2017 SmartGen Technology Technical Seminar on Marine Engine Control

The May of Zhengzhou is in the late spring and early summer. The sun is shining and the sky is quiet. In such a beautiful day, SmartGen technology ushered in more than 30 industry experts and guests. Nowadays, the main business of SmartGen is not limited to the control of land genset control, and the marine controllers are rapidly developing and gradually gaining market recognition. 2017 Marine Engine Control Technology Seminar held in SmartGen as scheduled at 9 o’clock yesterday!

Now, let’s focus on this meeting together.

Yang Xinzheng, the chairman of SmartGen Technology, delivered a welcome speech, and brought forward his views on the Marine engine control industry.

Participants were interested in visiting SmartGen.

Yao Guanbao, director of the market for SmartGen Technology, told participants about the company and its products.

Zhou Wei, deputy director of the market, explained the series of products

SmartGen Technology marketing deputy director Gao Songwei and participants to discuss the future of marine engine control and PMS power management market demand.

The participants discussed marine engine control application actively.

The one-day Marine Engine Control Technology Seminar was successfully concluded at 5:30pm. After a day of learning and communication, we learned a lot.

Wonderful continues, let’s wait and see…


GPOWER, We Will Meet Again in 2018

By Zhou Wei, the marketing department of SmartGen

We keep our promise in May, and we meet you at GPOWER2017 in Shanghai. All members of our domestic sales team introduce the latest products and solve the professional problem at GPOWER2017.

GPOWER2017 Our full range of upgraded star products debut, give you first-hand product information, let you understand the latest product development.

GPOWER2017 We live up to expectations, get 2017 Best Brand Gold Award of the Lighting Prize of the highest award in generator set industry. The heavy trophy will be our driving force.

In 20 years, we have concentrated on the R&D and production of intelligent controllers for engine/generator units to provide better and more professional products. 100 years enterprise is our dream and goal, let us look forward to the next 20 years.

GPOWER2017 we harvest a lot, we will meet again in 2018, be there or be square!

There Will Be A Major Event at 5T067 Booth in Shanghai Power Show

The 16th China (Shanghai) International Power Equipment and Generators Exhibition opens officially in the new International Expo Center in May 4. The establishment of 20 years of SmartGen Technology in order to give back to customers, specially carrying the latest variety of controller products debut  in this show.

SmartGen Technology N series products will still be the highlight of this exhibition. The new design and features of HGM400N, HGM6100N series have been widely recognized by the majority of customers since they were introduced last year.

The new HGM8100N series unit controller of SmartGen Technology, with ultra-low temperature and strong anti-electromagnetic interference design, can work in a variety of harsh conditions, this strong working condition adaptation function attracts a lot of customers to visit.

In recent years, with the development of SmartGen Technology on the market demand and product, marine, diesel fire pump, lighting tower and ATS and many other products have been widely put into use, and can be said that their presence witnessed determination of SmartGen Technology is not just developing diesel genset control.

Your needs are our moivation of R&D of SmartGen Technology! Want to know more about new products, welcome to visit SmartGen booth- 5T067, SmartGen people sincerely look forward to your visit.

May – We Meet Again in Shanghai!

– Shanghai Power Show Booth No. 5T067

China’s largest and most professional power equipment and generator equipment exhibition will be held in Shanghai New International Expo Center from May 4 to 6, as the domestic first-class unit automation system supplier, SmartGen Technology will continue to introduce more excellent products to meet the needs of users in this exhibition, welcome to have a visit. Booth number: 5T067

Concentration makes specialty; Elaboration creates best quality!

SmartGen Technology has been committed to the design, development, production, sales and service of products such as generator control, marine engine control, ATS and intelligent control, engine heaters, battery chargers and so on. Over the past few years, SmartGen Technology continued to develop a series of independent intellectual property rights of products more than 300 kinds, products in national defense, telecommunications, electricity, ships, fire and other fields are widely used. Over the past decade, the market share of products of SmartGen Technology has always been in the forefront. At present, as a leading brand in the industry, the sales and after-sales network of SmartGen has covered the world’s major countries and regions, we will also use better product quality and better pre-sale, sale, after-sales service to meet the global users in the future.

