely followed by the actual situation of the base station.

Main features
1. Machine room temperature detection, auto start in high temperature, control room air conditioner start-up;
2. Battery pack voltage monitoring, genset will start automatically to charge the battery pack if the voltage is low;
3. Dual power ATS transfer of mains/load, mains/air conditioner;
4. Mains has rules can be configured, 6 start conditions combination;
5. With mains, gen sampling display and protection functions;
6. With current sampling display and protection function;
7. With USB, RS485 communication port;
8. 6-way relay outputs, 5 digital inputs (max. 7-way can be defined), 2-way analog inputs (max. 4-way can be defined);
9. Event log, real-time clock, scheduled start/stop;
10. Access monitoring function.

1. Small size, suitable for the unit demand of telecom base station;
2. Multifunctional, multiple built-in rules can be defined;
3. With RS485, USB port;
4. Define dual ATS transfer according to the unit power;
5. Integrated genset auto control and ATS control.

Cloud monitoring module in the case: CMM366A-4G

SmartGen cloud platform

Moreover, the all-in-one machine developed and produced by SmartGen has been released.

The all-in-one controller has a built-in network communication module, which enables the genset to access to the Internet. After the controller is registered to the cloud platform, the data information of the genset (including GPS location, altitude, etc.) will be uploaded to the corresponding cloud server in real time, and users can monitor the genset and query the operation status and event log in real time through phone APP (IOS or Android system), computer and other terminal devices. At the same time, the controller parameters can be configured via the cloud server and the network communication module also has SMS function.

SmartGen All-in-one Controller—HGM7220N/S

SmartGen, making control easier!


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