There Are So Many Gensets That I’d Like to Soak Up With My Eyes!

all participants took a group photo in Thunder factory

The frost’s descent, which falls on October 23 this year, is the last solar term in autumn. If you ask me how much worry I have, just see how cold I am without long johns. On the last day of autumn, research team of SmartGen came to Zhengzhou Thunder Power Generation Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd to visit and had learned a lot.

genset production workshop

genset finished product warehouse

Programmers could hardly hold back their excitement to observe the genset because they saw so many diesel generating set after coming to the genset assembly workshop of Thunder. Even though the programmers also work in genset industry, they have limited chance to see various different brands genset due to different roles. Therefore, it is a precious opportunity to know the function of every component of genset very clearly and everyone seizes this opportunity.

generator production workshop

Mr. Ma gave an on-site lecture

Zhengzhou Thunder Power Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd is one of a few enterprises which produces generators by itself in Henan. It is an excellent enterprise which integrates generator’production and assembly. In the generator production workshop, Mr. Ma, the GM of Thunder, personally led the research team and explained production process and technics of generator. Everyone put up the questions during the visit and Mr. Ma answered them with professional view and mature experience.

answers various questions

From this visit, programmers of SmartGen understood the production process and working principle of genset more deeply. We believe that controller should not be made behind closed doors and would like to go outside to find the demands of clients. Our aim is research and develop the most suitable genset controller for clients. And I extend my special thanks to Thunder’s strong support to this activity. In the later cooperation, I hope that both of us could learn from each other and make progress together to gain double wins.

A Big Event Is hold in Guangzhou, SmartGen Welcomes to Visitors

In this golden autumn, there are sweet-scented osmanthus’s fragrance everywhere. SmartGen came to Guangzhou which is also called ”flower city” to attend the 122nd Canton Fair. Over a decade, SmartGen attends this big event twice a year and never misses.

This time, SmartGen brought numerous high-end products and new products and has been gaining momentum to meet you.

Time passed quickly and the Canton Fair has passed three days in the wink of an eye. A blast of cold air has already swept northern China and also effected warm south for now. A typhoon has been blown up in Guangdong and it began to rain lightly. It made southerner feel slight chill of autumn.

People start to wear coats because of the low temperature caused by typhoon although,the weather does not affect the enthusiasm of domestic and overseas friends about SmartGen at all. Some people consult the product function, some people consult the application scenarios, some people are attracted by products’ appearance, everyone has a strong interest in SmartGen in a very lively atmosphere!

Faced with clients’ hospitality, I was inspiredandam ashamed to show off my doggerel:

All guests get together in Guangzhou, there are many high-end controls. The location is Hall A 3.1, welcome to SmartGen to take a look. We have brand power at the forefront and highly cost effective products.Products are also multifunctional, so don’t worry about the genset control anymore!

Let’s look forward to the surprise of the next two days!

The 122nd Canton Fair Will Open: Hall A 3.1N17 for SmartGen

China Import and Export Fair, also known as the “Canton Fair”, is established in 1957 and has passed sixty years. Canton Fair is a comprehensive international trading event with the longest history, the largest scale, the most complete exhibit variety, the largest buyer attendance, the broadest distribution of buyers’ source country and the greatest business turnover in China.

SmartGen attends this big event twice a year over a decade regardless of the weather. In recent years, the foreign trade business of SmartGen develops sustainably and our company also has more and more cooperation and communication with foreign companies. It is enough to prove that our efforts have been significantly effective in more than ten years.

On October 15, 2017, the 122nd Canton Fair will open during warm weather. We will attend it with full sincerity and expectation once more.

We are waiting for you in Hall A 3.1N17 in sunlit Guangzhou!

Learn From the Brand, Salute to the Classic!

This golden autumn is set to be an extraordinary month for SmartGen. The National Day holiday had just ended, constant good things and ceaseless surprises happened in SmartGen. On October 9, SmartGen 3.0 cloud platform promotion preparatory meeting was held. This is a sign that the new cloud platform of SmartGen is about to go online. On October 10, WOODWARD group came to SmartGen and gave a on-site lecture. At the same day, the promotions of ATS (ATS Awarded Questionnaire) was officially published.At the meeting, three senior application engineer from WOODWARD delivered a lecture. All marketing staff and part of engineers from R&D of SmartGen attended the meeting. The training topic is PG PLUS fuel gas engine control series which can apply to control fuel gas engine(under 1000KW) ignition, speed adjustment, air-fuel ratio and knock. The easygen2000 series genset parallel controller can realize the control function of genset in parallel and single unit parallel with grid, can control 16 multi-parallel at most. The easygen3000 series genset parallel controller can realize the function of parallel with grid after genset in parallel, can control 32 multi-parallel at most. SPM-D2 digital synchronizer and SPM-D11/LSXR synchronization power distribution controller can realize the function of genset synchronization and power distribution through adjusting speed and voltage. DSLC-2/MSLC-2 high-end parallel module have genset, subsection circuit breaker and genset circuit breaker to isolate grid operation/mains parallel with grid operation. It also has 2 Ethernet interface and can realize multi-machine parallel communication redundancy backup. If both of the 2 Ethernet interface have fault, the system will turn to DPOOP mode automatically. It can control 16 multi-parallel and 32 multi-parallel at the same time.