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SmartGen Technology and You Meet in the 22nd China (Shanghai ) International Boat Show

SmartGen Technology will participate in the 22nd international boat and its technical equipment exhibition at the Shanghai New International Expo Center from April 26th to April 29th, booth number: W4F79. During the exhibition, SmartGen Technology will display products such as diesel engine controller, diesel engine control box, expansion module, power management, power protection and marine sensor, etc., which can provide users with a series of solutions of diesel engine control and power management.

Shanghai International Boat Show has been set up 21 years, is a comprehensive boat show with a large scale in Asia, the longest history, and more brand. The exhibition area of 55,000 square meters, more than 550 exhibitors, 7 seven major countries and regions pavilions. During the exhibition SmartGen Technology and other well-known brands around the world will appear on the same stage, welcome friends to have a visit.

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We Meet Again in Kapok

By Zhou Wei, the marketing department of SmartGen

The 121st Spring Canton Fair will be held in April 15, 2017. SmartGen Technology and you meet in Guangzhou, we are waiting for you in the A Hall 3.1 District N23.

SmartGen Technology has been adhering to the marketing idea of doing domestic goods boutique and going out of the country. Adhere to participate in China Import and Export Trade Fair more than ten years. In 2017, we are here again, adhere to the original dream, from China, to the world.

We will bring a new series of products debut in Canton Fair in April 15, welcome friends to have a visit! Do not miss the opportunity, there is always one you want!

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Do You Know the Four Basic Marketing Management?

By Zhou Xiaowei, the marketing department of SmartGen

Want to do marketing, first of all we have to learn management time, customer base, customer structure, sales process. Today Xiaobian simple summary these four basic management.

I Time management

  1. sales cycle

(365 days a year – 25 days off) /7=48.5 weeks X 5/7 = 35 weeks

In fact, a year is very short, we have to make full use of time.

  1. Sales staff time management (first priority)


  1. Client transaction sign
  2. sales receipts
  3. follow up the intentional customer
  4. Customer structure adjustment


  1. Customer information collection
  2. Customer relationship maintenance
  3. Product knowledge learning
  4. Understand industry background
  5. Classification of customer time management

Small customers 50%

35% of large customers (strong purchasing power)

Long-term customers 20% (purchasing power strong)

No intention of customers 0%

Maintain a small customer, seize the big customers, with tight long-term customers, to give up no intention of customers.

  1. Key person time management
  2. find customer contact: recommended WeChat interaction
  3. Find out the rules of the customer’s work plan
  4. Find out the rules of the amateur life of the customer
  5. Grasp the law of customer appointment
  6. To create a reason to see your customers: stay topic
  7. Develop a habit that customer contact you, become part of the work of customer

II Fundamental management

  1. Create a customer data pool
  2. Selected valid data
  3. Project filing
  4. stock customers (keep old customers + old customers to maintain + old customers develop + old customers to introduce new customers)
  5. New traffic (increase in performance = new customers – loss of old customers)

III Customer structure management

  1. Target customers: product prices and customer expectations close (with purchasing power) can be used as target customers
  2. Interested customers: willing to care about you, the price is expected to close (with purchasing power), can be used as an interested customer.
  3. Intentional to customers: willing to care for you, with purchasing power, there are intention to buy.
  4. prospective customers: willing to care for you, with the purchasing power, have the intention to buy, anxious to buy.
  5. customers: the old stock of customers, old customers introduced.

IV Sales Process Management

  1. Initial visit: the initial visit to the taboo visit time is too long, to the next visit to stay a topic. Observe the customer input, whether the customer is willing to give you time.
  2. Customer communication: grasping accurate customer information, customer needs.
  3. Product explanation
  4. One by one
  5. Quickly contributed: salesequipment, sales skills.

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HGM9520 Five Parallel Modes, How Many Modes Have You Used?

