SmartGen | Don’t read the past, not afraid of the future

She is not a financial officer, but she is very good at calculating;
She is not a salesperson, but she is well versed in negotiating;
She is not a warehouse keeper, but she knows the inventory well;
In the eyes of her colleagues, she is a efficient purchasing agent;
In the eyes of her leader, she is a very trustworthy person.
She is a reassuring, intimate and warm-hearted colleague in the purchasing department: Zhang Xuejing.

In March 2011, she joined SmartGen. At that time, she had three months to graduate from university; When she first arrived, her serious and diligent look was very attractive. With her tenacity, she dealt with work with great facility and tried her best to be more excellent.

She knows that the biggest responsibility of procurement is to serve the company with the shortest delivery time, the highest quality materials, and the lowest cost. To do this well, you need to actively communicate and coordinate with suppliers and various departments of the company: coordinating project progress with R&D engineers, communicating with technical colleagues to improve material models, going to the warehouse to check the lack of materials… No matter which department you go to, you will always meet her busy figure.

Since 2020, due to the impact of the global epidemic, the supply of many materials has been difficult, and the price has increased greatly. She has made cost control and on-time delivery as the most important work. She guaranteed the company’s production needs, ensured product quality, and avoided transaction risks by negotiating and signing new framework agreements with suppliers through multiple price comparisons and negotiations, and urging suppliers to deliver on time through various methods.

When the delivery date and materials were abnormal, she often gave up the rest time to work overtime to solve various abnormal problems. During the maternity leave in 2018, she only took a rest for more than two months and voluntarily asked to return to work. She hardly took lactation leave for the next year. After a minor operation in 2021, she voluntarily asked to return to work when her right hand could not be fully moved. The leader rejected her application, but she said, “It’s okay, I’m fine all over except for my left hand! I start working earlier, and other colleagues will have less trouble.” She was such an employee who was diligent, dedicated, responsible, and always considerate of others!

Time goes by, and years will not stop because of anyone. Ten years of time can take away the years, but can’t take away the accumulated skills. Every effort will not be disappointed, every persistence will be rewarded. Xuejing has been rated as the company’s outstanding staff and benchmarking staff for many times. In 2019, she also won the first prize of lean improvement activities. Behind the honor and applause were ten years of persistence and dedication!

The original intention is easy to get, but it is always difficult to stick! May everyone can be like Xuejing, don’t read the past, not afraid of the future. Let dreams realize their due value, and let struggle become the most beautiful background of youth!


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