Coming from the Society, Contribute to the Society

— the social responsibility of the enterprise

Corporate social responsibility(CSR) refers to the enterprise should undertake responsibility to employees, consumers, community and environmental while creating profits and to shareholders bear legal responsibility. Corporate social responsibility is mainly manifested in eight aspects:

1, Courtesy and honesty: not only to ensure the authenticity protect the interests of consumers, but also to achieve the courtesy and honesty for suppliers and partners.

2, Scientific development: any enterprise in the development, cannot just short-term, regardless of the long-term; Only partial, regardless of the global. Always follow the scientific concept of development.

3, The sustainable development: China is a country with a shortage of resources, enterprise must stand on the position of global, adhere to sustainable development.

4, Protect the environment: with the development of global economy, the worsening environment, enterprise must bear the burden of protecting environment and maintaining natural harmony.

5, Cultural construction: health care, public education and cultural construction are very important to the development of a country, enterprise should develop hive off some money and energy to undertake the responsibility of the medical and health care, education and cultural construction.

6, The development of philanthropy: although the great development of economy of China, as a big country with a population of 1.3 billion still exist many difficulties, enterprises should take on the responsibility of helping poor.

7, Protect worker health: human resources are precious wealth of society and the supporting force of enterprise development. Enterprises must undertake the responsibility of protecting worker life and health.

8, The development of science and technology: enterprise should attach great importance to the digestion and absorption of imported technology, science and technology research and development. More investment funds and personnel, and strive to innovation in enterprises as the main body.

SmartGen Technology as new company listed on NEEQ is willing to undertake social responsibility. For the customer, we guarantee the quality of our products and to protect the interests of consumers; for development, we always adhere to the scientific outlook on development, adhere to sustainable development; for the staff, we regularly organize employee check-up, labor protection articles, pay attention to staff’s physical and mental health, to give help and care when the employees are in trouble; for science and technology, we always attach great importance to science and technology research and development, improve the science and technology and the innovation ability of enterprises constantly.

In the future development, SmartGen Technology is still determined to take own social responsibility concept, improves the corporate social responsibility system, improves the social responsibility of enterprise constantly, carries out social public welfare activities, contributes to the society actively.

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2017 SmartGen Is Coming, See You at MEE, Dubai

The annual “Middle East Electricity Exhibition” (MEE), will be held as scheduled after the lunar New Year in China.

SmartGen sends a team of six people led by Yang this year, strives to fight the first battle in 2017.

This is the ninth consecutive year to participate in the exhibition for SmartGen.

There is still green 36sq meters special booth. But this time SmartGen will bring you an extraordinary visual sense. Want to know why? In this special valentine’s day, be there or be square in Dubai!

SmartGen Booth NO.: S2E60

Exhibition Date: February 14th ~ 16th

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The Holiday Has Ended, Start Working! Are You Ready?

Many people start working today after the end of the lunar New Year holiday, are you ready ?

Do you know how to deal with holiday syndrome? Below for you to sort out:

Long holiday syndrome


1, Reduce the intake of rice, noodles, sweets, desserts and cakes after the holiday, staple food had better give priority to with whole grains, such as corn, oats, millet, beans, etc. Note, however, don’t from the rich fish and meat during the festival to all vegetarian, nutritional balance of the body, especially the loss of the B vitamins, trace elements in food, such as protein, amino acid are more harmful to the body.

2, Eat some dark or green vegetables, drink some porridge or soup as much as possible. Vegetables as far as possible with raw food is given priority or make porridge and soup, this is beneficial to supplement the lack of cellulose in the body and beautifying, let the disorder of the stomach during the festival to get better rest and adjustment.

3, Eat more fruit. Eat some apples after a meal, eat some apples, bananas, orange juice, papaya juice and so on. They are conducive to digestion.

4, Drink plain boiled water or green tea as much as possible, accelerate the metabolism of gastrointestinal function, so as to reduce damage of meat and alcohol during the festival to liver.

The sleep:

The biological clock of many people has changed during the festival, entertainment occupies a large amount of normal rest time and causes nervous system disorders. It appears insomnia, much dream, mental fatigue, sleepiness, depressed, interest drops, empty, boring and other symptoms. These symptoms can get relief through massage and taking a walk, let mind be adjusted as soon as possible.


The intake of sugar, starch and fat is larger during the festival , but less the intake of vegetables and fruits lead to inadequate intake of vitamins and trace minerals. It is easy to suffer from post-holiday “anxiety syndrome”.

Mainly for anxiety syndrome, don’t want to go to work, afraid to face the pressure of work. Inattention, anxiety, insomnia, be agitated, the heart speeds up, blood pressure, sweaty palms, dry mouth, mental tension, etc.

Appear above symptoms , you must let sleep and diet into regular state as soon as possible. You can drink tea and coffee when you work, or take deep breath method and have a nap at noon.

How to get to work quickly after holiday?


  1. Set the alarm clock, adjust chaos clock compulsively . During the festivalyouget up after at 8 o ‘clock, so it;s impossible to adjust come back at once, can only be forced!
  2. 2. Control the stomach,itis not easily control appetite, but work can keep our control, so be prepared. We contact with previous friends in New Year, it is not easy to let our active heart suddenly back, but work hard can help our heart back!
  3. 4. Give yourself a certain psychological hint: I want to work hard. Targeted jobcando better.
  4. 5. Step by step. Whatever you do,you must do it step by step.

