New Functions of Cloud Monitoring 4. 5.0!

The rapid development of modern science and technology has brought more and more convenience to our life. The concept of “cloud” has made a spurt of progress of internet technology. The perfect combination of internet technology and industry saves most of the industrial costs. With the emergence of cloud monitoring for generating sets, the traditional operation mode will be changed.

Since the advent of SmartGen cloud monitoring, it has been recognized by the generators industry. With the continuous development of “cloud” technology, SmartGen cloud monitoring has become more flexible and perfect. Pursuing perfection is the driving force for SmartGen to move forward. Continuous updates only for offer better service to you.

SmartGen cloud monitoring has been fully upgraded to 4.5.0. Next, we could learn about the latest functions of cloud monitoring while drinking our coffee.

Updated details are as follows:

Add genset sync management function

Add remote debugging control module on web

Add on-site operations and status message notification

Add app event log function

Optimize alarm analysis

Add sharing feature of cloud official website

Add scanning a QR code to follow the enterprise cloud function

Optimize switching enterprise cloud function, add searching function and invitation code display


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