The announcement of SmartGen invested TESLAYUN was just released and received enthusiastic comments from people.

Pan of the Engine House took the lead in delivering a comment:

“For the cooperation of TESLAYUN and SmartGen Technology, Xiao Bian is very promising, it should be that sentence: I just need to, and you just are professional. Genset industry is relatively small, it is very difficult to do cloud platform independently. Therefore, cloud + controller mode is probably the best.”

Chen Qingping also commented with the picture:

Everyone commented on the matter with great anticipation.

Review “cooperation principle” of SmartGen: to create value beyond expectations for customers and never stop.

“To the customer value”, SmartGen is silently practicing the promise.

What do you expect? You can also talk about it.

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With the Unchanging Original Heart to Create A Better Tomorrow!

– SmartGen Technology invests TESLAYUN  SMARTGEN(ZHENGZHOU) TECHNOLOGY., LTD. announced a major investment announcement on July 5, 2017: SmartGen Technology increases capital 2.5 million yuan for TESLAYUN in cash, TESLAYUN is valued at 20 million yuan, SmartGen Technology holds a total of 13.5% stake in TESLAYUN after the completion of the capital.

SmartGen Technology was founded in 1998, SmartGen Technology was listed on NEEQ in 2014. 20 years of ingenuity, we have focused on the R&D, production and sales of hardware such as genset controller. At present, SmartGen Technology has rapidly grown to be the first in China, the world’s third genset controller manufacturer.

TESLAYUN is one of the earliest enterprises engaged in the development of cloud platform of genset in China. The entrepreneurial team has more than 20 years of electromechanical industry experience and 8 years of software platform development and operation background. TESLAYUN regards the lead the development of the industry as its mission, and is committed to providing the full process monitoring, trading and financial services for the electromechanical industry chain, creates value for customers continuously.

It is a milestone in the history of the two companies. SmartGen Technology and TESLAYUN regard genset controller of SmartGen Technology as foothold, keep up with industry trends, meet market and customer demand continuously, so as to create the most practical and considerate cloud service platform in the industry!

The combination of SmartGen Technology and TESLAYUN indicates the two sides will integrate advantage resources in a more close way, push forward the intelligent process of the industry, to inject new vitality with a fresh style for the genset industry!

SmartGen Technology hand in hand TESLAYUN to create intelligent tomorrow of genset industry with the unchanging original heart!

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Application Case of HGM9310CAN Priority Changeover

We now have a simpler solution for the two single units that need priority changeover.

The HGM9310CAN series genset controller can be very simple to realize the two gensets priority changeover without too much parameter setting and external circuit. The two controllers can communicate with each other via the CANBUS interface and select one of the units to priority via the knob switch. When the mains is abnormal, the priority genset start and closing with load. When there is a fault about the priority genset, the fault information can be sent to the standby genset via CAN communication interface, the standby genset will automatically start and closing with load. The closing circuit of the two controllers has electric interlock, there will not be closing at the same time. In addition, users can add mechanical interlock device of the two switches according to their own demand, further increasing the reliability of the system.

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So Many Changes Have Been Made Just in Order to Remain Unchanged

They have been away from home for a long time. They have sacrificed countless time to spend time with their families and have owed more to their families. How many grievance can only oneself suffer silently, the bitterness behind is only they know. They do not have a fixed day off. Every day is work day for them, and the phone 24 hours boot ready to serve customers. They face different customers, different situations, constant self-adjustment, so many changes have been made just in order to remain unchanged. They are our marketing team.

In the hot summer, they are not afraid of the high temperature, still struggle in the front line position, these stories moved us. They are a positive energy of SmartGen, and it is worth our each staff to learn.

Zhang Jinwen, manager of Shenzhen office of SmartGen Technology, on the day before his wife was about to give birth, he insisted on serving user in Shatian town, Dongguan, Guangdong. This spirit of work is worth learning.

Liu Xiyang, manager of Guangzhou office of SmartGen Technology, there is less than a month before his wife’s due date, but he doesn’t have time to spend more time with her. Resolutely chose to go to a shipyard in Guangzhou to install and debug for customers. Look at his already black skin, more “black and shiny” after the sunburn .

Gao Songwei, manager of the marketing department of SmartGen Technology, and Li Xinhai, manager of Shanghai office, in order to expand the company’s shipping business give up their rest time, worked overtime to install and debug for customers. Their smiles are like a breeze in the summer, make us feel the cool.

Their footprints are all over the country, there are a lot of their story. They gradually do better step by step, and they understand that serving customers and selling products are equally important. For the original dream, they are not afraid of difficulties, because they know that do not forget the original heart can get the best.

