The Service Case of HGM9510 Parallel Unit and HGM9560 Parallel with Grid

By Zhou Zhitian, service engineer of SmartGen

A resort in Shanghai adopts two 150KW of domestic gas genset. Choose two HGM9510 parallel unit controllers and a HGM9560 parallel with grid controller of SmartGen. Two gas gensets parallel unit first through two HGM9510, genset as the main power supply in normal times, in peak season through HGM9560 and mains parallel with grid, the fixed power output of gas genset is 240KW, the rest of the load supply from the mains. When the load is small, single unit can supply.

The efficient use of energy is a major bright spot in this project. The cooling water tank of two units uses 40 cubic water tank, it operates through the unit and recycles hot water of cylinder body. After the hot water in the tank is processed, it is discharged through the pipeline into the hot spring pool for visitors to bathe.

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Science and Technology to Create the Future, SmartGen to Achieve the Dream

By Zhou Wei, the marketing department of SmartGen

I think a lot of people from genset industry friends have this experience: “every time you go on a business trip to carry a heavy laptop, because some parameters of the controller need to set up with a computer. There are a lot of time to the scene found that didn’t take the computer, at this time we are very regretful!”

So there is a little dream in my heart, now with the development of science and technology and the emergence of smart phones, when do the controller can also set parameters through the phone, change the configuration, debugging unit?

The SmartGen people finally realize this dream, no longer afraid forget to take my computer, no longer limited by mobile phone network,wherever you are in the basement, as long as your phone has Bluetooth function, can easily change the configuration on the Bluetooth communication module, this can debug unit.

SGB100 Bluetooth communication module is necessary on a business trip in 2017. Later on a business trip in addition to the mobile phone charger, also don’t forget to take it. Small volume, light weight and absolutely do not take the space of bag.

Computer software installation is complex, has certain requirements to operators. But mobile phone are used by everyone, just three steps to get.

Step 1: plug in SGB Bluetooth communication module

Step 2: download and install APPiGMPA6, support Bluetooth 4.1, it is recommended to use 4.7 inches or more for mobile phone screen.

Step 3: Bluetooth connection, start using

What are friends waiting for, let’s get rid of the heavy computer, easy to debug the unit.

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I Have an Appointment with the Sea

The people in the north also immersed in a festival atmosphere, and CNOOC Zhuhai base had been a scene of construction after the Spring Festival. SmartGen Technology went to the South China Sea on February 14, Valentine’s day, to participate the project acceptance of emergency genset in CNOOC Zhuhai base.

Emergency genset configures the local control box of SmartGen. The control box adopts HMC9510 series Marine controller, has voltage, frequency, current, power, power factor, and has parameter display and protects alarm functions of the engine cooling water temperature, lube pressure before/after filtration, fuel pressure, fresh water pressure, sea water pressure, exhaust temperature, winding temperature and bearing temperature. It also has the functions of automatic and manual control forecast oil supply, the blinds open in the mode of local, remote control, control mode and start, stop, close, emergency stop of genset.

Acceptance group did strict inspection according to the acceptance outline, detailed protection experiment was carried out in acceptance site. And a variety of patterns cumulative started 18 times, full load and overload ran 3 hours, the system function and each index meet the requirements for the use of emergency genset on offshore platform, smoothly through the acceptance of work. The offshore platform will stand in South China Sea in June, by that time SmartGen meets with you to see the sea.

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Dubai – We Get Together Again in 2018!

The three day MIDDLE EAST  ELECTRICITY from 14th to 16th, February, 2017 was successfully concluded, the exhibition brings together the world’s most influential genset manufacturers and suppliers of components. A total of 73 units manufacturers, including 22 from China enterprises; global controller manufacturers a total of 16, and SmartGen Technology as a leader of Chinese genset controller, 36 square show and 9 big series of products, gets attention and praise from global customers. This has been 9th years to attend the Middle East Dubai exhibition for SmartGen Technology, in the past 20 years has been committed to research and development of genset controller , production and sales, products are exported to at home and abroad. The products of SmartGen covered by the traditional genset industry, power management, marine engine control and protection, ATS control and other fields, to provide systematic product solutions for customers. The development of SmartGen in the future will be rooted in China, to a broader international market. Provide more valuable products and services for the global genset! Cooperate with you for a win-win future! Dubai – we get together again in 2018!

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The 9th Year of SmartGen in MEE

SmartGen Technology participated in Dubai exhibition for the first time in 2009, at that time there were not too many manufacturers to participate in the exhibition, and the booth of SmartGen was very small. After several years of development, the booth of SmartGen is increasing and growing influence, now more and more exhibitors participate in the exhibition. SmartGen Technology has brought parallel units controller, parallel with grid controller, lighting tower controller,DC genset controller, water pump controller, marine engine controller, gas controller, ATS controller, water heater, oil heater and charger in this exhibition. HGM1790N is worth recommending and cost-effective controller, this controller is very popular with customers, and panel sample adopts silicon rubber mask, LCD uses custom LCD, high backlight brightness and good resolution,it can display voltage, frequency, current, power, water temperature, oil pressure, oil level, speed, battery voltage, etc. SmartGen booth: S2E60, Welcome friends to visit SmartGen booth!

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We are waiting for you in this Valentine’s day in Dubai!

By Tina, the marketing department of SmartGen

The annual Middle East Electricity will be held in Dubai as scheduled tomorrow. Six people team of SmartGen arrived in Dubai on 12th February. We go to the venue for booth work after we take a break, to make the sufficient preparation for upcoming industry event!