In this lecture, the staffs’ enthusiasm for learning ran unprecedentedly high. The colleague of R&D found out some difficult problems continually and the teachers answered carefully. Everyone can’t help to operate the WOODWARD controller personally. According to this training, SmartGen has the chance to improve even more in fuel gas engine control and high-end parallel control field. It builds the foundation to enter high-end control field for SmartGen in the future. And thanks so much to WOODWARD group’s support and profound affection to SmartGen. Let’s learn from WOODWARD brand and salute to the WOODWARD classic controller!

We Are Ready!The Big Era of SmartGen’s Cloud Platform Is Coming!

SmartGen 3.0 Cloud Platform Will Go Online in Glory

On October 9, 2017, the first strategic promotion preparatory meeting was held as scheduled before the official implementation of SmartGen 3.0 cloud platform. At this meeting, all participants expressed their own opinions, focused on learning and discussed the radically new paradigms and functions of SmartGen 3.0 cloud platform. They also put forward their opinions and suggestions for the promotion strategic of the cloud platform’s implementation. All of these efforts make the best preparation for SmartGen 3.0 cloud platform’s implementation and promotion.

All participants took a group photo in SmartGen

The creative staff of SmartGen 3.0 cloud platform took a group photo in SmartGen

At the meeting, all participants experienced and tested the new version of SmartGen’s cloud platform through mobile.

The president and creative staff of SmartGen discussed the new function of SmartGen’s cloud platform

SmartGen 3.0 cloud platform is a major breakthrough on the basis of our previous versions. The new platform pattern, more powerful functions, more reliable hardware equipment, more stable runtime environment, more favorable marketing policy, all of these must create an unexpected pleasure experience for you.

SmartGen 3.0 cloud platform is ready and will go live in glory recently! The big era of SmartGen’s cloud platform is coming, let’s wait and see!

Green, Stable, Energy Saving, Emission Reducing: Wind-solar-diesel Hybrid Power System Application

Communication base stations distribute broadly and the power supply environment is complex. Due to these reasons, there are plenty of places which cannot connect the mains, connect the extremely unstable mains or keep the expensive costs of connection. For these area, it is very common to use hybrid power system to provide normal power supply.

Wind-solar-diesel hybrid power system is a kind of integrated energy development power supply system. The system is a combination of diesel generator, solar panels, wind turbines, system controller, storage battery and inverter, etc. It brings together the output electrical energy of wind turbines and solar photovoltaic cell array. The power supply of diesel generator is charged to storage battery as supplement.

If it is sunny or windy, the power supply of system and the electricity of storage battery will be provided by solar and wind. If severe weather conditions persist, with lack of wind, solar and the power shortage of storage battery, the system will start diesel generator quickly to supply power and charge the storage battery after the genset self-starting module detects the starting condition of battery voltage.

Wind-solar-diesel hybrid power system can reduce the dependence of the system on weather and greatly improve the system reliability.

SmartGen Parallel Gensets Controller GOV/AVR Settings

When the diesel genset parallel with genset, the adjustment of the engine speed and the generator voltage can be controlled by parallel controller’s DC voltage output to distribute the genset power. The controlled voltage of GOV and AVR from different gensets are not same. It is important to set up the parallel controller GOV, AVR’s SW1 and SW2 to match up the genset in right way.

SW1 is also called center voltage, which is outputted by GOV and AVR interface of parallel controller. SW1 is adjustment voltage when the engine rotation speed and the generator voltage are standard values or rated values. There is the corresponding relationship of SW1 setting values and voltages:

For example: With the genset speed regulation plate is GAC5500 and center voltage is 4.5V, SW1 of controller GOV should be set as 9. With the genset voltage regulation plate is RS440 and center voltage is 0V, SW2 of controller AVR should be set as 0.