Note: you must be serious when you work.

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With You Together to Make Brilliant in 2017

By Zhou Wei, the marketing department of SmartGen

Whether success or failure, happy or sad in 2016, it doesn’t matter, because 2016 is far away from us. Ha ha!

The 2016 is going to be end, friends must seize the opportunity and continue to struggle in 2017.

There are not four seasons, there are only two seasons for us, work hard is the peak season, don’t work hard is the off-season. We are going to do it in the new year: the earth does not explosion, we don’t have a holiday, the universe does not restart, we don’t have a rest.

If a glass of wine can make you forget all the bitterness of 2016, so let’s have a drink. Hope everything goes well and friends can get good results in 2017.

I wish all friends in industry in 2017 can seize the opportunity to achieve goals.

Be with you all the way in 2016, and thank you to SmartGen’s friends. With you together to make brilliant in 2017. The New Year is coming soon, SmartGen Technology wishes you a happy New Year and everything goes well!

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So many beautiful red envelopes that missed, am I really have been through a New Year?

There are a few days before the Spring Festival. Speaking of the Spring Festival, children must first think of the lucky money, receiving a red envelope. Red envelopes culture of China has a long history, and the paper red envelope we are now using developed after the Republic of China. With the development of the Internet and smartphone, WeChat red envelope is more and more popular. But many people still like to use paper red envelopes, because these beautiful red envelopes are full of design feeling and they bring good wishes in the New Year.

The Spring Festival is coming in 2017, excellent designers of 34 provinces, cities and autonomous regions in China took out red envelope ideas with local characteristics . Friends come to see, which one do you like best?

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               Shanghai                      Henan




SmartGen Never Changes Goals After Through Trials and Hardships in 20 Years

SmartGen Technology was established in March 18th, 1998.

The first HGM series genset automatic controller was developed in 2004.

SmartGen passed ISO9001 international standard quality management system certification in October, 2006.

The company covered an area of 10000m², business area of 5000m² in September, 2009.

Shares reformed and registered capital was RMB 25 million in December, 2010.

SmartGen was awarded Henan well-known trademark in November, 2012.

Marine products passed “CCS” certification in May, 2013.

SmartGen was listed on NEEQ in January, 2014.

The business income was more than RMB 100 million and module annual sales of nearly 20 million units in 2015.

Registered capital was RMB 50 million in 2016.

These are history of SmartGen, but also struggle history of each SmartGen person. SmartGen Technology since it was founded in 1998, it has experienced wind and rain all the way, also won the applause; harvested joy after experiencing difficulties. SmartGen Technology is moving towards 20th year in 2017. A 20-year-old young man, although experienced some wind and rain,has seen the world, he is still young and vigorous. A 20-year-old young man, although got some achievements and got some affirmation, life is just beginning, there are limitless possibilities in the future.

“The original dream, hold in your hands, go where you want to go, how can you turn back in halfway”. SmartGen will be 20 years old, it will set sail again with the former glory and the original dream. “To assemble smart brain for each set equipment of the world” is the corporate vision and unchanging goal of SmartGen. The future road is still long, please believe that determination of each of the SmartGen person, we do not give up and shrink back.

SmartGen never changes goals after through trials and hardships in 20 Years.

The next 20 years, let you and I together witness…

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China Yongxing Island Route, I Escort

By He Guoqing from Powertec Generator System Co., Ltd.

How time flies, I remember the last time to Sansha is two and a half years ago. It was the first time to come the south gate of the motherland, we arrived Yongxing island of Sansha main island after through 18 hours ship to visit customer Civil Aviation Air Traffic Management Bureau Sansha Station, because Sansha is going to build airport and needs genset main power.

We knew the using environment is very bad from customer, high temperature, high humidity, high salt-fog, customer had used a lot of imported units, the use of the time was not more than 2 years, cylinder, tank corrosion and electrical ball were corroded directly, unable to use.

Combined with customer requirements and the site environment, we had a meeting to talk with technical and engineering department after I returned to the Powertec company, finally we gave the optimal technical scheme and chose Stanford Marine generator Cummins engine + Stanford Marine generator+ SmartGen intelligent controller. It adopted circulating cooling method of sea water heat exchanger, all the parts and hardware used standard for marine engineering equipment.

The plan received recognition from customer, the following installation and debugging were passed customer acceptance.

Today once again we come to the beautiful Sansha, revisit the customer, have a sense of accomplishment. The genset we provide has been working for two years without any fault.

Sansha has navigated, Powertec genset to provide power supply for 2 years for Sansha flights, I believe the future will also continue to provide high-quality power supply solution for Sansha construction!

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Engine Heater

When using environment of the engine is less than 4ºC, the coolant lubricant of engine may condense into solid in the starting stage, losing the effect of lubrication and cooling, to damage the engine. So when using environment temperature is less than 4ºC, shall be equipped with heater for engine to ensure normal starting and operation of the engine.

Engine heater of SmartGen Technology currently have: HT series, HWP series and HTL series.

HT series heater is divided into HT10DC48 (DC 48V power supply ) and HT (AC power supply).


HWP series products for the intelligent forced circulation engine water heater, there are control parts, water pump and heating.


HTL series is oil heater, suitable for a variety of engines with a volume (19~110)L.


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