The Application of MGCP100M Marine Engine Control Cabinet

MGCP100M series diesel engine control cabinet integrating digital, intelligent and network techniques, is used for automatic system of single diesel engine. It can carry out functions of local start/stop, remote start/stop, data measurement & display, alarm display and etc. The control cabinet has remote monitoring module port. With the help of CANBUS it can connect with HMC6000RM remote monitoring module to remote monitoring and carry out remote start/stop of the engine, data display, alarm display and other functions.

The control cabinet can realize data and operating state display of engine via HMC6000A controller. The controller main screen displays tachometer, temperature, oil pressure and battery voltage. The data screen includes engine parameter screen, alarm screen, event log screen and other information. The status page includes status of engine and power supply status, such as speed, water temp, oil pressure, battery voltage, charger voltage, run time and start times. Alarm screen can display the details of the current alarm. Event log can circularly record 99 data and the user can inquire the record on-site.

Power Integrated Protection Module——HMP300

HMP300 power integrated protection module fits with LCD display(with backlight) and adopts micro-processor technology with precision parameters measuring, fixed value adjustment, set value adjusting and etc. The module can collect generator-set data (voltage, current, power and frequency)and related action output for data errors to protect the device. It can be widely used in all types of marine/land electrical device with compact structure, advanced circuits, simple connections and high reliability.

Main features are as follows:

  • Standard 35mm guide-rail installation;
  • Widely power supply range DC(8~35)V, suitable to different battery voltage environment;
  • With PC software, data and parameters of module can be monitored and adjusted;
  • Equipped with CANBUS port and can communicate with J1939 generator-set;
  • Suitable for 3-phase 4-wire, 3-phase 3-wire, single phase 2-wire, and 2-phase 3-wire systems with frequency 50/60Hz;
  • Collects and shows 3-phase voltage, 3-phase current, frequency and power parameters;
  • Protections for over/under voltage, over/under frequency, reverse power, over power and over current;
  • With harmonic test function, and each phase voltage/current harmonic distortion rate can be tested.

The Promotion of BAC06S Solar Battery Charger

After SGB100 bluetooth communication module, another new product of SmartGen named BAC06S solar battery charger comes out. During the promotion period, if you have product demand and would like to be a pilot program of solar charging, you will get a free BAC06S charger from SmartGen. There are only 7 lucky clients for free products. First come, first served.

BAC06S solar battery charger is a smart charger which is suitable for lead-acid battery long-term float charge by the sunlight and also charges for load .It adopts innovative Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) technology with high tracking efficiency, and effectively improve the amount of solar power generation.

Performance and Characteristics

  1. Suitable for 12V/24V battery charging use, automatic recognition without selection.
  2. With RS485 communication port. User can set parameters and remote monitor charging status via communication interface.
  3. With optional battery charging mode and CVCC mode (power mode, alone as load power supply).
  4. 2-stage or 3-stage charging method can be chosen as require.
  5. Load output port with over/under voltage and over current protections, if solar voltage is too low (night), load will start output.
  6. With charge fail or battery low voltage output port.

Specification Parameter


Note: For solar panel type selection and mounting, please refer to the user manual or consult the regional director of SmartGen.


SmartGen HT Series Heater Promotional Activities for Nov. 11

It is one surprise after another. The “ATSC” promotional activities in October just finished and we guess that our fans are still in an excited mood. And we have new HT series heater promotional activities. Please calm down and get ready to pay good money.

During double 11 period, please don’t forget to buy a heater for your engine to keep it warm and make it do a better job!

HT Series Heater Promotional Activities Details

 During sale-promoting period, buy three of HT10/HT22 heaters and get one HT05 free. Buy more and get more free.

Promotional Date:   Nov.11th to Dec.12th, 2017

Promotional Rules

  • Buy three of HT10/HT22 heaters and get one HT05 free.
  • The total number of HT05 is 240 and cease when give out.
  • HT40 and HWP series forced circulation heaters are not included.

