SmartGen丨The ideal shines the future

The ideal is stone, knocks out sparks of fire;
The ideal is fire, lights the dying lamp;
The ideal is lamp, shines the road of night;
The ideal is road, guides you to dawn.

When you walk into the R&D center, you see that most of them are male colleagues and few female colleagues.

But it’s not the first time I hear the new colleague say: she is not our R&D colleague, right? The person who is engaged in R&D is ……

There is a touch of red among the green leaves. The person who makes your eyes light is Dong Junli, the hardware engineer of R&D center.

Bravely Pursue Ideals

She graduated from university in 2009. She ignored the so-called “employment confusion”, carried a few simple luggage, took root in the product development work of SmartGen based on the love of profession.

For decades, from product panel design to hardware design, from component selection to schematic circuit drawing, from PCB drawing to hardware testing, from problem solving to experience summary, she thought independently, worked steadily, implemented and interpreted the rigour and perseverance of R&D people.

The hardware design work was trivial, but she always demanded herself by strict standards. The receivers said every drawing and document she did was the most reliable.

She has achieved excellent results in various activities such as “PCB Appraisal” and “Hardware Design Experience Sharing”; She shared her experience with her colleagues without reservation in daily work. She often said that “Everyone knows it, and they can avoid taking a wrong path.” The simple word told the truth: Experience lies in inheritance. She not only had to do well by herself, but also led and influenced every colleague around her to do well!

Fruitful But Humble

For decades, she has participated in many new product project research and key projects. Not only has she been deeply involved in current product areas but she has participated in the development of many new products, such as high-end three-power ATS controller series products, engineering machinery controller series products, forced circulating heaters, diesel air compressor controllers , 8-inch touch screen monitor, etc.

She was an “excellent employee” for many years, and obtained a total of nearly 50 patents. Every time she received honors and faced praise, she always smiled shyly: “It’s nothing, i just do my job.”

The green sunflowers in the garden are covered with morning dew, and the morning dew disappears as soon as the sun rises.
She is like a sunflower, running hard towards the sun.
She is also the epitome of every SmartGeners, shining the future with ideal.


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