In order to welcome the new and old customers, and the team of SmartGen build booth by themselves.


The picture shows the team of SmartGen to carry out the work of booth construction(picture)

The chairman of SmartGen Technology, Young March personally involves in building booth.

It’s 12 o’clock at noon, we are still working without having a rest and food.

The Valentine’s day on February 14, 2017, and SmartGen Technology is waiting for you at the Dubai World Trade Center S2E06 and sincerely expecting to meet you!

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Set Out to the New Goal

By Zhou Wei, the marketing department of SmartGen

There is parting after a short together. Let’s clean up the mood and start again. Strive forward towards the new sales target.

Friends, you have to go tomorrow, drink this cup of wine.

Our marketing team, although without the most beautiful words, we have professional technical knowledge and perfect product solutions, high quality and fast pre-sale, sale, after-sales service. We are determined to become the industry the most professional sales team in the industry in 2017, to create value for industrial customers, win-win cooperation!

There are a few words

To SmartGen’ s marketing team:

If you are an eagle, no one applauds, you also want to fly;

If you are grass, no one loves, you also want to grow up;

If you are flowers of a mountain, no one appreciates, you also want to keep sweet smell!

Do not need everyone understands, but you also do well ;

You must be honest and broad-minded in life.

There may be loneliness, helpless, questioning and ridicule during the persistence of the dream, but so what, even if is black and blue, also want to live well!

Anyway, please remember

Don’t show on the face in bad mood, because no one likes to see.

Don’t always say for hard life, because no one gives you the help without cause;

Don’t complain for tired work , because no one helps unconditionally;

Life is hard, but don’t lose your faith, because tomorrow will be fine.

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SmartGen Technology wishes you a happy family!

2017 Lantern Festival, SmartGen Technology on the eve of the full moon sends you good wishes, wishes you a happy family!

The Lantern Festival

The Lantern Festival is the first important festival after the Spring Festival, is also one of the traditional festivals of China, Chinese character culture circle area and overseas Chinese. In the first month of the lunar January, the ancients said that night as “Xiao”, so the fifteenth of the 1st month of the lunar month is called the Lantern Festival.

Tradition custom: enjoy the moon, eat Yuanxiao, watch lanterns, guess lantern riddles, watch fireworks, a dragon lantern dance and a lion dance performances, walk on stilts, a land boat dance, a yangge dance and etc.

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Dubai has an industry event waiting for you on Valentine’s day in 2017

By SmartGen chairman, Young March

SmartGen Technology has the honor to witness the exhibition nine times continuously.

Once to participate in the exhibition, the Chinese Spring Festival can be delayed, because at that time the power of made in China can be ignored.

Later the organizers will deliberately avoid in the Chinese New Year, because the power of made in China has could not be ignored.

This year it would rather delay “valentine’s day” to let Chinese people enjoy Spring Festival. Because made in China has grown into one of the most powerful force in the world.

Genset enterprises of China, made in China dressed up to attend in this year’s event, who are coming? See, it is them.


STEYR Motors:S1.C39。








Yanan: S2.C39

Global Power:S2D49。


Kaixiang: S3.D65




MPMC: S3.E49



Lees :SAJ18






weiman power:SAM-46

Jinfa, SA.L39


Out of the country, we have a common name: China

Cheer for made in China: Shanghai Power Exhibition welcomes industry friends around the world

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Coming from the Society, Contribute to the Society

— the social responsibility of the enterprise

Corporate social responsibility(CSR) refers to the enterprise should undertake responsibility to employees, consumers, community and environmental while creating profits and to shareholders bear legal responsibility. Corporate social responsibility is mainly manifested in eight aspects:

1, Courtesy and honesty: not only to ensure the authenticity protect the interests of consumers, but also to achieve the courtesy and honesty for suppliers and partners.

2, Scientific development: any enterprise in the development, cannot just short-term, regardless of the long-term; Only partial, regardless of the global. Always follow the scientific concept of development.

3, The sustainable development: China is a country with a shortage of resources, enterprise must stand on the position of global, adhere to sustainable development.

4, Protect the environment: with the development of global economy, the worsening environment, enterprise must bear the burden of protecting environment and maintaining natural harmony.

5, Cultural construction: health care, public education and cultural construction are very important to the development of a country, enterprise should develop hive off some money and energy to undertake the responsibility of the medical and health care, education and cultural construction.

6, The development of philanthropy: although the great development of economy of China, as a big country with a population of 1.3 billion still exist many difficulties, enterprises should take on the responsibility of helping poor.

7, Protect worker health: human resources are precious wealth of society and the supporting force of enterprise development. Enterprises must undertake the responsibility of protecting worker life and health.

8, The development of science and technology: enterprise should attach great importance to the digestion and absorption of imported technology, science and technology research and development. More investment funds and personnel, and strive to innovation in enterprises as the main body.

SmartGen Technology as new company listed on NEEQ is willing to undertake social responsibility. For the customer, we guarantee the quality of our products and to protect the interests of consumers; for development, we always adhere to the scientific outlook on development, adhere to sustainable development; for the staff, we regularly organize employee check-up, labor protection articles, pay attention to staff’s physical and mental health, to give help and care when the employees are in trouble; for science and technology, we always attach great importance to science and technology research and development, improve the science and technology and the innovation ability of enterprises constantly.

In the future development, SmartGen Technology is still determined to take own social responsibility concept, improves the corporate social responsibility system, improves the social responsibility of enterprise constantly, carries out social public welfare activities, contributes to the society actively.

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