By Zhou Xiaowei, the marketing department of SmartGen

  1. Power generation control mode

Load mode selection for the power generation control mode, when the remote start input on demand is valid, the unit starts, synchronous closing soft loading, output is set the active power, reactive power or power factor. When the remote start is invalid, the unit soft unloading,open and shutdown.

2. Mains control mode

Load mode selection for the mains control mode, when the remote start input on demand is valid, the mains input power is greater than the set value, the unit starts, synchronous closing, power soft loading, according to set the mains load power value, beyond themains, the part of the electrical power setting is made up of the power. When the remote start is invalid or the load is less than the mains power setting, the unit soft unloading open and shut down. The mains control mode must be connected to the mains CT.

3. Load receiving mode

Load mode selection for the load receiving mode, when the remote start input on demand is valid, the unit starts, synchronous closing, power soft loading, power all transferred to the power generation side, the mains close. When the remote start is invalid, the mains anti-synchronous closing, power generation all transferred to the mains, power generation open and shut down. The load receiving mode must be connected to the mains CT.

Note: This mode applies to port units.

4. AMF control mode

After the failure of the mains, the mains open, the unit starts with the load. After the mains is normal, the mains anti-synchronous closing, power soft unloading, the unit automatically shuts down.

5. Islandingcontrol mode

Remote start island mode is valid, the unit starts, synchronous closing soft loading,mains opening. Remote start island mode is invalid, the mains anti-synchronous closing, power soft unloading, the unit automatically shuts down.

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Weichai Heavy Machinery Returns, Who Wants to Be the Challenger in High-pressure Parallel Unit?

By Zhou Wei, the marketing department of SmartGen

At the beginning of March Weichai Heavy Machinery (Weifang) Co., Ltd. produced Weichai heavy machinery king engine in the “engine home platform” was popular, in the industry set off a small boom, became a hot topic of genset industry in the first quarter. At the end of March Weichai heavy truck Chongqing branch of the six medium-speed high-power diesel engine appear, but also high-pressure parallel unit. Then will it be popular? I think so, what do you think?

Engine model: CW16V200ZD, rated power 1760KW, overload power 1936KW, rated speed of 1000 rpm. The genset is assembled and produced by Weichai Power Generation Equipment Co., Ltd., and the genset has a power of 1600KW. It adopts 6 sets of 10.5KV high-voltage unit and it is applied to a foreign project.

The so-called good horse with a good saddle, as a high-voltage genset parallel unit system, gensets, pressure regulator, speed control devices, and parallel unit controller plays a vital role. The whole system configuration can be described as high-end. Generators are used in the domestic high-voltage generator leader, China Shipping Heavy Industry 10.5KV, 2000KVA high-voltage genset. The pressure board uses the international brand ABB. Speed control system is equipped with well-known foreign brands WOODWARD, model 2301E. And the parallel unit controller as the core of the parallel unit system, using the Zhengzhou SmartGen Technology Co., Ltd. produced SmartGen brand, HGM9510 genset parallel controller.

Such an important foreign project to use the Chinese people’s own brand, let Xiaobian feel very pleased!

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Go Running, Smart Runner! Forge Ahead, SmartGen!

The 11th Zheng Kai International Marathon as scheduled held on March 26, 2017 .

This is also the “Smart Runner” of SmartGen for the first time to participate in the marathon.

As we all know, the appropriate jogging can improve physical fitness, lose weight and keep healthy. Based on this, under the care of leadership, “Smart Runner” in the beginning of 2016 came into being. Smart Runner upholds the fine style of SmartGen , “courage” as the slogan, quickly in the company forms a new boom of running fitness.

The Zheng Kai Marathon, “Smart Runner” to send two players, are the best results of their successful completion of the 42.195Km run, from the provincial capital Zhengzhou step by step ran into the Northern Song Dynasty capital —- Kaifeng.

The spirit of perseverance highlights the corporate culture of advance bravely of “SmartGen Technology”. It is by virtue of this tenacity that makes present SmartGen Technology.

Although marathon road has an end, “SmartGen Technology” keeps moving forward never stop.

Go running, Smart Runner! Forge ahead, SmartGen!

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