To our lovely marketing team

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HGM1790N — For Small Power Genset

By Yao Guanbao, the marketing department of SmartGen

For the small power genset, due to the limitation of volume, the control unit should also consider its appearance size and its economic practicability! The introduction of the HGM1790N genset controller, which fully meets the requirements of small power unit control; The main functions are as follows:

  1. The successful start conditions can be independently selected: oil pressure, power generation and magnetic sensor; it solves small power engine with no space magnetic sensor.
  2. With single phase voltage, single phase current collection display and protection function;
  3. With load % display, the output power percentage of genset is directly judged;
  4. General USB interface, silicon rubber panel, graphical LCD display, can set all parameters viathe panel;
  5. With temperature, oil pressure, liquid level display and protection function;
  6. Applicable to the control of air compressor unit and pump unit;
  7. Can convert modules via SGB100 Bluetooth communication, with IGMPA6 (APP, only for android system), the function of parameter setting, configurationreading and saving, unit control and other functions can be realized viathe mobile phone.
  8. Can replaceHGM1770, HGM1780; the main functions are as follows:

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20 Years of Wind and Rain Accompanied! 17 with You to Move Forward Again!

By Yao Guanbao, the marketing department of SmartGen

Time flies, the half of 2017 is about to pass; Let’s review the highlights of the first half of 2017.

  1. In the first half of 2017, SmartGen Technology to participate in the exhibition
  2. 2017 / 2/14 to 2017/2/16 Middle East International Electricity, Lighting and New Energy Exhibition;

  1. 2017/4/15 to 2017/4/19 China Import and Export Trade Fair;

3.2017 / 4/26 to 2017/4/29 Shanghai International Boat Show;

4.2017/5/4 to 2017/5/6 Shanghai International Power Equipment and Genset Exhibition;

  1. The meetings were held by SmartGenTechnology in the first half of 2017.

1.2017/5/10 to 2017/5/12 Marine Engine Control Technology Forum;

  1. 2017/6/13 to 2017/6/15 “Military and Civilian Integration” Genset Control Technology Seminar;

III. The launch of the new products in the first half of 2017


2.HGM4000N series

3.BACM2420 battery charger

4.BCB20 portable charging box

5.HGM6100CAN EFI series genset controller


  1. photovoltaic charger BAC06S
  2. The honor of SmartGen Technology in the first half of 2017
  3. Henan technology small giant training enterprise!
  4. Won the award for best brand of the Lightning Prize in 2017!
  5. Technological innovation and making up for many gaps in China; It was reported by Zhengzhou TV Station and Henan News Broadcast.
  6. The second half and future development goals
  7. Create industry leader in the field of “cloud monitoring” in the gensetindustry.
  8. Continuous innovation and development of new products to meet the demands of high-end application domain for controller!

After 20 years of wind and rain, we are consistent, just to concentrate on doing one thing!

17 with you, only for the better tomorrow!

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International Olympic Day – Faster, Higher, Stronger!

The international Olympic committee was formally established in Paris on June 23, 1894 , in order to commemorate this historic day, the international Olympic committee designated June 23rd each year as the International Olympic day. The June 23rd of this year is the 68th international Olympic day, many commemorations have been held throughout the world. While commemorating this history, we must remember and carry forward the Olympic spirit.

There is a famous motto in the Olympic spirit: faster, higher, stronger. This motto fully expresses the continuous striving spirit of the Olympic movement. Although only a short six words, its meaning is very rich, not only does it say in the competition to be not afraid of the strong, dare to struggle, and encourage people to keep making progress in life and work, dare to surpass ourselves and to display the potential to the limit. Think carefully, it coincides with the enterprise spirit and business philosophy of SmartGen.

“Self-improvement and unity make perfect.” is the spirit of the enterprise, which is always insisted by SmartGen Technology. Every one of them is using their own actions to make the “faster, higher and stronger” of SmartGen Technology.

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SmartGen N Series of Creative Constantly

– HGM6100N series controller with custom theme function

With the development of the genset controller, the function of the controller is increasing gradually, and the parameters that need to be monitored is increasing. At the beginning of the design of the controller, for the display of the parameters of the unit controller, the requirements of various users have been fully taken into consideration, and finally the display interface which is suitable for most users has been taken. But the parameters of the controller default display order and content, may give some special users inconvenience in the process of using, for this HGM6100N series adds custom theme function, the user can according to the habits and needs of the content, define the contents and sequence of the controller parameters.

HGM6100N series controller allows the user through the configuration software of controller display interface for editing, parameter display order can according to your needs to arrange, can also add or delete the contents of the factory interface display.

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Intelligent, Portable, Speedy, Battery Charger Box BCB20

BCB20 is designed for charging lead-acid starting battery according to its property. It could be used for 24V or 12V lead-acid battery and max. Output current is 20A. It has multiple charging modes such as speedy, average, and float. The box with controller and can display relative charging data.


1.132×64 LCD with backlight, selectable language interface (Chinese, English)

2、Collects and shows voltage, current, power, output voltage, current and power parameter.

3、Charging time could be saved and displayed.

Saving charging process and drawing the charging curve.

12V/24V option

This box default setting is for 24V battery and could be changed into 12V via button setting. It also could be set as self-adaption to check the battery’s voltage automatic.

Charging Current can be adjusted.

Rated Charging is 20A and could be adjusted via setting buttons.

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