Special Reminder 

  • Payment before delivery for purchasing promotional products.
  • Orders of HT10/HT22 can be matched by yourself.

The Use of HSM300 Sync Module And HLS300 Power Share Module

HSM300 Synchronous Module is special design for genset automatic parallel. On the basis of theparameters, the module automatically tests the conditions of paralleling ( pressure difference, frequency difference and phase ) and sends parallel signal when the conditions meet parallel requirements. HSM300 Synchronous Module is used for the occasions that gens synchronize to bus. Themodule is brief to operate, easy to install and widely used for ship genset andland genset parallel.

HLS300 Power Share Module is special designfor genset power share. The main function of HLS300 module is to share activeload to each operating genset according to genset capacitance. On the basis ofthe parameters, the module automatically shares power in genset running process.

When detected pressure difference, frequency difference and phase difference are within pre-set value, HSM300 will send synchronize signal to closegens switch. When detected genset switch close signal is active, HLS300 module will share active load to each operating genset according to genset capacitance.

Made in China: The Controllers Configuration of 2017 Canton Fair

The Canton Fair in 2017 has passed a week. We have made a careful statistics of different brands controllers and would like to share these data to you. From these data, let’s see the subtle change of “Made in China”.

The total number of generator set manufacturers is 66 and most of them are in pavilion 3.1. Even though the total falls a bit than last year, the booth design becomes better. Lots of booths have their own feature and international style.

The distribution of controllers is centralized. The three major brands account for 47.2%,30.5% and 18.1% . The total is 95.8%.

All controllers are genuine products except for one.

Guan Zhong said, “when the country is bountiful, its citizens are civil; when a person has met his wants, he knows honor and disgrace.” That is the truth. From the controllers, we can see the taste of Chinese is increasing rapidly.

The country can keep us well fed and clothed. People live a fairly comfortable life. At present, the companies of “Made in China” start to care about brands and have long-term view.

In the cultural background of tough and saving, we believe that “Made in China” will be faithful to the original aspiration, continue marching forward and be global in the future.

Let’s cheer for “Made in China”!

There Are So Many Gensets That I’d Like to Soak Up With My Eyes!

all participants took a group photo in Thunder factory

The frost’s descent, which falls on October 23 this year, is the last solar term in autumn. If you ask me how much worry I have, just see how cold I am without long johns. On the last day of autumn, research team of SmartGen came to Zhengzhou Thunder Power Generation Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd to visit and had learned a lot.

genset production workshop

genset finished product warehouse

Programmers could hardly hold back their excitement to observe the genset because they saw so many diesel generating set after coming to the genset assembly workshop of Thunder. Even though the programmers also work in genset industry, they have limited chance to see various different brands genset due to different roles. Therefore, it is a precious opportunity to know the function of every component of genset very clearly and everyone seizes this opportunity.

generator production workshop

Mr. Ma gave an on-site lecture

Zhengzhou Thunder Power Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd is one of a few enterprises which produces generators by itself in Henan. It is an excellent enterprise which integrates generator’production and assembly. In the generator production workshop, Mr. Ma, the GM of Thunder, personally led the research team and explained production process and technics of generator. Everyone put up the questions during the visit and Mr. Ma answered them with professional view and mature experience.

answers various questions

From this visit, programmers of SmartGen understood the production process and working principle of genset more deeply. We believe that controller should not be made behind closed doors and would like to go outside to find the demands of clients. Our aim is research and develop the most suitable genset controller for clients. And I extend my special thanks to Thunder’s strong support to this activity. In the later cooperation, I hope that both of us could learn from each other and make progress together to gain double wins.

A Big Event Is hold in Guangzhou, SmartGen Welcomes to Visitors

In this golden autumn, there are sweet-scented osmanthus’s fragrance everywhere. SmartGen came to Guangzhou which is also called ”flower city” to attend the 122nd Canton Fair. Over a decade, SmartGen attends this big event twice a year and never misses.

