German Craftsman Visited Chinese Craftsmen

Martin Fischer, the general manager of WOODWARD German Company, came to China on December 12 to attend the 2018 China Genset Industry Year-end Conference. After the meeting, Martin and SmartGen team visited key genset enterprises in China.

WOODWARD Company is located in Stuttgart, Germany. The headquarters of Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, Bosch are right here. Stuttgart can be called the gathering place of “craftsmen”. This time, Martin would visit Chinese craftsmen in the genset industry as a German craftsman!

WOODWARD attaches great importance to the 2018 China Genset Industry Year-end Conference and especially sponsors some gifts. Martin delivered a speech entitled “New Opportunities for Woodward Controller”. He introduced WOODWARD’s single genset controller, complex parallel application scheme (up to 992 gensets), relay protection and other products. He also showed the actual application cases of WOODWARD in marine, military, petroleum, hydropower and other occasions. WOODWARD will provide a series of complete solution for genset manufacturers.

Visiting Shanghai COOLTECH, Martin signed the OEM Partner Certificate. Xu Naiqiang, the president of COOLTECH, asked for strengthening technical exchanges between two sides’ technical departments. He hoped that WOODWARD could provide complete solutions for the high-end parallel, wind, solar, diesel and other fields.

Visiting Tellhow Sci-Tech Co., Ltd., Martin signed the OEM Partner Certificate. Liu Ting,the general manager of Tellhow, suggested that WOODWARD could regard service as breakthrough, providing personalized service and system solutions. Mr. Liu also invited WOODWARD technical teams to come to Jiangxi factories to learn from each other in the form of forums.

Visiting Guangzhou Wanon Electric & Machine Co., Ltd., Martin signed the OEM Partner Certificate. Shao Jianliang, the president of Wanon, hoped to strengthen cooperation in controller, relay protection and differential protection in the future.

Visiting Guangdong Westin Power, Martin signed the OEM Partner Certificate. We were lucky to see the parallel controller EASYGEN3200XT of WOODWARD, 14 controllers for 7 gensets and 2 controllers of each unit to realize redundant functions. Chen Qifeng, the president of Westin Power, hoped that WOODWARD would simplify and update RGCP3400 and make a redundant control system with higher cost performance.

Visiting RCG-POWER, Martin signed the OEM Partner Certificate. Martin asked about the use of EASYGEN1600 and hoped that the two sides would cooperate on more products in the future.

Visiting Aksa Power Generation, Pu Ligang, the manager of Woodward (Tianjin) Controller Co., Ltd. Suzhou Branch, introduced WOODWARD controller product line, relay protection products and products typical application cases and discussed the application of high-end complex parallel technology with Aksa research and development team.

When we visited Baifa Power, Zhang Chaodan, the president of Baifa, gave us some advice. He suggested that WOODWARD products could add some functions that other brands do not have and add competitive advantages of differentiation. He hoped to seek more cooperation with other products.

Martin also visited other foreign trade enterprises such as LEES, Wuidoo, GODLIKE and APLUS. These are the new stars of the genset export enterprises. Martin hopes that WOODWARD could create new opportunities with all genset enterprises.

The 10-day Chinese craftsmen’s search tour ended and Martin hopes to have more time to come to China in the future. Over the past few days, Martin has fallen in love with Chinese food and culture. His favorite saying is “I love China very much”. Martin gives a very high appraisal and praise to China manufacturing and the craftsman spirit of Chinese genset enterprises. WOODWARD will listen to the reasonable suggestions, develop and optimize product line and make more cost-effective products which are more suitable for Chinese genset industry.


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