I’m looking for you after eye contact

2020 is coming!
Are you looking for a control partner for a low-power engine?
Do you have expectations for your ideal partner?
“You’re right, Handsome young boy should not only tall, rich, good-looking, but also gentle and well-cultivated……”
Today I’ll recommend you a popular one who is under 20 years old.

Wow, “oh my god! Young, energetic, the one you don’t want to miss.”
I’ll remind you: “don’t be confused by handsome appearance, you’d better know more about the soul .”
Let’s come together and see more, Is the back view good?

Question from the guests, are you satisfied with their answers?

Graphic LCD display (backlight), LED indicators, push-button operation;
Wide power supply range DC (8-35)V, which can suits different environments of starter battery voltages;
Collect and display mains/gen 3-phase voltage, 3-phase current, frequency, and power parameters;
Mains has overvoltage, undervoltage, over frequency, under frequency, and loss of phase functions;
Gen has overvoltage, undervoltage, over frequency, under frequency, over current, over power, and loss of phase functions;
Engine: temperature, liquid level, battery voltage, running time, speed, accumulative times of starting;
1 programmable input port;
4 relay output ports (2 programmable+fuel output+start output);
RS485 interface.
The key point, let me make spoiler, he can accompany you to go further (low power consumption).
Yes, not bad, go on a trip with the one you like!
“By the way, what’s his name?”
I’m too excited, they are MGC310, MGC320, the first choice of 20kW and below engine/genset control.



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