How much do you know about “Cloud ”in 2019?

Covering 15 countries and areas,
The annual logins are 209508,
The year-on-year growth rate of opening enterprises is 23% compared to last year,
Registered accounts increase 109%,
Remote operations are 78547 times.

Which cloud do you want in 2020? The sales managers and technicans from TESLAYUN and SmartGen gathered in zhengzhou today, having brain-storm and free talk together. In view of the real demands of customers from home and abroad and the weakness in the application, how to upgrade and optimize the products in future, we got a good answer after three-hour heated discussion.

2020 is coming, happiness is around us when we have “cloud” accompanied.
2020 is on the way, come on ~
2020 “cloud” is aproud of you and you are wealthy when you have “cloud”.


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