Knowing how the gensets operating and running from afar

For customers who have electricity demand, compared with self-purchase, leasing gensets have the following four obvious advantages:
1. Lower the using cost
2. Improve equipment utilization
3. Improve construction efficiency and safety
4. Enjoy more professional supporting services

For customers who rent gensets, highly reliable, stable and cost-effective gensets are always the most efficient way to capture the market. How to further improve the rate of return while providing customers with stable, reliable and high-quality electricity supply? SmartGen provides you with an alternative solution — HGM7220N.

HGM7220N has CANBUS interface to meet the requirements of non-road national standard engine emission III , which has the features as follows:
1, With the interfaces of RS485, USB, CANBUS, GPS ,Cloud monitor
2. Built-in 4G cloud monitoring module (different countries and regions can be selected)
3. The circulating starting function of two gensets could be realized by CANBUS
4. Black box
5. Maintenance reminder function
6. Optional configuration (multi-purpose for one machine)
7, Low battery voltage with automatic start charging function
8. DC+5V output (voltage type sensor provides power supply)

HGM7220N (cloud monitor + control module) integrated design, reducing the external wiring, enhancing the stability and security of the system; Cooperated with SmartGen monitoring platform, it can realize remote start-stop control, remote parameter configuration, positioning, maintenance reminder, alarm fault sending, historical record query, data acquisition and other functions. It can check the operation condition of the unit in real time and effectively reduce the service cost, we could know how the gensets operating and running from afar.

HGM7220N with SmartGen cloud platform to send you 6 “hearts”
bosom, considerate, comfortable, warm , eased, delighted!


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