More Protection,Less Risk

Recently one customer gave us feedback that HGM4010CAN control module starting relay does not output, resulting in genset failure.

We were there and used multimeter DC voltage gauge to measure the starting relay. It indeed didn’t output when starting. After inquiring the drawings and lines, we found that the starting relay does not have an extended DC12V relay and the relay capacity of the control module is only 5A. When starting, the contact current of the relay is 2-3 times.

Reason analysis
The cause of this failure is that the control module relay contacts were burned out by high current when starting.

Replace the HGM4010CAN control module and expand the DC12V/10A relay on the start output port. The two contacts are connected in parallel. After changing, machine starts normally.

In fact, the fuel, the start-up and other related output ports of the control module which may withstand large current during the operation should be expanded. This can ensure the normal operation of the generator set.


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