This time, SmartGen brought numerous high-end products and new products and has been gaining momentum to meet you.

Time passed quickly and the Canton Fair has passed three days in the wink of an eye. A blast of cold air has already swept northern China and also effected warm south for now. A typhoon has been blown up in Guangdong and it began to rain lightly. It made southerner feel slight chill of autumn.

People start to wear coats because of the low temperature caused by typhoon although,the weather does not affect the enthusiasm of domestic and overseas friends about SmartGen at all. Some people consult the product function, some people consult the application scenarios, some people are attracted by products’ appearance, everyone has a strong interest in SmartGen in a very lively atmosphere!

Faced with clients’ hospitality, I was inspiredandam ashamed to show off my doggerel:

All guests get together in Guangzhou, there are many high-end controls. The location is Hall A 3.1, welcome to SmartGen to take a look. We have brand power at the forefront and highly cost effective products.Products are also multifunctional, so don’t worry about the genset control anymore!

Let’s look forward to the surprise of the next two days!

The 122nd Canton Fair Will Open: Hall A 3.1N17 for SmartGen

China Import and Export Fair, also known as the “Canton Fair”, is established in 1957 and has passed sixty years. Canton Fair is a comprehensive international trading event with the longest history, the largest scale, the most complete exhibit variety, the largest buyer attendance, the broadest distribution of buyers’ source country and the greatest business turnover in China.

SmartGen attends this big event twice a year over a decade regardless of the weather. In recent years, the foreign trade business of SmartGen develops sustainably and our company also has more and more cooperation and communication with foreign companies. It is enough to prove that our efforts have been significantly effective in more than ten years.

On October 15, 2017, the 122nd Canton Fair will open during warm weather. We will attend it with full sincerity and expectation once more.

We are waiting for you in Hall A 3.1N17 in sunlit Guangzhou!

Learn From the Brand, Salute to the Classic!

This golden autumn is set to be an extraordinary month for SmartGen. The National Day holiday had just ended, constant good things and ceaseless surprises happened in SmartGen. On October 9, SmartGen 3.0 cloud platform promotion preparatory meeting was held. This is a sign that the new cloud platform of SmartGen is about to go online. On October 10, WOODWARD group came to SmartGen and gave a on-site lecture. At the same day, the promotions of ATS (ATS Awarded Questionnaire) was officially published.At the meeting, three senior application engineer from WOODWARD delivered a lecture. All marketing staff and part of engineers from R&D of SmartGen attended the meeting. The training topic is PG PLUS fuel gas engine control series which can apply to control fuel gas engine(under 1000KW) ignition, speed adjustment, air-fuel ratio and knock. The easygen2000 series genset parallel controller can realize the control function of genset in parallel and single unit parallel with grid, can control 16 multi-parallel at most. The easygen3000 series genset parallel controller can realize the function of parallel with grid after genset in parallel, can control 32 multi-parallel at most. SPM-D2 digital synchronizer and SPM-D11/LSXR synchronization power distribution controller can realize the function of genset synchronization and power distribution through adjusting speed and voltage. DSLC-2/MSLC-2 high-end parallel module have genset, subsection circuit breaker and genset circuit breaker to isolate grid operation/mains parallel with grid operation. It also has 2 Ethernet interface and can realize multi-machine parallel communication redundancy backup. If both of the 2 Ethernet interface have fault, the system will turn to DPOOP mode automatically. It can control 16 multi-parallel and 32 multi-parallel at the same time.

In this lecture, the staffs’ enthusiasm for learning ran unprecedentedly high. The colleague of R&D found out some difficult problems continually and the teachers answered carefully. Everyone can’t help to operate the WOODWARD controller personally. According to this training, SmartGen has the chance to improve even more in fuel gas engine control and high-end parallel control field. It builds the foundation to enter high-end control field for SmartGen in the future. And thanks so much to WOODWARD group’s support and profound affection to SmartGen. Let’s learn from WOODWARD brand and salute to the WOODWARD classic controller!