Winter solstice comes Dumpling fragrance Cold winter warm

Winter solstice comes again, Cold wind outside the window, indoor is harmonious, several “top chefs” came to offer support and the little experts of making dumplings, and dumplings of SmartGen have strong home taste.

Look, these dumplings are filled with food material and heavily round, and highlight the open-minded and bold in the north;

These dumplings are delicate and beautiful, present the delicate and clever in the south.

Ingot shaped dumplings, crescent dumplings, big head doll dumplings…

Dedicated people is the most beautiful

It’s time to have lunch. It is warm and sweet to have these hot dumplings.

Busy colleagues in the other side of the earth, and colleagues have been campaigning in the motherland across great river north and south, your dumplings, we keep them for you!

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