SmartGen | Air Compressor Controller + Industrial Remote Control

Mobile diesel air compressor is widely applied for occasions like mining, road construction. It is flexible to move and easy to use. The equipment mostly works in the environments of high temperature, low temperature, dust, snow and rain, vibration, crash, etc.

In order to ensure the safe and reliable running of diesel air compressor, the rear panel of ACC7100A adopts full-sealed structure, whose protection level can reach IP60. The front panel protection level can reach IP65, which can effectively prevent foreign matters like dust from entering controller inside.

ACC7100A main functions and characteristics:

1.Working temperature (-40°C~+70°C), suitable for low temperature and tough environments;
2.With DPF regeneration function, meet Euro V emission standard;
3.8-way analog inputs, supports voltage, current, resistance type sensors;
4.Automatically adjust speed to make it steady according to venting pressure of the air compressor;
5.Can circularly record the detailed information of 5 events (50s before event occurs, 10s after event occurs);
6.CANBUS, RS485, USB ports;
7.Load/unload control, maintenance reminder functions;
8.With lock/unlock function, it can realize remote locking and unlocking, which is convenient for the management of the unit;
9.With override mode, it can be applied in emergency conditions to protect the air compressor set without stopping.

In the construction site, there is distance between diesel air compressor and operating personnel. In order to reduce the movement of operating personnel and improve efficiency, SmartGen has developed one industrial remote control: HRC200R (remote control), HRC200M (receiver), which can be applied for the remote start/stop, load/unload control of air compressor.

Main functions and characteristics:

1.With LoRa wireless transmission module, can realize remote start, stop, load, unload, emergency stop and other functions;
2.With remote control distance of more than 200m, 15 optional communication channels;
3.Remote control is powered by 4 AA batteries, protection level can reach IP65;
4.Receiver has RS485 port, 5-way digital outputs, 2-way digital inputs;
5.Receiver can be used with controller via RS485 or digital signal.


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