SW2 is also called adjusting range, which restricts the upper and lower limits of center voltage output to limit the adjustment range from parallel controller to the genset rotation speed and the voltage. There is the corresponding relationship of SW2 setting values and voltages:

For example: With SW2 of GOV and AVR is set as 0, the output voltage bias range values of GOV and AVR is±0.5V. When the center voltage of GOV is 4.5V, the adjusting output range of GOV is 4~5V. When the center voltage of AVR is 0V, the adjusting output range of AVR is -0.5~0.5V.

Advance With Yangzhou Huadong Hand in Hand Will Lead Marine Engine to New Success

There are faint green mountains and far green waters. And grasses in this river region are not faded yet even autumn is gone. On the 14th of September, in the cool autumn wind, the chief engineer of Marine Engine R&D and the electrical engineer of Marine Electric Control from SmartGen visited Yangzhou Huadong Power Machine Co., Ltd. SmartGen learned design experience of marine engine from our client and got to know more about the usage patterns. Then they discussed the ship inspection regulation together to make the product more in tune with marine requirements.

The Explanation of Product Application

Firstly, Gao Changsheng, the engineer of SmartGen, explained the application and operation of HMC600 series and HMC900 series to the client. And they discussed the solutions of practical uses to solve the practical problems. The client fully affirmed the marine engine products of SmartGen. They said, marine control cabinets of SmartGen have LCD display and don’t have too many alarms. The appearance of the product is simple and decent and the extensions are easy and convenient. Therefore, the marine control cabinets get many users’ favour. However, in marine engine industry, SmartGen is still very young and has shortage to improve. We wish we can learn experiences constantly, improve and perfect our product from the collaboration with Huadong.

Visiting and Learning in the Workshop

Next, the engineers of SmartGen visited the workshop of Huadong under the client’s guide. Huadong mainly produce mid-to-high marine generator set which mainly uses Cummins and Volvo. The client introduced the foreign control system and put forward some valuable suggestions for SmartGen on site. According to this visiting and learning, the engineers of SmartGen benefit a lot. We will pick up experiences, learn from each other, constantly optimize the product and make great efforts on establishing boutique domestics in marine engine industry.

The Rows of Marine Generator Set Under the Lights

According to the client’s report, marine engine has a history of glory in recent years, but is not easy as it used to be. Nowadays, the shipowners and shipyards have higher requirement and demand more powerful function, better quality but lower price. Even though marine engine industry is at a low point, Huadong still insists on cost-effective, high quality marine generator set and has a place on the marine engine market through unremitting efforts. There are rows of marine generator set under the bright lights in Huadong’s workshop. We believe that marine engine industry will bring back its former glory as bright lights with our joint efforts.

HMC6000 Marine Engine Cabinet

HMC9000 Marine Engine Cabinet

Warm Congratulations on the Convening of 2017 China Electric-power SectorSummit Forum in Fu’an

Fu’an, a city has picturesque scenery with blue sky and white clouds, surrounded by mountains. 2017 ChinaElectric-power SectorSummit Forum opens in Fu’an, which is regarded as “the City of Small and Medium Motor” and has a significant position in China Generator Equipment Industry. Today over 100 industry leaders and guests get together to witness a new journey of Fu’an.

In the Matchmaking Fair, it’s the first time that SmartGen attend to the meeting as a outdoor large-scale exhibition booth. Wish Fu’an Generator Equipment Industry will be more prosperous! Finally wish peace and safety for the blessed city all the time.

Electricity Protection for Yacht–HMC6000A Marine Engine Control Module

China has an expanse maritime area and the marine tourism is the main income source for coastal cities.In Guangzhou, China’s Southern Gateway,shipbuilding industry is developing in full swing. A shipyard is building an awesome luxury yacht.There is a especially striking slogan in the yacht.It says”China’s well-known island is Hainan Island, but Wuzhizhou Island is the most famous island in Hainan”.

The yacht in the picture uses HMC6000A controller which is manufactured by SmartGen. HMC6000A/E diesel engine controller integrates digitization, intelligentization and network technologywhich are used for genset automation and monitor control system of single unit to achieve automaticstart/stop, data measure, alarm protection and “three remote” (remote control, remote measuring andremote communication). It fit with 132*64 liquid display, optional Chinese/English languages interface,and it is reliable and easy to use.It also has an expansion CANBUS port that will be connected to a remote control module to control engine start/stop or expansion digital output module, LA16 LED indicator expansion module and RPU560A security module.RPU560 security module and HVD100 voltage detection module are installed in the cabinet.HMC600A connects to HMC600RM remote module in the cockpit via CANBUS port to remote control data and operate in two places.It can realize high-end and intelligentization control.