SmartGen丨spare no efforts and never fail your trust!

The loveliest people, take one for the team, stick to their posts become the most beautiful scenery of SmartGen.

In order to meet the users’ requirements and guarantee the delivery time, SmartGen people in all workshops will end the National Day holiday ahead of schedule to strive for the production. Supply Chain Center, Quality Control and other relevant departments will fully assist and attack to the target!

Never slacken off and concentrate efforts to guarantee the products delivery is the what SmartGen people are doing. The lovely SmartGen people sacrificed to reunite with their families, raced against time and worked hard, demonstrating the SmartGen spirit of “self-improvement and unity make perfect”. They paid silently in their ordinary posts to present gifts for the 72nd birthday of the motherland!

Thanks to users for their trust in SmartGen, and salute the professionalism of SmartGen people!
SmartGen will spare no pains and never fail your trust!


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